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  • Cultural Background

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    and gender, I found that cultural background and gender did not really affect the activities they participated in as much as age. After interviewing three people and reviewing the information, there were quite a few activities they participated in or were interested in participating in. However, cultural background and gender did not affect what people participated in as much as they felt age, as well as time did. One person did not believe that they’re cultural background influenced the activities

  • Cultural Background Essay

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    My cultural background is Italian, Irish and Greek. My father is full Italian and my mother is half Irish and half Greek. I’ve always felt more in touch with my Irish culture and have really connected with it. A few years ago I went to Ireland and I never wanted to leave. Culture has not shaped my sexuality in any way. I consider these places to be my cultural background, but nothing from those cultures have affected me in a sexual way. My grandparents were born in America, my parents were born in

  • Diversity

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    Encounters between people of different cultural backgrounds have existed forever.People have always thought bout things that were unusual in other cultures. But, those encounters were relatively slim in early days today, they are almost part of everyday life, At the same time, the interchange between cultures has jeopardized their very existence, and the emergence of a diverse culture, a fixation often referred to as globalization.. Primarily, what makes cultures different from each other is it

  • Multicultural Education: Piecing Together The Puzzle

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    Although every piece is different and unique, when they are all put into their place they form one whole picture. In the same way, teachers can teach multiculturalism in the classroom. Although every member of our society is unique, with different cultural backgrounds, we all fit together to form one unit. As stated by Noel (1995), “Understanding our own identity and the culture of our community requires knowledge and recognition of our cultures and communities and how they have shaped us” (p. 267). By adding

  • Human Relations and Education

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    Human relations cover a multitude of interpersonal interaction. Human Relations can be seen in education through group development and the resulting interpersonal interaction. The Thread That Runs So True and Stand and Deliver, are both good illustrations of this development and interaction. The teachers and/or students are interacting with the administration, peers, and parents in both of these stories. The ability to effectively communicate is the most important aspect of human relations. Without

  • Jamaican Culture

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    natives coming into contact with the Spanish and English. Jamaican culture can be split into the primitive era and the modern era. The primitive characteristics are all the effects of the African slave trade. There are several different cultural backgrounds connected to the people of Jamaica. It is one of the truly multiculturalism countries in the world. The native Arwark's were the only group never to root their culture into Jamaica due to their extermination. There are signs of British influence

  • A Review of Responses to the National Endowment for the Arts Report, “Reading at Risk: A Survey of Literary Reading in America”

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    indicate an imminent cultural crisis. The trends among younger adults warrant special concern, suggesting that – unless some effective solution is found – literary culture, and literacy in general, will continue to worsen. Indeed, at the current rate of loss, literary reading as a leisure activity will virtually disappear in half a century. (NEA, “Reading at Risk”) In recent years, access to the Internet has become available to Americans of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Some authority figures

  • Comparing Culture in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Pride and Prejudice, and Neuromancer

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    Culture in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Pride and Prejudice, and Neuromancer America was formed on the basis of culture. Many different cultural backgrounds flocked to this one area and in the process many existing cultures were destroyed, while the new influx of humanity meshed to create an American culture. This constant flow of cultures from all over the world has kept the American culture in a state of flux. Each historical period has presented its classical viewpoint of American culture

  • Memory and History in the Works of Michael Ondaatje

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    History in the Works of Michael Ondaatje In the Canadian social context, the issue of identity can be a fraught one, and the question of what it means to be Canadian is notoriously sticky, particularly given the wide variety of social and cultural backgrounds claimed by Canadians and the heterogeneity of their own experiences. This paper deals with the ways in which the Canadian writer Michael Ondaatje works with issues of understanding and accessing memories and histories outside of one’s personal

  • Personal Narrative: My Cultural Background

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    Well, one thing that makes me unique is my parents love for the outdoors. Ever since we moved here, my love for the outdoors has grown. If it wasn’t for my dad and his love for nature I wouldn’t be the person I am today. A large part of my cultural background is made up of the outdoors. Everyday, I go out and run whether it’s raining or not. I like to think of life as a trail, you never know where the path is going to take you. In life there are uphills and downhills. But in between, lies the path

