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    Criminal Justice can be stated as a process of punishing those who have committed a crime. Theft, assault, murder, rape, attempt to murder, etc, are some of the crimes that is meted with justice by criminal justice system. Punishments vary according to the nature of the crime. While there are verdicts of extreme punishments such as death sentence, lifetime imprisonment, etc, in some cases rehabilitative measures can be suggested to change the criminal’s mindset.

    Criminal Justice System

    Here are the major players of any criminal justice system: Supreme court, district court, judge, public defender, prosecutor, law & order enforcements such as the police. When a crime is committed, either the victim or the eyewitness report the crime to the police. The cops then investigate the crime and try to catch the criminal. Once the criminal is under the police custody, he/she is assigned a public defender to fight their case in the district court. If the alleged criminal is not happy with the district court’s verdict, he/she can appeal to the supreme court. The decision made by the supreme court is considered as the final verdict. A public defender is a lawyer provided by the state to fight your case in court. A public prosecutor is the person who fights to prove that the alleged criminal has indeed committed the crime.

    If the criminal is proved to be mentally unstable, then they are sent to a psychiatric ward for the purpose of rehabilitation. If the criminal is a juvenile, then most criminal judicial systems around the world would send them to a juvenile detention center for behavioral correction. In recent times, there has been a lot of debate about abolishing the death penalties supported by human rights activists.

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  • Criminal Justice: The Purpose Of Criminal Justice

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    Gabrielle Saline Criminal Justice- Module 3 "There is only one basic human right, the right to do as you please unless it causes other's harm. With it comes the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences." P.J. O'Rourke. Many citizens do not understand the Justice system's purpose of criminal sentencing. In this essay, I will explain the purpose of criminal sentencing, the different forms of sentencing and some reforms that have been proposed to Congress. Traditionally sentences ranged

  • Criminal Justice

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    Criminal justice as a socially constructed theoretical perspective by Kraska (2004) emphasizes the idea of emotions influencing criminal justice. In order to understand law-breaking we have to look at the process of how we defined behaviors as illegal as well as looking at the reactions of the criminal justice system. “It is not the quality of the act the person commits, but rather a consequence of the application by others of rules and sanctions to an offender” (Kraska, 2004) There are criminal

  • Criminal Justice

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    The Criminal Justice system as applied in today’s society is what I like to call a necessary evil. It is necessary to up hold the law and to regulate crime and at the same time there are flaws within the system that infringe upon human rights and create imbalances within some cultures of its subject. Some believe that the criminal justice system was created to set a standard of norms by which citizens of a community should abide by. When these norms were defied new norms of discipline were set as

  • Criminal Justice

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    The individuals within our society have allowed we the people to assess and measure the level of focus and implementation of our justice system to remedy the modern day crime which conflict with the very existence of our social order. Enlightening us to the devices that will further, establish the order of our society, resides in our ability to observe the Individual’s rights for public order. The governance of our present day public and social order co-exist within the present day individual. Attempts

  • Criminal Justice

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    Sentencing ‘Reform’ in Canada and the United States” by Michael Tonry for my first topic on sentencing. The journal was published in October 2013 and provided by the “Canadian Journal of Criminology & Criminal Justice.” The article ““Prison Will Either Make Ya or Break Ya”: Punishment, Deterrence, and the Criminal Lifestyle” by Beverly Crank and Timothy Brezina was chosen to represent my second topic on prisons and jails. In August 2012 this article was offered by the journal “Deviant Behavior.” The first

  • Criminal Justice

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    Criminal Justice This paper will describe my understanding of the text and of the lectures provided in the class. Unlike most classes, where I understood only my view of the text, this class was geared so each student would understand each other’s view. 3 An organization is a collective that has some boundary and internal structure that engages in activities related to some complex set of goals. Members of organizations attempt to meet their psychological, ego and emotional needs within the

  • criminal justice

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    Harris. Before the day is done, the young cop is asked to take drugs, accept drug money as a payoff, invent evidence, and even commit murder. Before he knows it, he's in so deep that there seems to be no way out. As Alonzo tells him "There is no justice, no law. It all boils down to what you can and cannot prove." Alonzo’s abusiveness and carelessness become a problem and the Police Chief orders him to see a Psychologist concerning his behavior. During the first visit, the police department

  • Criminal Justice And Criminal Defense

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    Criminal Defense Are you being investigated for a crime or have been charged with a crime? Your first move should be to obtain an effective criminal defense attorney. You should not make decisions such as speaking to police officers or granting them permission to search your property without first speaking to an experienced criminal defense attorney. As a criminal defense lawyer, Richard null deals with issues surrounding an arrest, criminal charges, criminal investigation, appeals, sentencing

  • Justice And The Criminal Justice System

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    Madame Justice What is justice? This may seem like an easily answered question today’s society makes it quite the task. People throughout society have their own distinctive definition of justice. It is a word in which, to every person, has a different meaning. Although "Justice" has a massive list of meanings, it can somewhat be defined. Roughly, it can be defined as “the principal of fairness and the ideal of moral equity.” There are many places that justice is and is not practiced. These include