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  • Politics and Power in Today’s Corporate World

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    Politics and Power in Today’s Corporate World An effective organization focuses on strong leadership, power and political issues. These components are critical to creating an organization mindful of values, ethics, culture and innovation. Analyzing the use of power and politics are essential to understanding the behavior of individuals within organizations. There are two sides to power and politics. In one respect power and politics imply the shady side of leadership. However, power and politics

  • Business Ethics in Today's Corporate World

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    Business Ethics in Today's Corporate World Business ethics is part of today’s society whether you like it or not. There are many things happening in today’s corporate world that needs to be opinioned. Are ethical judgments merely a matter of personal opinion? Yes because we live in a free society I think that most ethical judgments are based on a matter of what you believe in. Everyone has the right to think differently. There will also be similarities and differences in your ethical point

  • Understanding Attrition in the Corporate World

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    INTRODUCTION In today’s world the term called as “ATTRITION” is familiar to each and every person working in the corporate world. Attrition or simply called as employee turnover refers to the reduction of work force in an organization due to resignations, retirement, sickness, or death. It is mostly unpredictable in nature. The cause of attrition can be voluntary as well as involuntary. Each industry has its own standards for acceptable attrition rates, and these rates are likely to differ between

  • Gender Still Plays a Role in the Workplace

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    have it. Of course, American women can vote, can hold office, and they can work, which is more than can be said for some countries. But do both sexes really hold equal in the workplace regarding manners of salary and respect? Does the corporate executive world really take women seriously? These are some of the arguments made by women today that do not feel that they are being treated equal in the workplace. On the other hand, those who believe women are treated equally usually reason that differences

  • Centrust Bank

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    South Florida business establishment. By the early 1980s, Miami had a corporate community that any city would envy. The companies were large and growing. They contributed mightily to local causes. They virtually invented a skyline where none existed as late as the early 1980s. CenTrust Bank and David Paul gave huge sums of money and much effort toward founding the New World Symphony in the 1980s. But the local corporate world was shaken badly at that time. In South Florida, home of fragile physical

  • Feminism: A Fight for Human Rights

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    Abstract This essay explores the concept of feminism as a human right rather than merely a struggle of American women to achieve equal opportunity and salaries in the corporate world. Without denying the importance of such achievements, the facet of feminism that is explored for the most part is the ability for women around the world to be treated as human. Not only are women denied rights such as the opportunity to be educated or to earn money to feed their children, moreover they are considered

  • Cultural Anthropology Article Comparison

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    that an anthropologist has conducted on the matter. The following are five articles that explain how anthropologists are every where. Section: Culture and Fieldwork Chapter: Corporate Anthropologists, page 24 Summary of Article: The article talked about how anthropologists play an important role in the corporate environment. Anthropologists have been working with businesses since the 1930?s, however in the 1980?s this field experienced significant growth. This was due to the ?globalization

  • Re-engineering the Corporation by Michael Hammer and James Champy

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    Re-engineering the Corporation by Michael Hammer and James Champy Michael Hammer and James Champy became the uncontested "experts" to the corporate world for their blueprint of re-engineering. Why? What magical formula did these two individuals profess would make America great again? This essay will take a critical look at Hammer and Champy's book, Re-engineering the Corporation. Does this book have merit? Is it based on sound principles? It does not matter whether you agree or not, it only matters

  • Standardized Testing

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    article titled “Testing the Right Way for Talent”, written by Hugh Price, argues the fact that standardized tests fail to capture the qualities that are necessary to be successful in the business world. Another article labeled “Implementing NCLB Assessment and Accountability Requirements in an Imperfect World” composed by Stuart Kahl, is in agreement with both Price and Ayers. According to Bill Ayers, Hugh Price and Stuart Kahl, standardized tests are uncalled excuse for a traumatic and stressful time

  • Outsourcing California Government Jobs

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    and residents of California thought so too. Outsourcing, the practice of transferring certain job functions to companies whose employees perform them for less money overseas, is not something that only happens in the corporate world. Following in the footsteps of corporate outsourcing, some state governments, including the state of California, are also beginning to outsource state-funded projects, departments, and services. This paper shows how California is facing an aggressive policy battle

  • Computer Hackers: The Who's, What's, When's, Where's, Why's and How's.