  • Multiracial Students

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    the other, a Nicaraguan flag, and glimpsing around, one might even see a stuffed leprechaun. During lunch, she might be found enjoying some soul food, or eating a meal from south of the border. Around her could also be people from various cultural backgrounds, who she has no problem calling her friends. As perplexing as it seems, this is not an example of an identity crisis, but merely a reflection of the various cultures that can lie within one individual. “I love the fact that I’m of mixed

  • White Teeth

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    I found the book White Teeth to be very interesting, it tackled a lot of issues that maybe somewhat common nowadays but approached it in a very universal way so that anyone from any background could understand it. The book touches on what it’s like for families of different cultural backgrounds to come together and live somewhere completely unlike where they are from and try to teach their children to keep their the families traditional ways of life. This task can be very hard for immigrant families

  • Understanding Cultures for Effective Communication

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    Understanding Cultures for Effective Communication Abstract The purpose of this paper is to examine the many different cultural backgrounds as a whole and come to the realization and conclusion that other cultures have the exact same fears and misguided interpretations that we have and face today. To understand the vast many beliefs and traditions that each culture represents, so as to further advance our own culture and nation. Understanding

  • Comparing three poems from different cultures

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    Moniza Alvi, ‘Half-caste’ by John Agard and ‘Island Man’ by Grace Nichols. All of these poets have mixed-race backgrounds and all of these poems are linked in with the difficulties arising from having different cultural backgrounds. Story/theme ‘Presents from my aunts in Pakistan’ is reflective of Moniza Alvi’s childhood and her experiences of being from two different backgrounds “glass circles, recall the story how the three of us sailed to England.” She tells the reader about her experiences

  • Harassment

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    brought to the mediators are resolved easily. The school intends to continue to expand on the mediation team-training students as others leave school.2 Another school of 750 students in a secondary, coeducational setup included a variety of cultural backgrounds throughout the school. This school recognized that a harassment problem was occurring in the school and a zero tolerance outcome was adapted for the school. There was a survey carried out for students from years 8 – 10 to gain a students perspective

  • Cultural Background Influences Types Of Counseling

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    Implications and Learning Each person’s cultural background influences the type of counselor they will be. Biases, values, beliefs and much more influence how a counselor approaches counseling. A main influence a counselor’s background has on their practice is the theory in which they identify. The theory they practice from will influence the type and process of counseling. All theories are different and have their own values within them. For example, some value the past of the client, their support

  • Cultural Background Influences On My Character

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    a multicultural society where one’s cultural background influences their characteristics and actions. We define culture as a particular ethnic group’s collection of knowledge and qualities through similarities such as shared traditions and common beliefs. From the time of our ancestors and passed down to our current generation, the cultural patterns that our families lived upon affect who we are today. For example, my Vietnamese family and cultural background have influenced my characteristics and

  • Living With Different Customs, Practices, and Values

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    in the world is culture. Customs, practices, and values are all apart of culture that identify who we are as a person and where we come from. Being a stranger in a strange land has its basis of showing where you have come from and what your cultural backgrounds are. It is just as important to express the culture from where you have come from as it is to practice the culture to where you have immigrated. It is 1988 and it is time to say to goodbye to all my friends in Russia. The long and awaited

  • Pros and Cons of Differentiated Instruction

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    that respond to particular learning needs, strengths and preferences (Wikipedia, 2002). Realization that learners vary in their readiness, interests, and learning is crucial to student success. It is very important that students of diverse cultural backgrounds have a variety of instructional strategies to foster education and learning. It is great to have a melting pot effect but at the same time everyone is different and these differences must be addressed. Understanding this point, educators then

  • Singled Out

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    have to feel inferior; to have to read reports of intelligence tests, and learn that one’s race is behind” (157). Even the white media has convinced the Indian boy that his own race is somehow less superior just because they have different cultural backgrounds. These accusations are absolutely absurd, nevertheless, the young Indian boy feels deeply estranged in this judgmental society. “We just don’t seem to fit in anywhere-certainly not among the whites, and not among the older people” (158). The