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  • Contact

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    surface must not have irregularities larger than about 1/5 the wavelength of light that is being focused. By that criterion a radio telescope is several hundred thousand times easier to figure than an optical telescope of the same size In the movie "Contact," astronomer Ellie Arroway, played by actress Jodie Foster, searches for signs of extraterrestrial life using massive, Earth-bound radio telescopes. Much of Contact's scientific intrigue, based on Carl Sagan's 1985 bestseller, unfolds at two National

  • Contact---fiction Story

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    In 2001the work began on the biggest dam project in history of the human kind. The place chosen was the Great Canyon in Colorado. After six months of heavy digging, workers had found something strange. John, who was one of the scientists that come to this site, was especially interested in this subject. He in his long black trench coat looked like Germans during World War II. He looked even more familiar to SS man when he took off his hat and sunglasses and showed his blonde hair and blue eyes. His

  • Historical Events that Impacted Contact Improvisation

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    Historical Events that Impacted Contact Improvisation Dance has evolved greatly throughout the centuries. It began with ballet and has led up to contact improvisation. This form of dance begun in the early 1970's and was started by a man named Steve Paxton and a group of postmodern dancers from New York City. Contact improvisation is a partnering form of dance and known as the art of moving spontaneously with a group or another person. This form of dance does not require the exact set of

  • The Contact Lens

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    The Contact Lens When the contact lens was invented, the world of vision correction was altered forever. No longer were those people lacking perfect 20/20 vision forced to look any different than everyone else. Both discrete and revolutionary, the contact lens provided a brand new, viable, alternate solution to an age-old problem. After centuries of engineering and discovery the contact lens has evolved greatly. Presently contact lenses are made hard or soft, for daily or continuous wear,

  • Contact Lens Complications

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    Contact Lens Complications The last 20 years has seen a tremendous increase in the use of contact lenses. Despite the recent trend towards fashionable eyewear and the advances in refractive surgeries, there are still approximately 1 million Australians who are currently wearing contact lenses. This is partly because of the variety of lens materials, replacement schedules, specialty designs, and convenient contact lens care systems available today. While there are many benefits of contact lenses

  • How Contact Lenses Work

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    better solution! Contact lenses are a thin lens placed on the surface of the eye. They are considered a medical device that can be worn for correcting vision, cosmetics, or therapeutic reasons. It has been estimated that 125 million people use contact lenses worldwide, which is approximately 2% of the world’s population. Contact lenses are shaped based on the vision problem to help the eye focus light directly on the retina. There are four main reasons to wear corrective contacts: • Hyperopia (you

  • Contact Lens Storage Cases

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    Review: Microbial Contamination of Contact Lens Storage Cases Donna Vega Microbiology 140 Professor Dr. Pepper October 16, 2014 Microbial Contamination of Contact Lens Storage Cases Contact lenses have become widely known as a great vision corrector for many eyeglass wearers. However, the use of contact lenses can sometimes cause extreme eye infections, such as microbial keratitis, which results in blindness. In the article, “Microbial Contamination of Contact Lens Storage Cases,” scientists

  • Arts of the Contact Zone by Mary Louise Pratt

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    Arts of the Contact Zone by Mary Louise Pratt The Arts of the Contact Zone by Mary Louise Pratt opened up a whole new concept for our class. The new term “contact zone” appeared and Pratt defined it as "social spaces where cultures meet, clash, and grapple with each other, often in contexts of highly asymmetrical relations of power, such as colonialism, slavery, or their aftermaths as they are lived out in many parts of the world today." The idea of the contact zone is intended in part to contrast

  • Arts of the Contact Zone by Mary Louise Pratt

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    Arts of the Contact Zone by Mary Louise Pratt In the Arts of the Contact Zone, Mary Louise Pratt has tried to explain the concepts of the “contact zone”, which she referred to as “the space of colonial encounters”. This social space that she speaks about is a stage where “disparate cultures meet, clash, and grapple each other, often in highly asymmetrical relations of domination and subordination”. Pratt aims to highlight these relations between the colonizer and the colonized “in terms of copresence

  • How to Insert and Remove Contacts for Beginners

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    pictures. I felt left out because most of my friends didn’t wear glasses. Now since I’m older and mature, I decided that I should get contact lenses. I went to the eye doctor and scheduled an appointment to get my eyes fitted to see what contacts worked best for my eyes. Getting fitted for contacts is a very long process. I had about four different trial pairs of contacts that I had to tryout every week before I got my prescription for them. It took a couple of weeks to get use to inserting them in my