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    card numbers, various banking accounts and financial information, and just about anything else they want to know about you. They are going to get it whether you like it or not. Hacking, with the intent to steal or deface, is so feared in the corporate world that companies have spent $1.8 billion this year alone on computer network security products and services (Home Hackers 1). Cracking of home computers has been rare, but it is always a growing concern. Any machine connected to the Internet is

  • Morgan Spurlock?s Super Size Me

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    fast food companies grossly simplifies the issue. The obesity crises in this country is a lifestyle issue, big food corporations may be partially to blame, but lifestyle is something that is culturally decided not solely foisted upon us by the corporate world. The obesity problem in this country has gotten worse, a lot worse, and the surge in obesity can be tied directly to fast food. I was appalled by the fact that since 1980 the number of people either fat of obese has doubled, and in that time

  • Leadership and Management

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    Martha Stewart. She had a vision to take home decorating and cooking to another level by connecting with millions of homemakers through TV shows and the selling of her products through K-mart. Martha was just pursuing her dreams to play in the corporate world with men. She senses opportunity when she sees it. She had the intuition to make her company a profitable one when her critics told her it would never work. D. I do feel that there is a general pattern of male/female leadership styles because

  • Four Function Of Management

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    The Four Functions of Management and How it Relates to My Organization In today’s corporate world a manager to be affective must be able to incorporate the four functions of management (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling) into his or her management techniques. Managers who fail to implement the four functions have a greater chance of being unsuccessful in accomplishing the primary outcome for the project or task. Thus, generating an inferior product. DEFINING THE FOUR FUNCTIONS OF MANAGEMENT

  • Employee Empowerment

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    In today's rapid changing corporate world, where reliability to organizations is fading fast, empowerment has been growing by companies to retain employees. Factors such as downsizing, introduction of self-managed teams, higher employee skills and introduction of total quality management (TQM) programs also contributed to the trend for managers to welcome empowerment. Empowerment is defined as "the freedom and the ability of employees to make decisions and commitments." (Robbins, 2003, p265).

  • The Preservation of Laguna San Ignacio

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    removed from the endangered species list. A few months after its removal from the endangered species list, the primary breeding and calving grounds of the Gray Whale, located in Baja California, was chosen by the Mitsubishi Corporation to become the worlds largest salt harvesting center. The gray whale is a migratory species that spends the majority of its summers feeding in the Arctic Ocean near Alaska. Every winter thousands of gray whales, many of them pregnant, leave the hostile waters of Alaska

  • The Growing Problem of Music Piracy

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    in music has been taken more seriously than ever before, as large record labels and companies like Sony and EMI struggle to maintain healthy album sales in the face of online music piracy. In addition, music piracy affects more than just the corporate world - it affects the very artists who create music and receive no compensation for their efforts. In fact ?many high-profile and buzz artists, including Eminem, Oasis and most recently 50 Cent, have seen their upcoming albums undercut by file-sharing

  • Affirmative Action and Racial Tension

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    everyone¹s thoughts. Or so Barbara Ehrenreich believes when she writes of a quiet, subliminal prejudice that is caused by statistics that prove the fewer numbers of blacks in high profile jobs. When we see ninety percent of leadership roles in the corporate world held by white men, we begin to doubt other¹s competence in that field. With so many minorities in menial roles, people begin to believe the white man is best for ... ... middle of paper ... ...uys.² Time 13 March 1995:114. Irvine, Reed

  • Military Leadership Principles in Corporate World

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    It is pretty common knowledge that the military is known for having tough and strong leaders. What is being presented to todays corporate and business leaders is the approach and wisdom of the military training programs (Weinstein, 2016). Taking our business executives and showing them how to be successful leaders is one way to accomplish this. Ed Ruggero, founder and president of The Leadership Experiences program, says there are direct parallels between a battle such as Gettysburg and the challenges

  • A Corporate Code of Ethics is Not Enough

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    After news of the scandal of Enron, one of the hottest items on e-Bay was a 64-page copy of Enron’s corporate code of ethics. One seller/former employee proclaimed it had “never been opened.” In the forward Kenneth L. Lay, CEO of Enron stated, “We want to be proud of Enron and to know that it enjoys a reputation for fairness and honesty and that it is respected (Enron 2).” For a company with such an extensive code of ethics and a CEO who seemed to want the company to be respected for that, there