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  • Current Trends in Educational Technology

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    Current Trends in Educational Technology Abstract Current trends in Educational Technology offer quite an array of subject matter to study. I have selected a few articles demonstrating trends I found most interesting. These include trends in research, holistic technology education, pedagogic balance in technology education and using open source software in the school. Hopefully these trends will be an eye opener for the reader. This paper is based on these journal articles: Research in

  • Current Marketing Trends And Strategies

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    people of all ages. Marketing is taking over the business world. If the right product is marketed poorly, it is most likely to fail. It is a key fundamental exercise that all businesses must do well in order to succeed. Currently, there are several trends and strategies that more and more businesses are using to sell their products. Use of the internet is growing as fast as ever. Businesses are using this knowledge to market their products over the internet. E-business has become quite popular in

  • Autism Current Trends and Issues

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    It is a common fact that an early intervention is an important key in the successful treatment of children with Autism disorder. According to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ([CDC], 2013), children can be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) reliably at the age of two, yet, in real life, most of the children receive their diagnoses when they are much older. The CDC informs that children should be screened for ASD at the age of 18 to 24 months during regular well-child

  • Inquiry Based learning in the current trend

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    4.0 Comparison between the old trend and the current trend There are many differences between the old inquiry trend and the current trend. Usually, teachers are the protagonist in classrooms. Teachers should ensure that all the students are learning after completing their lessons. In the present set-up, schools are ‘committed to a constructivist, Inquiry Based Learning approach to teaching and learning that promotes inquiry and the development of critical thinking skills’ (IB Standards and practices

  • Hospital Trends in The Current Economic Environment

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    Hospital Trends 1. How is the current economic environment affecting hospitals? According to the article, “The Economic Downturn and Its Impact on Hospitals”, the current economic environment is affecting hospitals and other heath care facilities in a number of ways. The most common issue relates to inability of the hospitals to obtain and secure relevant financing that enables health institutions to meet their daily obligations. Since most payments in hospitals lags behind the amount expected

  • Surviving Current Trends Affecting the Workplace

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    Surviving Current Trends Affecting the Workplace Society plays a huge role in implementing systems that affect our moral beliefs. More and more, we as United States citizens are asked continually to compromise our moral standards and accept the boundaries and rules that are supported by the government. As upcoming leaders of tomorrow, it is an innate duty to serve the public in a righteous manner. According to Colossians 3:17, “And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus

  • Inquiry Based learning in the current trend

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    Inquiry Based Learning in the current trend 1.0 Introduction In this assignment, I would like to focus on the area of Inquiry Based Learning. It is a common topic spoken by all the primary teachers in the current international school that I am attached to. In this school, Inquiry Based Learning is highly promoted since the school follows the IB curriculum. What does Inquiry Based Learning means? Dewey (2000) study mentions that ‘education begins with the curiosity of the learner; inquiry in the

  • Current Trend of Wildfires in the United States

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    The purpose of this report is to analyze the current trend of wildfires in the United States and its severity and demonstrate how remotely piloted can help mitigate this at higher rates by recommending to the target audience that use of UAVs be put into law. With the current rate of devastating droughts throughout the country there couldn’t be a better time to recommend a use of technology that seems to be the way of the future. This report will cover how UAVs can be used for surveillance and reconnaissance

  • Inquiry Based learning in the current trend

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    2.0 The old trend Inquiry Based Learning took place in the early years but in inquiry, the ancient educators have presented it in a different way. The earlier educators apply the traditional method. Ontario (2013) stated that ‘the process involves close-ended investigation’. It is believed that teachers who use close-ended questions usually give the outcome for students to achieve about. For instances, if the teacher is to conduct a survey on students, the teacher will give out the students questions

  • The Current Status of Computers and their Future Trend

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    every minutes, while they are traveling on the public transports, working in their office, studying at school and entertaining at home. This article would describe the current status of computers, criticize the current status, discuss the future trends of computers and describe a few wishes of mine towards the future of computers. Current Status of computers 1. Education Computers have been widely used in education. First of all, computers are used for doing and handing in homework. Not only secondary