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  • Corporate Finance

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    Why is corporate finance important to all managers? Corporate finance is a specific area of finance dealing with the financial decisions corporations make and the tools as well as analyses used to make these decisions. The primary goal of corporate finance is to enhance corporate value, without taking excessive financial risks. A corporation's management's primary responsibility is to maximize the shareholder's wealth which translates to stock price maximization. Corporate finance provides the

  • Importance Of Corporate Finance

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    Corporate finance is essentially concerned with the process of maximizing shareholder value by implementing various strategies through long term and short term financial planning. It mainly consists of capital investment decisions to investment banking decisions. The principles of finance involves issues such as determining how to value a stock, cost of capital, and time value of money. These are just the few important issues that investment bankers deal with every day. In order to get in the field

  • Role Of Corporate Finance

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    Corporate Finance and Financial Manager Role Over time, every business finds that while it has attempted to make the best decisions for its success, sometimes the right choices were made and sometimes the wrong decisions were made. Having said that business decisions are important and could succeed in the business world if they answer for themselves questions like: how can we define if we are doing well in our business? Or what are the best options and decisions? Are we generating profit

  • Corporate Finance Case Study

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    Corporate Finance (ICM251): Assessed Essay (a) What are the agency costs of debt and outside equity as described in Jensen and Meckling (1976) and are they important in corporate finance? According to Jensen and Meckling (1976), the specification of individual rights defines how costs and rewards will be allocated in any organisation. The contracts between the owners (the principals) and managers (the agent) of the firm will also define who is responsible for each specific costs and rewards

  • Intro to Corporate Finance Chap. 1

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    •Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION TO CORPORATE FINANCE GOAL Today, corporate finance managers must make decision in a much more coordinated manner and generally has direct responsibilities for a control process. Because there are financial implications in virtually all segments of business, she/he must have sufficient knowledge of finance to work these implications into the area. At the end of this chapter, you should be able to: •

  • Corporate Finance: The Modigliani Miller Proposition I

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    Introduction According to my research in corporate finance, capital structures decision is ranked as the most influential issue facing executives at the management level. The corporate finance is described as an area of finance that deals with financial decisions and tools and analytics used in making the decisions. The discipline is divided into long-term and short-term decisions and techniques with their primary goal being maximization of the corporate value while at the same time in management

  • The Three Main Areas of Corporate Finance

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    1.0 Introduction Finance is a mixture of both economics and accounting. Finance is generally concerned with three main areas which are corporate finance, capital markets and investments. Corporate finance or financial management is related to decisions made by a company which involves what and how much assets should a company attain and secured to maintain the optimum level of performance and maximize the asset's value. Capital Markets refers to the market where the It is very important for the

  • Navigating Ethical Dilemmas in Corporate Finance

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    Ethical Dilemma #1 Lincoln is an accounting manager at a manufacturing company, Octavia is the financial supervisor and Finn is the finance director. Lincoln and Octavia report back to Finn on the day-to-day financial activities of the company. One day at work, you overhear Octavia saying she has not been revealing some important information to the external auditors. Information you know is about the recent purchase of a large piece of machinery becoming useless and has little value if resold. Lincoln

  • Risk Analysis On Investment Decision

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    Risk Analysis on Investment Decision In the Capital budgeting simulation conducted for Silicon Arts Inc. my job as a the Financial Analyst is to analyze the two proposals and come to a decision that meets the goals of the company to increase its market share and to keep pace with technology. In order for Silicon Arts Inc to achieve this we need to decide on either increasing their market shares in the Digital Imaging market or enter the Wireless Communications market. In markets that constantly

  • Cost and Benefit of Hedging Risk Using Financial Derivatives

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    Finance theory does not provide a complete framework for explaining risk management under the fluctuated financial environment in which firm operates. Hence, for corporate managers, they rank risk management as one of their top priorities. One of the strategies to reduce risk is by hedging. This paper will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of hedging risk using financial derivatives. Hedging depends across various motives. For example, if a manager intends to minimize corporate taxes, he

