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  • Condition And Condition In A Contract

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    importance. Breach of a condition constitutes a fundamental breach of the contract and entitles the injured party to treat it as discharged, whereas breach of warranty is remediable only by an action for damages, subject to any contrary provision in a contract (see breach of contract). A condition or a warranty may be either an express term or an implied term. In the case of an express term, the courts as conclusive of its status do not regard the fact that the contract labels it a condition or a

  • Human Condition

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    the texts you’ve studied enlarged your understanding of the Human Condition? ¬The human condition fundamentally embodies the experience of what is essentially considered vital to ‘being a person’, including not only the physique of a human, but more specially their behaviour and mentality. Due to the immense number of perspectives and variations of ideologies texts can demonstrate, a responder’s comprehension of the human condition can be substantially developed to create a broader understanding of

  • Aseptic Conditions

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    Aseptic Conditions Aseptic condition is a phase used to describe that the area you are in must be thoroughly clean as in things such as the tables, food, hands and even the air. An good example would be an scientist who is about to undergo an experiment, he must firstly clean the area he is in so that nothing goes wrong in the experiment but this is only depending on the type of experiment your doing. The scientist must clean all the equipment such as the lab mats, beakers, and he must

  • The Human Condition

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    The human condition describes the unique features of a human being; it separates us and at the same time relates us to other living creatures. In this essay I will study paintings that translate human emotion, body language and facial expression into paint, how moods have been communicated by the human face and the artist who knew how to do it the best. The idea of relating the human condition to art came to me when I started studying Edvard Munch and his history of isolation and darkness. I wanted

  • Essay On Climate Conditions And Seasonal Conditions

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    that can be affected by climatic conditions and seasonal variations and explain how conditions affect travel to the selected area In Australia there was a drastic change in the climate. This caused a forest fire which then spread across which then became a threat to Blue Mountains in Australia. Whilst the fires were going on there was one unfortunate person whose house was destroyed along with the memories that the house had. Climatic conditions are different conditions that have been caused by the weather

  • The Human Condition

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    to the all-encompassing human condition, as portrayed and delved into within a wide variety of literary and visual texts, are just as crucial to an exploration of humanity as the numerous vivid emotions and feelings they evoke. Love’s proclivity for overriding ordinary sane instincts, the nature of social connections or lack thereof amongst people in a community, and the persistent impacts of profoundly bitter regret are all particular concepts of the human condition regularly examined by authors

  • Human Condition

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    life and death, the religions we believe in, and the curiosity to discover? Maybe it is our intelligence or it could be something more. We have labeled this question as the ‘Human Condition.’ This condition is inherent and is passed along to all human beings. The sense of fear and tragedy is part of the human condition. Fear itself can cause several other emotions to occur once it is triggered in a human being. Some may combat the fear and others may flee in terror. Fear probably does exist in animals

  • Condition of the heart

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    Condition of the heart. Heart disease continues to be one of the leading causes of death in the United States, and because of this, a variety of conditions tend to occur over time. One of these conditions is atrial fibrillation that, according to the American heart association, “an estimated two million Americans have an irregular heartbeat” (MNN, 2005). It can be seen at times in apparently healthy people, but generally happens in persons older than 65 years of age, and if they are younger than

  • Economic Conditions

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    Economic Conditions There are many different countries throughout the world, with each country possessing its own approach to economics. Countries can be broken down into three categories of development, the three being industrialized, developing, and less-developed. The three countries that I have chosen to show these comparisons are Italy, Thailand, and Somalia. Italy is the industrialized nation, Thailand is developing, and Somalia is less-developed. The economic system of a country is the basis

  • Operant condition

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    Conditioning is a stimulus response pattern that when reinforced will condition the individual response to a desired behavior. Our behaviors are altered to be desirable or undesirable through reinforcements, punishment and extinction. Overall, Operant conditioning is a voluntary response that precedes the stimulus and the reinforcement. According to Dr.Komisar Behavioral therapist at Long Island Jewish Hospital, says Operant Condition has been applied in many situations, such as teaching, clinical settings