Human Relations and Education

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Human relations cover a multitude of interpersonal interaction. Human Relations can be seen in education through group development and the resulting interpersonal interaction. The Thread That Runs So True and Stand and Deliver, are both good illustrations of this development and interaction. The teachers and/or students are interacting with the administration, peers, and parents in both of these stories. The ability to effectively communicate is the most important aspect of human relations. Without the ability to effectively communicate, there would be no human relations or less than satisfactorily relations. Effective interpersonal communication can be divided into five main concepts. The following will focus on these five main concepts that made both Stuart and Escalante effective communicators in a student/teacher relationship. Each concept will also have underlying subcategories that both the stories illustrated well.
The first and the most important aspects of human relations and the ability to effectively communicate can be found in an awareness or knowledge of self. If a person doesn’t understand or know who they are, then how can they have a relationship with anyone else. An adequate self-concept comes from knowing your own values principals and ethics and not being willing to compromise those beliefs. Culture plays a role in this by knowing where you came from. I think that for both Stuart and Escalante this played a major role in their relation to others. Both men ...
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