Case Study: Ethical Dilemma

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Ethical Dilemma #1 Lincoln is an accounting manager at a manufacturing company, Octavia is the financial supervisor and Finn is the finance director. Lincoln and Octavia report back to Finn on the day-to-day financial activities of the company. One day at work, you overhear Octavia saying she has not been revealing some important information to the external auditors. Information you know is about the recent purchase of a large piece of machinery becoming useless and has little value if resold. Lincoln does not know whether to believe what he has overheard. In addition, Lincoln has also heard from another source that there was a bribe paid to an oversea company to secure a sales contract. He feels uneasy abut the situations, and is left in a…show more content…
Once he has found the necessary information to back himself up, he should bring this information upon the finance director, Finn. As well he should find any one else who also knows about this situation or find out others who are apart of this situation. If Lincoln is uncomfortable bring this issue to Finn because he knows Finn and Octavia have a close relationship, it might be best to bring this issue to the board of directors as another alternative. As for the alleged bribe taken place in the company, Lincoln could report this to the authorities. Ethical Dilemma…show more content…
Elijah (Head of Finance) 2. The CEO and board of directors 3. The employees who affected because the contract with Organization B failed. 4. The company Solution: The use of internal information from a previous employer’s organization used to benefit of your current employer’s company is prohibited. But if Elijah used the information from Organization B from a public domain or have simply gain experience from Organization B, this would not mean he would be breaching confidentiality of his previous employer. As long as Elijah does not exposed confidential information of Organization B then it is fine. This dilemma should be discussed honestly with the CEO, he may ask for his part in the team to be limited, like contribute his opinion and knowledge, but not his knowledge on specifically Organization B. Another alternative is if Elijah is not comfortable with being apart of this team at all, he can refuse having any part in the preparation of bidding for this contract. If the CEO fails to understand Elijah’s position and pushes him to share confidential information of Organization B it may be wise to that this situation to the board of

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