Analysis Of Critiquing Confessions Of A Sociopath

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Critiquing Confessions of a Sociopath Confessions of a Sociopath is an article written by M.E. Thomas. Thomas is a former lawyer, law professor, author, and diagnosed sociopath. In this article, Thomas explains first hand or “confesses” the day to day thoughts that a sociopath thinks and the experiences they go through. She talks about points back in her childhood all the way up into how it affected her love life and career, and how not all sociopaths are criminals. Sociopathy is described as a personality disorder where the person has antisocial behaviors and has problems conforming to society. They also suffer from a lack of empathy for other beings. Often times, it can be referred to as anti-social personality disorder (Sociopathy).…show more content…
Thomas does a very good job of accurately explaining what a sociopath is, according to other sources that define it as well. Sociopath is also a key term for this article as well as manipulation. The author does a very good job in explaining both of these so that the reader can understand how she views them in her life. One thing that Thomas doesn’t succeed very well in is hidden assumptions. Although, there is only one here, it is a very major one, which is the hidden assumption that anyone who isn’t suffering from sociopathy has a normal life. She compares her experiences to how most people would react in a situation. One such way in which this occurs is that she never had to worry for her grades in school because she was never stressed out. There are quite a few people who also are able to associate with this feeling and are not diagnosed as…show more content…
Thomas did a very good job in the way that she presented this article, from the use of language to the fairness despite the personal relation to it. The only downfall to this article is assumption that everyone else cannot feel these same emotions that sociopaths do in one way or another. One major success this article has is they use of descriptive words along with the layout. Because of the combination of these two aspects, the reader has a very easy time understanding what Thomas is feeling in these moments. Because of Thomas’ article, I believe that people will reconsider what they think of when they think of sociopaths, they aren’t always the odd person who people try to avoid in many situations, in fact they could be a very charismatic and charming person very close to you. They could very well be your
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