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  • Opposite Corners

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    Opposite Corners In this piece course work I am going to investigate opposite corners in grids. I will start by investigating a 7x7 grid. Within this grid I will use 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 and a 7x7 grid. I will do this to find whether I can find a pattern. I will do this by multiplying the two opposite corners together then subtracting them. I will try to find the patterns and do a formula that will work for all grid sizes and shapes. I will experiment shapes and sizes of all different

  • Quality Education Endangered

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    college students have to work extra hard to get a good educational experience. College freshman in California are a perfect example of this. "Between 70 and 90 percent of all students entering the California State University system have to take some form of remedial course work in basic subjects like English and math" (Jennings 305). These students are starting out their college years behind where they are supposed to be so they will have enough knowledge of basic courses to be able to succeed in

  • MBA Admissions Essays - Beyond the Curve

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    believe an MBA program should likewise consist of a myriad of course work and experiences. Since an MBA program will provide the building blocks for my career, I view an innovative and modern approach to learning as a necessity. Looking at traditional MBA programs that consist of marketing/finance/accounting fundamentals, I find the approach at your program to be much more expansive. Supplementing these essential classes with core courses in communications, organizational processes, and strategic management

  • criminal justice internship

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    Evaluate Myself as a Future Criminal Justice Worker,” and may not exceed five typed pages. Describe the extent to which the theoretical knowledge included your course work at the College of Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State University contributed to your field practice experience during your internship. Cite at least two SHSU courses. Show what you have learned, indicate how your ideas have changed or been supported, and why. List your strengths and weaknesses and grade yourself on job performance

  • Abolish or Reform?

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    students find it worthless and become uninspired. They blame the faculty, school policies, and fellow students, when they should be blaming themselves. Unchallenging course work is most likely a sign that the student isn’t taking a hard enough course. During my high school experience, students had the opportunity to take college courses through our high school. This gave the more advanced students a chance to practice the same routine as “normal” students, but still challenge and educate themselves

  • Personal Statement

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    chemistry. Rather than simply memorizing the mechanisms of reactions, the ability to really identify with and understand the behavior of molecules is a much more useful method of learning. In identifying with the subject, I can reason and understand its course. I want to apply these skills to medicine. Rather than simply administering a standard diagnosis, I want to approach each case with respect for its unique circumstances. My ability to understand and empathize with others will help me to provide

  • The Relationship Between the Population and the Life Expectancy of a Country

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    The Relationship Between the Population and the Life Expectancy of a Country My course work will be based on the possible relationship between the population and life expectancy of a country. I will be working from the internet to gain my information as it is easy, efficient and its content is up to date and reliable. The main sites that I will gather my information from are and Also I will gain some statistical evidence from a book called 'world in figures'

  • UCLA School of Law

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    professional practices of law through rigorous courses to help develop analytical skills in a cultural and diverse environment. According to Admissions Advisor Andrea Sossin-Bergman, the School of Law focuses on the presence of vital and diverse viewpoints that affect each student in significant ways with a respect to the quality of each student’s education (Sossin-Bergman). The School of Law offers engaging classroom instruction across a wide spectrum of courses that appeal to students with disparate interests

  • College Students Should Choose Their Own Courses

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    There has been a number of debates as to whether college students should be given the opportunity to choose their courses. Like any contentious subject, while others are of the opinion that, courses should be chosen for college students, others believe that, students should be given complete freedom to choose the courses they would love to study. When students join college, they are forced to study for subjects they do not want to. Many students complain that they are not allowed to choose subjects

  • Online Education

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    today in comparison to the 1950s because of advancements in teaching and other great inventions that provide easier techniques of teaching. One major issue that has been raised is distant learning courses and online education. Distant learning could be any format from VHS videos, DVDs, or internet courses online. Online education has been legal since 1993 and is a new way of teaching students of all ages. Online education has been gaining popularity through out the years because of the ease of the

  • How Effective is Online Education?

