Corporate Control Essays

  • American History-19th Century

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    firmly rooted in the belief of mutualism. However, conflicts between anarchists and capitalists ignited strikes, generating the Haymarket Square Riot along with the Homestead and Pullman strikes. It was then clear that they could not eliminate corporate control. Even with unity, the workers resulted in a fruitless effort. Urban industrial workers were bombarded with many problems, a major one being long working hours. They not only had to endure endless hours of labor and turmoil, but received scarcely

  • Corporate Control of the Media and Politics

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    ...s worldwide. In just a short time with the right people, my eyes have been opened to how the media affects our lives and pressures people to a certain decision. I now, more than ever, believe that the corruption in news industry and their control over the information being presented is severely hampering the nation's education of political ongoing in the united states. Letting these leaders of industry distort our views for their own personal gain and pitting lower class families against

  • Reaganomics and Corporate Control: Impact on American Journalism

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    With the rampant increase of corporate power, the Reagan Administration allowed pro­profit industries to progress because of his agenda that was anti regulation. During the 1980’s, the movement of communism was dying off, thus allowing American economic policies to incorporate anti-communist ideals. For instance, Reaganomics was the framework for immense corporate power “which called for widespread tax cuts, decreased social spending, increased military spending, and the deregulation of domestic

  • The Three Levels of Business Strategy

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    Strategies can be formulated on three different levels: · Corporate level, · Business unit level, and · Functional or departmental level Strategy may be about competing and surviving as a firm, products are developed by business units. The role of the corporation is to mange its business units and products so that each is competitive and so that each contributes to corporate purposes. Corporate Level Strategy Corporate level strategy fundamentally is concerned with the selection

  • Corporate Wellness Programs

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    Corporate Wellness Programs Corporate wellness programs are critical to the fiscal fitness of organizations in the United States today. Corporate wellness programs vary in their methods, but the end goals are the same: decrease medical costs and increase employee productivity. Healthcare costs now consume over 50% of corporate profits and continue to increase at nearly 12% a year (Powell, 1999, p.15). This dramatic rise in costs has caused employers to look for innovative ways to combat the costs

  • Corporate Bankruptcy

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    Corporate Bankruptcy Building a successful business is very difficult and when doing so some may encounter financial hardship. The law has established a process that can help rescue businesses. This is called bankruptcy. What is bankruptcy to a company? How does bankruptcy rescue businesses? The reader will understand the meaning of bankruptcy to a corporation, be familiarized with types of proceedings, and identify with businesses that have been rescued by bankruptcy proceedings. Bankruptcy

  • Excel Spreadsheet Use and the Strategic Corporate Plan

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    Excel Spreadsheet Use and the Strategic Corporate Plan Introduction In years past, every well-run corporation undoubtedly had a written business plan. Oftentimes, these plans were considered by many to be an exercise in frustration, as they were laboriously considered, written, then stored on the company's library shelf until the next business planning cycle. The last few decades have seen a radical change in the way companies do their planning. More often than not, the "old" business

  • Tyranny in the United States

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    is a tyranny disguised as a democracy. The reason that the United States government isn’t understood to be a tyranny is because they don’t directly oppress their citizens, but through psychological control make us indirectly oppress ourselves. The government uses many forms of psychological control to trick citizens into giving away their rights, ‘for their own good’. They play on our emotions to make it seem like they are always just trying to help us, or make things easier, safer, better, etc

  • We Are Living in a Corporate Dystopia

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    A Corporate Dystopia Our children are being brainwashed. Not overtly, mind you, and not in any way that would be so violent as to cause alarm with most parents, but subtly and persistently, powerful entities are programming and transforming the next generation of American citizens into obedient attendants and mindless drones. Without the necessary steps taken to prevent it, our future will lie in the hands of men and women who, instead of using a well-cultivated intellect, will feign attack

  • A Corporate Code of Ethics is Not Enough

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    After news of the scandal of Enron, one of the hottest items on e-Bay was a 64-page copy of Enron’s corporate code of ethics. One seller/former employee proclaimed it had “never been opened.” In the forward Kenneth L. Lay, CEO of Enron stated, “We want to be proud of Enron and to know that it enjoys a reputation for fairness and honesty and that it is respected (Enron 2).” For a company with such an extensive code of ethics and a CEO who seemed to want the company to be respected for that, there

  • Corporate Manslaughter

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    Corporate Manslaughter What is corporate manslaughter? Corporate manslaughter is a crime that can be committed by a company in relation to a work-related death. The offence is intrinsically linked to whether a director or senior manager - a "controlling mind and will" of the company - is guilty of manslaughter. If the director or manager is found guilty, the company is guilty; if the director or manager is found innocent, the company is innocent. Is it difficult to prosecute?