  • Sony Research Paper

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    Sony Merger A great deal of companies and corporations, whether diminutive or immense, merge to become one company. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) refers to the aspect of corporate strategy, corporate finance and management dealing with the buying, selling and combining of different companies that can aid, finance, or help a growing company in a given industry grow rapidly without having to create another business entity. For instance, the Merger between Sony and MGM in 2005, Sony even took the

  • Global Remediation: The Growth of Canadian Eco-Cleaning

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    in order to reach to this conclusion: opportunity cost, expected growth, cost of borrowing, and corporate governance. Upon evaluation of all the criteria, we came to a conclusion

  • Statutory Merger Essay

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    Conversely, the lower the value of the share, the more it is in the interest of the company to finance the merger transaction with the treasury. - The cash availability tothe buyer: This criteria plays a role when the opportunity to complete the merger transaction is not anticipated and no prior financing plan has been established and or when the acquirer

  • Staffing Orgs DELL

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    Competitive pricing · Individual and company accountability · Best-in-class service and support · Flexible customization capability · Superior corporate citizenship · Financial stability -Dell Mission Statement Company background Dell’s vision of excellence through quality, innovation, pricing, accountability, service and support, customization, corporate citizenship and financial stability is clear. This mission statement is clear and easy to understand. Producing quality work that leads to

  • Irrelevance Theory Essay

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    regarding capital structure. - help us to know the investors expectation, the sources of finances, and the rate of these sources and different costs. - We cannot determine the optimal capital structure for a given company, but we know that it depends on the following: o the business risk of the company. o the tax situation of the company. o the degree to which the company’s assets are tangible. o the company’s corporate governance. o the transparency of the financial information. The dividend policy irrelevance

  • Radio One Essay

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    total number of stations. Such a big increase could destabilize the way Radio One operates. The synergies, if not well implemented could threaten the entire company and its culture. Radio One has to take into account the fact that their centralized finance, legal, HR, IT, and overall program management could be problematic if the company acquires all the stations. As we know the deal stipulates that the new radio stations will be sold without any working capital, therefore the increase in costs generated

  • Financial Position of Yahoo! Inc. and Google Inc

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    Google Inc. (goog) were selected. Industry is „ Internet information providers“ and sector „technology“, by yahoo terminology ( January 5 2014). uses sector: „techology“ and industry: “search engines“. (, January 5 2014) In literature it is advised to compare firms of „roughly the same size“ and „similar products and services“ (Moles, Parrino and Kidwell 2011:116), which is modestly achieved, as size ratio between companies changes substantialy during

  • Evaluation of the Financial Performance of a Chemical Company

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    Pendrill, D. (1996), Advanced Financial Accounting, 6th edition Louderback, J.G., Maurice, L. and Hirsch, J.R. (1982), Cost Accounting, Accumulation, Analysis, and Use, Wadsworth International Student Edition Pike, R. and Neale, B. (year), Corporate Finance and Investment-Decision and Strategies, 4th edition, Financial Times/Prentice Hall. Pike R.H., Wolfe M.B. (1988). Capital Budgeting for the 1990’s. A Review of investment trends in larger companies. The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

  • Target Corporation versus Wal-Mart Inc.

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    ... Block, S. B., & Hirt, G. A. (2005). Foundations of Financial Management (11th ed). The McGraw- Hill Co. Google-Finace. (2008). Finacil statements: Targets and Walmarts Company, Retrieved April 10,2008, from Target Corporation Investors. (2006) Retrieved electronically on April 15, 2008 from Target Corporation. (2007). Target Annual Report. Retrieved electronically

  • Essay On Managerial Accounting

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    Introduction Managerial accountants need to use accounting information in seeing to it that they are able to plan, evaluate the company performance, manage risks and control the business operations in a manner that is deemed beneficial to the business as a whole. This can be achieved through: having high standards of ethics in all situations; employing the techniques of management reports, budgetary control, and analysis of fund flows and financial statements; making prudent capital investment decisions;