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  • Cops

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    "fired". Didn't Donta Dawson lose whatever job he had? Doesn't everyone who goes to jail? From those who have made a career of being "tough on crime", this is one offense that they have all but ignored. For, it is not a crime when the cops kill-it is their JOB. Their job is legalized terrorism of the poor, the impoverished, the anti- established, the powerless. They are protectors of the raging class divide in America. If they behaved in the suburbs the way they did in the ghettoes

  • The Cop and the Anthem

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    prosperous, civilized, and equal. And people living in such a country certainly have a good mental and physical life. It looks like a promised land, a heaven of lots of people. However, we will find some differences as reading the short story "The Cop and The Anthem" of O. Henry. In this story, he reflected a double life of the society in this country. He wrote about the lives of poor and tramp people in New York as well as the way the homeless in the city think of the prison. The character Soapy

  • Why Cops are Different

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    Why Cops are Different 10 REASONS COPS ARE DIFFERENT And how these differences impact on their stress! PERHAPS IT WEIGHS only 2 ounces overall. Large ones may run to 4 ounces. But when that badge is pinned on, there is a weight unknown to most law enforcement officers. The true weight of the badge is not overcome by muscle, not found in the gym, not measured on a scale. This weight requires a strength and conditioning for which few officers are trained. The badge is not just pinned on a chest

  • Cops and stuff

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    fear! That’s why most people tend to not mess with cops. Just the fact of knowing someone could kill you any minute is enough to not attempt an act towards them no matter what it may be. In my opinion guns save more lives than they will ever wrongfully take. Schools are a great place for attacks, because they are gun free! You commit a mass shooting at a school, because you know you can do the most damage, because you’ll be there shooting until cops arrive. At my college we have these poles with blue

  • CoPs for Knowledge Creation

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    CoPs for knowledge creation While most all of the literature examined here is divided between knowledge sharing and knowledge management, one case study from Borzillo and Kaminska-Labbé (2011) provides the unique perspective of applying complex adaptive system theory from complexity science to explain knowledge creation dynamics in CoP. This four year longitudinal study identified five CoPs within an international chemical manufacturing company to see whether four generative forces from complexity

  • Running from the Cops

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    Running from the Cops If you've ever seen a movie with a high speed chase, or footrace against the cops, where the person outsmarts the police and gets away; then you've most likely imagined yourself in the same action filled position. Then you sadly realize that this isn't real life, and if you were really being chased, you would most likely end up being caught. In most cases, this is the truth, but if you know a few crucial steps to outrunning the law, prior to the chase, than your chances

  • Cop In The Hood Analysis

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    Cop in the Hood by Peter Moskos is a book concerning a sociologist named Peter Moskos wanting to know more about the ways of American cops. A Harvard student going to work in Baltimore in the eastern district for one year, writes about his learnings and findings from firsthand experience. Some people say cops are not prepared when they leave police academy. From the book it says police officers learn more in the first two years than they will learn at the police academy. Becoming one of the deadliest

  • Running From Cops

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    Parties and Cops, name a better combo?                                                                   Running from the cops isn't a very "healthy" experience

  • Rise of the warrior cop

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    Rise of the Warrior Cop One of the most disturbing trends in American policing in recent years has been the militarization of police weaponry and tactics. In his new book, “The Rise of the Warrior Cop”, author Radley Balko traces the roots of American law enforcement from the constables of colonial times to present day SWAT teams and special response units. With the high controversy surrounding the “war on drugs” and the “war on terrorism,” policymakers have signed off on a dangerously aggressive

  • Other Sides of the Stereotypical Cop in "Brooklyn Cop” by Norman MacCaig

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    "Brooklyn Cop” written by Norman MacCaig, a Scottish poet, is about an American cop who roams the streets tackling crime. Our impression of the stereotypical cop changes throughout the poem as we find that he isn’t all that he is made out to be. This essay will look at how the cop is portrayed and the techniques used to give this impression of him. The first impression we are given of the American cop is that he is a gorilla. The poet states “built like a gorilla.” The poet uses a simile to show