  • Corporate Interests and Their Impact on News Coverage

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    Corporate Interests and Their Impact on News Coverage Hypothesis There is no denying that news media is big business. The complete coverage of stories and investigative reports are certainly at risk with the rise of media as a business, rather than strictly a service to the public. Over the past few years, there have been a number of cases where television stations or news publications have killed news stories or forced reporters to slant stories due to pressure from advertisers or those

  • Personal Narrative: Self Personality Assessment

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    assessment exercise I have been able to carefully my personality. The exercise consisted of an evaluation of four areas: Locus of Control, Personality Type, Stress Reactions, and Learning Styles. Based on the test results my locus of control is external. According to our text, Individuals who fall into this category do not believe that their future is within their control. They believe that it is more influenced by external forces. I agree somewhat with this assessment of myself. Although I also

  • The Necessity of Budgeting in an Organization

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    Planning and control are two considerable activities of management in any kind of organization that has as its aim; the profit maximisation. Budgets consider being the main tool for the process of planning and control. The first part of the essay focuses on the definition of the term budget system and the budgetary process. Also, it states the stages of the budgeting process and their necessity in an organization. The second part will discuss the effectiveness of budgetary control in unpredictable

  • The Defence of the Corporate Veil - Parent Companies Beware!

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    The Defence of the Corporate Veil - Parent Companies Beware! Much interest has recently been shown in the potential consequences of the judgment given in Stocznia Gdanska SA -v- Latvian Shipping Co and others, which was substantially upheld by the Court of Appeal on 21 June 2002. Although the case related to Shipbuilding Contracts, the result has reinforced the traditional view that the Courts will not countenance any further erosion of the fundamental principle of English Company Law that

  • Convergence And International Corporate Governance

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    Convergence, Divergence and ‘Path Dependency' of legal systems as it relates to International Corporate Governance. In recent years the issue of corporate governance has become a keenly debated topic in international finance. In developed countries, some of the biggest corporate collapses in history have brought about a change in focus. No longer are governments and lawmakers trying to deregulate and reduce the controls and disclosure requirements of corporations. The deregulation boom has ended, as regulation


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    CORPORATE GOVERNANCE The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘governance’ as ‘the act, manner, fact or function of governing, sway, control’. ‘To govern’ is ‘to rule with authority’, ’to exercise the function of government’, ‘to sway, rule, influence, regulate, determine’, ‘to conduct oneself in some way; curb, bridle (one’s passions, oneself)’, or ‘to constitute a law for’. Governing is, therefore, a whole range of actions, initiatives and response patterns - from rule through influence to self-control

  • The Personal Impact of Corporate Downsizing

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    The Personal Impact of Corporate Downsizing Demoralization is the result of a corporate downsizing and if not handled well by the officers of the corporation, the corporation can expect a decrease in; worker efficiency, production, teamwork, and cooperation. Adding to this and equally negative would be increases in; absenteeism, tardiness, mistakes and additional job loss. None of these create a positive work environment. Downsizing also places a large amount of stress on the individual's

  • An Investigation Of Japanese Corporate Culture, Its Trends And Changes

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    An Investigation of Japanese Corporate Culture, Its Trends And Changes Japanese Business & Culture bus 258.1 Table of Contents1.0 Introduction 2.0 Procedure 3.0 Findings 3.1 Changing social culture. 3.2 Business Culture in Japan 3.3 Why change is needed 3.4 What is Japan and her corporations doing to develop and change 4.0 Conclusion 5.0 Bibliography Japanese Business & CultureAn investigation Japanese corporate culture, its trends and changes.1.0 IntroductionThis report is based around the following

  • Assessing the Corporate Culture of Walt Disney

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    This paper will assess the corporate culture of Walt Disney, addressing the background of the organization, training and teaching, stories, legends and myths associated with the company, philosophy, values, mission statement and the organizational goals of the company. The Disney Brothers Studios was founded by Walt and Roy Disney in October of 1923. As the brothers increased their reach in the entertainment market, this small studio evolved into the corporate giant known today as the Walt Disney