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  • Descriptive Essay On Cruise

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    in a cruiser, Matt Cruise likes to, well, cruise. The veteran Wooster police officer likes to head south for vacations, and he eyes two destinations: St. Augustine, Fla., and the Caribbean. Cruise and his wife, Tammy, went on their first cruise about eight years ago. Their neighbors were looking for something to do on vacation and decided to go on a cruise. So, a small group went to the western Caribbean out of Port Canaveral, Fla., and “We just loved it. We kept booking (cruises), and we went with

  • Cruise Industry

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    INTRODUCTION The origins of the cruise industry can be traced to 1818 when Black Ball Line began shuttling its customers between America and Europe, taking note of the comfort of its passengers. (Boyd, n.d.) The introduction of air transportation as a more economic transport alternative forced ocean liners, which ferried people to destinations in comfort, to innovate into a new product for survival. (Boyd, n.d.) Ocean liners eventually came to a gradual end with improved air transportation and they

  • Narrative Essay On The Disney Cruise

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    While on vacation on The Disney Cruise, I, along with my family took a tour by boat to a small resort island. As we approached, I was awestruck by its beauty. I knew this was going to be fun, but had no idea that this place would be forever etched in my mind. Two natives dressed in brightly colored tropical shirts, white pants and shoes greeted us at the dock. They were also wearing smiles just as bright. They escorted us to an open-air type restaurant with a thatched roof that was actually attached

  • A Memorable Cruise Ship

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    morning was getting hotter by the second. My friend Kristi and I looked towards our left and there she was, the Norwegian Sea. The cruise liner that we would be on for the next week. It was the biggest ship I had ever seen up close. Ten stories high and nearly 1000 feet long. It had an intimidating presence that took one's breath away. Our parents had arranged for a cruise from Houston, Texas with stops at Cancun and Cozumel, Mexico. Then a one-day stop in Honduras and back to the U.S.A. We got

  • Cruise Motivations

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    The cruise line industry has been a major vacation destination for several years. However, in the more recent years the industry has seen a decline in passengers. The author wrote about a study about what passenger’s motivations are to take a cruise. He utilized 6 cruise lines over a 6 week time frame between the summer months of May to July in 2008. The criteria used consisted of: cruise itineraries, and the cruise experience. He states there are 3 aspects of tourist motivation, and utilized the

  • River Cruises Essay

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    Best River Cruises announces the publication of a Cruise Buyer's Cheat Sheet for individuals looking to take a cruise. The cheat sheet is one of many ways this company assists consumers in finding the right trip when planning a journey by boat. According to Travel Mole, river cruises passengers increased by six percent in 2014, with approximately 139,400 individuals taking part in a cruise in 2014. "Travel Mole also reports that 86 percent of passengers take part in European river cruises, with the

  • Leisure-Cruise Industry

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    are a few cruise shipbuilders in the world so the purchase prices are high. The market is dominated by a few major companies which makes it difficult for a new operator to enter the industry. A third barrier is switching costs. Cruise line companies offer their existing customers membership programs with deals and discounts, which make the customers reluctant to switch to a different company with higher rates. For example Carnival Platinum Card is given to customers for their tenth cruise. Among the

  • Advantages Of Cruise Vacation

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    sunset abroad a cruise ship on the vacation of a lifetime. A cruise vacations can more affordable than you think. Even though land base vacations can be achieved on a budget, a cruise vacation are cost effective because of the world class entertainment. The customer service that you receive is some of the best in the hospitality industry. Also, your accommodations, meals, snacks, use of the ship’s facilities and onboard activities/entertainment are all include. Frist, a cruise vacation is cost

  • Cruise Ship Essay

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    Cruises Cruise ships have been around for a little over a century. A cruise ship is a huge boat designed and purposely built for the entertainment of its passengers. Cruise ships travel to vacation destinations and allow its travelers to explore the area. Millions of people invest in the cruise ship industry every year for their vacation needs. Entertaining, feeding, and protecting this many people requires a huge industry with thousands of worker to make everything possible. With so much going

  • Cruise Industry Analysis

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    In the travel market, the cruise industry is one of the fastest growing industries. The underlying industry is growing rapidly due to the innovation in its products. After the year 1980, the cruise industry has faced the passenger growth rate at 7.8 percent annually. There are different products of the cruise industry. The underlying industry helps to fulfill the vacation desires of the guests. In vacations, several individuals visit in different places so the underlying industry help these guests