  • Contact Lensess: The Invention Of Contact Lens

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    The Invention of Contact Lenses Have you ever wondered about the invention of contact lenses or how they are made? Well if so, here’s some information that will make your train of thought stand still. This paper is about contact lenses, their history, and the impact the invention had on the world. Contact lenses are life-changing inventions and if they hadn’t been invented, life as you know it would be completely different, and so, in this paper you will read all about contact lenses, from when

  • Cross Cultural Negotiations

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    proceedings. By way of highlighting this, a few brief examples of topics covered in cross cultural negotiation training shall be offered. Eye Contact : In the US, UK and much of northern Europe, strong, direct eye contact conveys confidence and sincerity. In South America it is a sign of trustworthiness. However, in some cultures such as the Japanese, prolonged eye contact is considered rude and is generally avoided. Personal Space & Touch: In Europe and North America, business people will usually leave

  • Eye contact

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    eye contact is a great communication tool and can be used effectively in social situation. Second, a teacher can use eye contact to help their interaction with students. Third, employers want a future employee to have good eye contact to know that the employee is listening and will understand the job they are asked to perform. Eye contact is important and can determine a person’s true thoughts and opinions. The use of eye contact in socializing is important. Social Situations Eye contact can determine

  • Contact And Annihilation

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    The film Contact and Annihilation are associated with “aliens” and creatures that aren’t human like. In a way both of these films are alike yet different in their own way. They deal with creatures, religious views and mysterious events. To start off, the movie Contact, is about a woman name Eleanor Arroway. Eleanor started to disbelieve in god since she lost her two parents. With that trauma she had a different view about life outside of Earths atmosphere. Since Eleanor was a little girl she has

  • Mavis Gallants Bernadette

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    Mavis Gallant's Bernadette Fear, it has a way of controlling everything that it comes in contact with. As young children we are introduced to this intimidating desire with intrigue and suspicion. As we age, the thoughts of fears become more like realities, ideas of loneliness and death enter the picture as comprehensible thoughts and views of the future. These issues make up the foundation of the Mavis Gallant story "Bernadette". In this story we are presented with the image of a young French Canadian

  • blurred lines

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    Blurred Lines Today we live in a world that keeps us on the run. There is a way to get in contact with anyone at any given time. There is no such thing as ‘getting away’ because we have created a society of people that want to be found. But it is also through this technology, the same one that keeps us connected to the outside world, that we can get lost. The simplest video game can help a person escape into a different reality, spending hours on end in front of a computer screen, looking for

  • Anthropology and UFOs

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    His broader analytic work has served as a point of departure for later studies of the symbolic content of UFO reports, alien folklore, and sci-fi entertainment. Studies in this latter group often point out the structural similarities between alien contact narratives and fairy lore, treading the frontiers of psychoanalysis, folkloristics and ufology (compare Rojcewicz 1995 to Vallée 1993 [1969]). A second genre is the micro-level study of UFO enthusiast and religious groups. Festinger et al's When

  • Computers and Family Life

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    computers on family life is less human contact between family members. In my family, all of us have our own computers that are kept in separate rooms. So if I’m checking my mail on my computer, and my sister is in her room on her computer, we are isolated from each other and cannot talk to each other face to face. This results in less face to face human contact between family members. But just having one computer for a family can still cause less face-to-face contact. If one person is using the computer

  • Fly Away Peter by David Malouf

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    understanding of self enhanced by his contact with those around him? 'Fly Away Peter' is essentially a story about life. Through the life of Jim Saddler the reader becomes aware of the ideas posed by the author, David Malouf. Jim's life, if anything, is indeed a journey, unfolding through various broadening experiences that lead to Jim's eventual understanding of the world and his own self. However, to simply say that this understanding is enhanced solely by his contact with those around him is only true

  • Accidents In Hockey

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    Accidents in Hockey Accidents can and do happen anywhere, anytime to anyone. This statement is very true when dealing with a physical contact sport like hockey. There is a certain amount of risk involved in playing any sport. When an injury occurs, it inflicts tremendous hardship on the injured person, the team and the parents as well. Hockey is a very popular and fun game to play (it is now considered Canada's national sport, along with lacrosse) but it can also be very dangerous. As players become