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  • Critiquing Dr. Satel

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    Critiquing Dr. Satel Dr. Sally L. Satel is a psychiatrist who works in a methadone clinic in Washington and specializes in drug-addiction. She wrote an article, For Addicts, Force is the Best Medicine, which appeared in the Wall Street Journal on January 6, 1998. In the article she claims that legal sanctions either imposed or threatened may provide the leverage needed to keep addicts alive and in treatment. Dr. Satel does not believe that a drug addict is someone who suffers from a chronic

  • Critiquing a Clique Site

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    Critiquing a Clique Site Looking back, I realize that as a high school student, I was a member of a clique. I was in the “band geek” clique, but still, it was a clique. We had our own members, we snubbed some of those that didn’t belong in our group (well, the ones who had their own cliques and that snubbed us first), and we all got along well enough. This is what high school is about: groups. A high school student has to be in a group of some kind, or else something is wrong with that person

  • Critiquing a Quantitative Study

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    Andrzejowski, J.; Hyle, J.; Eapen, G.; Turnbull, D. (2008), refers to review of literature of previous publications, such as the study by Vanni and colleagues. This study showed an notable effect of prewarming, but was flawed both by inadequate power (10 patients per group) and by having a control group that was significantly hypothermic before anesthetic induction. Two additional studies also showed a smaller decrease in core temperature during surgery after a period of prewarming, but neither study

  • Critiquing Amadeus by Peter Shaffer

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    Critiquing Amadeus by Peter Shaffer I believe that there are two ways to critique Peter Shaffer's Amadeus. The first, and the easiest for me, is as an artistic work only. As an artistic endeavor, Amadeus is a triumph. Particularly stunning is F. Murray Abraham's performance as the tortured Court Composer Antonio Salieri. Abraham portrays a talented yet mediocre musician who, having revered God all his life, shows us clearly that "pride goeth before the fall". It is Salieri's greed

  • Critiquing Society through In Praise of Folly

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    Critiquing Society through In Praise of Folly It may seem strange to praise Folly, but there is one certain advantage to foolishness: the freedom to speak the truth. In Praise of Folly, Erasmus put this freedom to good use in reminding his readers, a society greatly corrupted by worldly concerns, that one cannot serve both God and Mammon. He smoothed over his satire by assuring us that "there is merit in being attacked by Folly" (7), and finished with the reminder that "it's Folly and a woman

  • Analysis Of Critiquing Confessions Of A Sociopath

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    Critiquing Confessions of a Sociopath Confessions of a Sociopath is an article written by M.E. Thomas. Thomas is a former lawyer, law professor, author, and diagnosed sociopath. In this article, Thomas explains first hand or “confesses” the day to day thoughts that a sociopath thinks and the experiences they go through. She talks about points back in her childhood all the way up into how it affected her love life and career, and how not all sociopaths are criminals. Sociopathy is described as

  • Critiquing Pop Culture In Wicker's Poem

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    representing the critique on pop culture to infer that Anna is a mild character by reason of the poem referencing birds while the mother is intense talking about smoking from a bong. Both poems raise the question of literary devices being useful in critiquing pop culture and creating similarities that bring them together. At first glance, the poems may seem like they do not have anything in common, but upon closer inspection, the reader can see the

  • Critiquing Films Provide a Deeper Meaning

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    Introduction The Dream Girls film is a wonderful musical drama, yet merely watching the movie does not deliver the impact that ‘seeing’ the movie can. Evaluating elements of their construction and bringing together an effective message. While watching a movie is good, being able to critique film assists you to not just watch but to ‘see’ the movie; because it makes messages clearer, it inhibits social interaction, and it brings deeper understanding of a movie. In this critical analysis I will show

  • Critiquing a Qualitative Nursing Research Article

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    The purpose of this paper is to critique a qualitative research article in all phases of the report. For this purpose, the article that will be used is “Lamentation and loss: expression of caring by contemporary surgical nurses” written by Carol Enns and David Gregory. This paper will address the problem statement, literature review, conceptual underpinnings and research questions, research design/method, ethical considerations, sampling, data collection, data analysis, confirmability of the findings

  • Critiquing a Few Lines from Dante

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    Poems can say many things, mean many things, and represent many things. You can read a poem, think it is about flowers in a field, but if you look at it at a more in depth perspective, it can talk about the depression of someone, or some issue the author wants to address. There can also be other many issues or ideas discussed in a simple line of poetry, depending how you approach it. The poem The Inferno by Dante is a poem describing Dante’s journey through hell. He describes hell in nine different