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  • Considerations for Capital Structure

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    debt and equity, this decision is very important for a company as it is a cost for the company because it is borrowed money. This decision is very critical for the company because of different tax implications of debt equity and also the effect of corporate taxes on the profitability and revenues of the firm. Firms must be careful in their borrowing activities in order to avoid financial distress, excessive risk and even bankruptcy. A firm's debt/equity ratio also effect the firm's borrowing costs

  • Financial manager

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    within the company. A financial manager will normally be seen working with other managers on matters that will affect the financial state of the company. He or she is not only a financial projection expert, but is also in charge with overseeing the finances of a company and carries out all strategic financial planning and reports, delivers statements and summarizes the company’s financial activity to stakeholders and other interested out and inside party’s. The financial manger holds authority over

  • The Pecking Order Theory

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    studies, corporate reports and more. The review is split into five sections, each one defined to support the research objectives specified in the proposal and furthermore the research aim. 3.1 Modigliani and Miller It is important to consider the established capital structure theories because they are the foundation for the development

  • Risk Management Analysis

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    England: Gower Publishing Limited. Hamada, R. S., Bain, G., & Gerrity, T. P. (1998). ´´ Mastering Finance: single-source guide to becoming a master of Finance´´. England: Pearson education: Financial Times/Prentice Hall. Neale, B., & McElroy, T. (2004). ´´Business Finance: A Value-Based Approach´´. England: Pearson Education; Financial Times/Prentice Hall. Pike, R., & Neale, B.(1999). Corporate finance and investment : decisions and strategies. London ; New York : Prentice Hall. Voon-Choony, Yap

  • Capital Structure of a Firm

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    Does the capital structure of a firm really matter? If so, how and why does it matter? Practitioners and scholars of corporate finance have debated these questions for several years and have found it difficult to come up with definitive answers. The classical work of Modigliani and Miller (1958) provided the impetus for what is now, orthodox corporate finance theory on the optimal capital structure of firms. They postulated that, in a perfect or frictionless capital market, the choice between debt

  • Mullin PLC Dividend Policy

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    Publicly traded company decides on whether or not to pay dividends to its stockholders and how much in the form of dividends at the end of financial period. Private companies too decide on amount to withdraw from business or reinvest back to the business. This is the dividend decision. Mullin plc has three available types of dividend policies that it can choose. They include constant payout ratio dividend policy, regular dividend policy and, low regular and extra dividend policy. Constant payout

  • How Useful are Financial Models: The Base Case

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    cash flow (DCF) approach and non-valuation financial projections. These are used for management information or accounting purpose. Financial modelling is practically applied in Corporate finance, Investment banking, Equity Research and Accounting Profession. A financial model can be used in Business Valuation, Project Finance, Mergers and Acquisition, Risk Modelling, Leverage buy out Analysis, Management Decision Making Process, Capital Budgeting, Forecasting, Equity Research and Valuation, Option

  • Personal Statement: Accounting And Finance

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    Personal Statement ZHAO FENG As an undergraduate who studies accounting and finance. I started to learn about accounting and finance since 2013 when I was in A-level. At that time, we have been asking to present business news in each economic class. It has motives me to gathering finical information from The Economist and BBC The world business News report. The experiences of working as an intern at the Bank of HEBEI in 2013 and PWC in 2016 have encouraged me to become a professional accountant

  • Banking and Finance

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    computer-simulated environment, along with other four rival teams. I dealt with strategy and financial matters of our virtual enterprise, while my colleagues were working on marketing and manufacturing. During the four months of the exercise, I have experienced finance from various aspects: capital budgeting, through selecting favorable investment for upcoming quarters; debt management, by assessing the necessary amount and efficiency of loans; profitability analysis and dividend policy, which had been used to compile

  • Lawrence Sports Benchmarking

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    Lawrence Sports Benchmarking Problem/Opportunity Statement Lawrence Sports is a $20 million revenue company that manufactures and distributes equipment and protective gear for baseball, football, baseball and volleyball. Lawrence Sports purchases raw materials from Gartner Products and Murray Leather Works. Mayo’s Stores, the world’s leading retailer is Lawrence’s primary customer. Lawrence faced a cash deficit situation, borrowed money from the bank that hit the maximum line of credit 1.2 million