  • Cruise Tourism Essay

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    Impact of Cruise Tourism The Caribbean tourism industry has faced a constant growth. In less than 50 years it has become one of the premier tourist attractions destinations on the planet. Tourism has therefore provided nearly two million jobs in the region. According to statistical data from the Caribbean Tourism and Organization (CTO) estimates the number of tourism destinations in the Caribbean region in 2003 to be around 17.1 million. Which is definitely a positive amount compared to the amount

  • Cruise Persuasive Speech

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    that you wake up every day with a bright sun, the fresh smell of the salty ocean and a new marvelous view. What a better vacation than a cruise? Before we start traveling in our sea of imagination, let’s get something straight. There are different types of cruises. There are many cool destinations

  • Carnival Cruise Line

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    External Environment: Carnival- Leisure/travel market of the tourism industry. According to the Florida- Caribbean Cruise Association, cruise lines see an annual growth year after year. In 2012 the "occupancy percentage exceeded 102% [...] shows continued consumer interest in cruising and an industry where demand continues to outstrip supply" (Mena, 2013). Political: • There are efforts for increased regulation by members of the US Government. Competition from other markets: • This includes hotels

  • Analysis of Cruises and Recommendations

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    chunk out of the bottom line. Strengths • Brands catering to varied customer segments Carnival has a portfolio of widely recognized cruise brands. The company's portfolio of brands includes: Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Costa Cruises, P&O cruises (UK), AIDA Cruises, Cunard Line, P&O Cruises Australia, Seabourn Cruise Line and ibero Cruises ( ). These brands cater to diverse people with different lifestyles and budgets. They also target different cultures

  • Essay On Cruise Tourism

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    because over the years cruise tourism has been the fastest growing category of leisure tourism. It is recognized as a successful and dynamic subsector of the global tourism industry, amongst the main cruise lines occupying the highest ranks of the tourism and leisure sector. Unfortunately, because of the coastline and marine surroundings, indigenous economies and on the sociocultural nature of port areas, cruise tourism has grown becoming a vast concern. This article on issues of cruise tourism discussed

  • What Is A Cruise Trip Essay

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    Title  The most beautiful cruise trips that fit into everyone's pocket Meta Description  Meta: There are many fantastic offers for blue cruise trips. Try to find the best model that will fit both your expectations and in your abilities. Article  In the moments when you have many offers for cruise travel in front of you, it is necessary to examine each well and inspect what is their content. Only then you can be sure that for yourself and your loved ones you paid the journey on which all will

  • Cruise Ship Workers Essay

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    world full of jobs, cruise ship workers have one of the most dynamic occupations in the world. In order to be a cruise ship employee, an individual has to be able to leave the normal life and take on a lifestyle that is very diverse from the norm. Crew sacrifice some important aspects of life, such as family, having a real home and being separated from work. Being a cruise ship employee isn’t just a job, it is a lifestyle that requires extreme changes. Becoming a part of a cruise ship’s staff comes

  • Viking River Cruises Essay

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    Twenty years ago, the cruise industry was in the midst of a major growth spurt. With everyone focused on the arrival of the first 100,000 gross ton ship and the coming era of the mega cruise ship, the acquisition of four Russian riverboats by a small group of investors led by industry-veteran Torstein Hagen largely went unnoticed. Despite river cruising’s long heritage, few in the industry could envision the potential to transform the niche market into the industry’s fastest growing segment. In

  • The Cruise Line Industry

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    The Two forces currently affecting the cruise line industry are the economic and political forces. These two forces represent threats to the company and the industry because in 2009 the economy of the use was in a downturn and sales went down for that year. The global recession significantly impacted the financial performance of travel companies worldwide. Carnival suffered significant loss. Reduced travel demand as a consequence of the recessionary economy by 13%. As the consumer’s discretionary

  • Sitmar Cruises Case Study

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    I once asked a friend what made Sitmar Cruises special and without missing a beat she replied, “They serve mixed nuts to the last night!” It was that high level of service which distinguished Sitmar among its competitors. Even now, almost thirty years after they merged into Princess Cruises, former passengers still talk of the attention to the small details that made Sitmar unique. Yet, despite its reputation for service and luxury, Sitmar’s origins were very different. Russian-born businessman