Core Essays

  • Freaks of the Core

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    Freaks of the Core Wherein lies the odd attraction and power of the freakish? Just as often as it introduces us to expressions of common human experience, study in the Humanities also introduces us to the decidedly uncommon--to writers, artists and thinkers who push conventional limits of language and narrative, vision and imagination, memory and history, or logic and rationality. For our Freaks of the Core colloquium, we explored the outer limits of human expression and experience. What, we asked

  • Nuclear Core

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    Nuclear Core The Earth’s core is a massive nuclear fission reactor. The core uses the process of nuclear fission to burn it’s fuel of uranium 235 into lighter elements, or fission byproducts. This core is also responsible for producing much of the geological phenomenon observed on the Earth. Phenomena such as geomagnetism and the periodic shutting down of the Earth’s magnetic field are examples of phenomena that are directly attributed to fission within the Earth. There is also substantial

  • Core Rigidity

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    *--Explain the concept of core rigidity. Do long lived organizations inevitably have difficulties avoiding the problem? Use examples from automobile industry --* Core competencies are capabilities that serve as a source of competitive advantage for a firm over its rivals (Hanson, 2008). Those capabilities must include usage of services or resources being valuable, rare, non-substitutable and costly to imitate. Using the capabilities strategically will make a core competency, which brings the significance

  • The Molten Core Theory

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    The Molten Core Theory The center of the Earth is composed of a solid metallic core surrounded by a molten layer of liquid metal. This paper will discuss the reasons to believe the theory that the Earth has a molten core, and the important discoveries that have led to this generally accepted theory. It is very reasonable to agree with this theory when paying credence to the logical evidence that answers questions about the Earth’s core. This evidence includes information about the elemental

  • Core Curriculum Is there a Need

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    Core Curriculum Is there a Need In high school, most students went through four years where they got a general knowledge of most basic subjects. You were forced to take three to four years of math, science, English, and some form of history. In addition, most students were required to take two years of a foreign language and Physical Education. All these things are mandatory for most high school students to do, just to pass high school. Many students don’t want to stop there. They want to go

  • The Core of The Triangular Pear

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    The Core of The Triangular Pear The beatnik poetry of Andrei Voznesensky shows an evolving image of America from a Russian standpoint. In his poem “The Triangular Pear,” Voznesensky has no agenda to show the positive nature of Russia, or the negative effects of capitalism. Instead, his sole concern is to discover the core of America, to answer the age-old question, “What is America? Where can she be found?” To do this, he must search both extrinsically and intrinsically. Voznesensky shows this

  • Vission, Mission & Core Values

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    Vision, mission & core values, which are aligned through all recruitment, training, controls and decision making. Developing a vision, mission and values is the foundation for long term success. If a vision and mission is recognized by all stakeholders and affects every hiring, strategic decision and communication; its effect can be magic. Developing a vision, mission and values is a serious business. It takes time and commitment, but it is worth it. The vision, mission &core values answer three

  • Core Values Of An Organization Case Study

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    Identify some core values of this organization as best as you can. What do they believe in (beyond organizational success or profitability)? How might their revealing these values to customers and employees create opportunities to exceed expectations? How can they translate core values into actions to produce A-plus value, thus strengthening relationships? The core value of this organization is honesty, reliable, consistent, positive, inspiring, innovative and loving. These values are depicted in

  • Core Competency

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    Core competencies are the most significant value creating skills within a company and key areas of expertise that are distinctive to a company and critical to the company's long-term growth. Core competencies are the pieces that a company is superior than its competitors in the critical, central areas of the company where the most value is added to its products. These areas of expertise may be in any area from product development to employee dedication. A competence which is central to business's

  • Core Competencies - Working Smarter, Not Harder!