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    Abstract: Recently, there has been a rush to create web-based instructional courses. The approach that is being taken to create web-based courses is to create websites that will function as the central distributors of information and materials. Based on the format and content of the course, the student is to go through lesson by lesson to complete courses. In this paper, I address some of the problems inherent in this approach, especially with respect to 18-22 year-old undergraduate education

  • Promotion and Retention of Women in Mathematics

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    found that students who took more science and math courses in high school were significantly more likely to choose science and math majors in college” (Trusty, 2002). Farmer, Wardrop, Anderson, and Risinger (1995) found taking elective science courses in high school had a moderate direct effect on persistence for women in science-related careers, but taking elective math courses did not. (p. 163) Although in this research taking elective math courses was not found to effect persistence of women in

  • The Pros and Cons of Web-based Courses

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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Web-based Courses There is no doubt that Web-based courses have distinct advantages over traditional face-to-face interactions. Simonson, Smaldino, Albright, & Zvacek (2003) maintain that Web-based courses are available at the learners’ convenience, are usually self paced, contain current information, accommodate a variety of learning styles, maintains equity for all learners, and can even save money in transportation and travel time. Another group of researchers

  • Students' Perception of Online Course Registration Towards Their Graduation

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    Conducting research in social science and management study: Practical and step- by- step guide(2nd ed.). Kuching, Sarawak: RS Publishing House. Shen,D., Laffey,J., Lin,Y., & Huang,X. (2006). Social influence for perceive usefulness and ease-of- use of course delivery systems. Journal of Interactive Online Learning, 5 (3).Columbia: University of Missouri. Retrieved from Steel ,M. (Ed).(2006). New Oxford English-English-Malay dictionary (2nd ed)., Selangor ,MY: Oxford Fajar Sdn.Bhd

  • Aerospace Engineer Essay

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    and occasionally install components that make up aircraft, spacecraft, high-altitude vehicles, and high-altitude delivery systems (missiles). Satisfaction with the romantic image of rocket building can buoy many engineers through the highly anonymous work environments that many of them face. Individuals don't assemble rockets; teams do, dozens of teams working in highly supervised coordination. An aerospace engineer plays some part on one of the teams, spending more of her time (roughly 70 percent)

  • Choosing a Major

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    several answers to this question. The first one is very simple: choosing a major is required by the university. Every college will request you to select an area of concentration, usually called a major. Each major has a set of requirements: number of courses, electives, and comprehensive examination. The general goal is to require the exploration and understanding of a body of material and of the techniques needed for mastery of that material. This is the university’s view on the requirement of a major

  • The Importance Of My Life

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    is a well known fact that one decision can change a life and that is exactly what happened to me. I chose to be a hardworking student, take multiple dual credit classes, and try to advance myself as much as possible. I never thought that all my hard work would come back on me and ruin my plan. I will be graduating with 33 college credit hours and an EMT license which for a normal student that would be great. My plan of two years came crashing down last week, my dream of going to a six year medical

  • A Semester of Work

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    college held for me, but was eager to find out. It was not long before I discovered that, for me, college held boredom and feelings of uselessness. While I enjoyed some of my professors and courses, I treated college just as I had treated high school. The game plan was to show up, do just enough work to "earn" an A, and leave without gaining any pesky knowledge. Just like in high school, I executed this plan brilliantly, and found myself with a high grade point average and an even higher level

  • Human Nature in Bartholomae and Petrosky's Our Time, Theft, and Music of the Swamp

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    Human Nature in Bartholomae and Petrosky's Our Time, Theft, and Music of the Swamp Why should college students read the stories that are assigned in English courses? Other than to satisfy the professor, what is the purpose of reading these difficult writings of people we don't know or care about? Many of these students find themselves asking, "What is this writer talking about?" Confused, some quickly give up trying to understand the story and make reading something just to get through, diminishing

  • Online Teaching – Now and the Future

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    decades university campuses will be a thing of the past and that university courses will be done almost completely online (Demirdjian 2002). Online teaching at QUT mainly involves the use of e-mail for communication between students and teachers and the placement of lecture materials on the Internet OLT site for download and printing by students. Some subjects make use of an online discussion forum and also use a course materials database to contain readings and other materials for students to use