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    Core Competencies - Working Smarter, Not Harder! The Opportunity You have a good product, a good market share, good distribution. How do you "raise the bar" and become truly great? The Solution In most cases, greatness doesn’t come from doing the same things but trying harder. When you do that, even the combined efforts of all of your people are too diffuse to make much of a difference. Like having hundreds of people pushing with their hands on a brick wall, you spend a lot of energy getting

  • Discovering the Earth's Core

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    we live here from a long century ago we can`t even find the core of this world. Does the core exist or that is what they call heaven or hell. Do the scientist theories is true or God really exist in this world we live in. That is how the human being is facing now, find the core save the earth or end up dying this place and nowhere to go. Scientist all over the world who is trying to figure out how to go to core and yet none of them succeed. Does the human raise have a

  • The Core Movie Analysis

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    Earth and Space The Core Movie Analysis Topic #1: The Earths magnetic field protects us from cosmic rays, and more specifically, deadly microwaves This idea is true in some sense. The Earth does in fact have a magnetic field that protects us from some types of cosmic rays but the Earths atmosphere is also in the way of the cosmic rays and most of these rays that make it through the magnetic field never reach us. In The Core they are worried about microwaves penetrating the Earths atmosphere and

  • Core Elements of Health Education and Risk Reduction Activities

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    Core Elements of Health Education and Risk Reduction Activities A number of core elements should be considered in health education and risk reduction program and evaluation activities. Effective Health Education and Risk Reduction program activities: •     State realistic, specific, measurable, and attainable program goals and objectives. •     Identify methods and activities to achieve specific goals and objectives. •     Define staff roles, duties, and responsibilities. •     Define the populations

  • Competency Vs Core Competency

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    set of abilities) a core competency? Ability refers to the skill that helps a company sustain in the marketplace, when an ability is harmonized in a combination of multiple resources and skills that distinguishes that firm in that marketplace, then that ability becomes that core competency. Without core competency a firm cannot prolong its lifespan in a competitive market. Core competency provides a strong foothold for that firm in the market. (Melissa A. Schilling, 118) Core competency defines the

  • The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea: True Order Exists in the Exposed Core

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    The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea: True Order Exists in the Exposed Core The seas refuse to obey any of man's laws. Winds, storms and currents shift and distort the massive waters, shaping the land that lies within them. Unexplored in regions, the black depths mimic dormancy prior to rising up at unpredictable moments of torrential strength. The ocean's murder, rape and disregard of life is not punishable by any law or code of morality, and in Yukio Mishima's The Sailor Who Fell from

  • Business Core Competencies: Cisco and Qualcomm Corporation

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    Core competencies are a collection of competencies that crosses divisional boundaries, which allow a business to be competitive in a marketplace. This is something that the corporation that the business can do exceptionally well. A core competency should allow companies to expand into a new end markets including providing a significant benefit to customers. This should be hard for competitors to replicate the products and services. Core competencies are to begin a mark while gaining the reputation

  • Snowboarding Physics

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    most basic yet important layers of a snowboard are the core (4) and the P-Tex/base layer (10). The core is usually made of birch wood; it is ideal for its lightweight, rigid, and flexible characteristics. Advances in core technology in recent years allowed the snowboard to become more maneuverable and portable. Hollow aluminum cells with walls in the shape of honeycombs are a breakthrough in snowboard core construction. With this type of core layer the snowboard retains its rigidity, but reduces

  • Stratford Caldecott Analysis

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    our world to the Divine, to connect “the Ideas in God and the things in the world” (Caldecott 41). Caldecott uses this comparison between our mission and Adam’s mission to great effect, underscoring his argument that naming (and thereby grammar) is core to who we are. Names, he argues, are so precious, so important, that we cannot even name ourselves. As counter-intuitive as this may see at first, one soon realizes that naming is equivalent to knowing; we can never truly know ourselves. One can then

  • Factors that Affect the Strength of the Electromagnet

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    · Insulated Wire · Iron Nails · Voltmeter · Plastic Beakers · Electronic Balance Hypothesis: I expect the strongest electromagnet to have a 'soft' iron core; the highest number of coils (45); the strongest voltage (10V) and current and have the coils evenly spread across the iron rod. The 'soft' iron core means it changes easily between being magnetised and de-magnetised, it is perfect for electromagnets, which need to be turned on and off. From a previous experiment, using

  • My Philosophy Of Volunteering

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    when you lend a helping hand it can positively affect a life, community, environment, nation and even the world. As a potential scholar for The Shawn Carter Foundation it's expected for me to understand, acknowledge but more importantly live by the core philosophies one of which being "To whom much is given, much is expected “and to do this by completing at least 25 hours of community service hours. I will fulfil this by dedicating my time to shelters, organizations, communities and schools to help