Concert Experience Essays

  • The Concert Experience and the Song as Oral Tradition

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    The Concert Experience and the Song as Oral Tradition Before the invention of written language that enabled the creation of book technology, the spoken word was the leading edge of communication. Spoken epic poetry such as the Iliad and Odyssey, the Anglo-Saxon Beowulf, and the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh was the content of the speech medium. These epics were created as spoken pieces, and because listeners lacked an alphabet to commodify them (separate them from their performance), the tales had

  • My First Live Concert Experience

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    Without warning, the lights went dark. This was the moment I had been waiting for. My adrenaline went through the roof. The time had finally come that I would get to see and hear my first live concert. I had never really been to a big concert that had a well-known band. A couple of weeks before the concert I got some information about it, but really didn't think much of it. I talked with some friends about the band and we all casually decided to go get tickets for it. Little did I know what an absolutely

  • Jazz Concert Experience

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    In my personal experience in an attending a jazz concert in San Antonio I can say I really had a memorable experience. My jazz concert had taken place on September 27th at the Esquire Tavern in downtown San Antonio at the 3pm. The band that was performing was called the Doc Watkins Trio in which I later found out was a branch of the South Texas Jazz. When I had finally arrived and soon later consulted with the musicians it came to my attention it wasn’t the actual band but musicians that do perform

  • Music Concert Experience and Description

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    Music Concert Experience and Description On October 19th I attended the State University Symphony Orchestra, State University Wind Symphony, and State University Choir concert, which was sponsored by the State University School of Music and Dance and was also held at in the Smith Recital Hall. Harold Warman conducted the SU Symphony Orchestra and the SU Wind Symphony while Frank

  • Music Ethnographic Essay: Country Music Ethnographic Review

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    the most recent concert I attended, which was Brad Paisley’s Country Nation College tour at Florida State. The concert took place on Langford Green, located outside Doak Cambell stadium, next to the infamous “Unconquered” statue. Typically this space if used for students to have an open grass area for free recreation, it is also most famous for the popular ESPN College Game Day and tailgating. It was interesting to see the audience there, since this was my first real “country” concert. I had a preexisting

  • Concert Critique

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    On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, I attended a musical concert. This was the first time I had ever been to a concert and did not play. The concert was not what I expected. I assumed I was going to a symphony that featured a soloist clarinet; however, upon arrival I quickly realized that my previous assumptions were false. My experience was sort of a rollercoaster. One minute I was down and almost asleep; next I was laughing; then I was up and intrigued. The first song played was from a genre that I

  • Live Concert Analysis Paper

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    Live concert analytical paper For this class assignment, we were required to go to some type of music concert and write a four to five page analytical paper on the experience. I chose a concert for someone who was on tour who I already knew and liked his style of music. The person who was heading the tour was a performer who goes by the name SoMo. He performs his own original songs as well as doing covers of other people’s music, which he posts to his channel on youtube. His style or genre of music

  • Wlu Concert Report Sample

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    The concert I attended took place in the Maureen Forrester Recital Hall at Wilfrid Laurie University on Friday, November 20, 2015 performed by the WLU Percussion Ensemble. They performed eight piece of music from different time periods .This was a phenomenal experience as I normally would go and appreciate concert by a string orchestra, but this was something new. As soon as the cast walked on the stage I noticed they had very vibrant coloured shirts and ties, which provided a very appealing view

  • Foo Fighters Concert Report

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    The Foo Fighters concert at the Austin City Limits has been one of my best musical experiences. The crowd, the band, the instruments, the sounds, the stage, the lighting and the amazing balance of hard rock melodies and slow-tempo songs created a night to remember. Although I was there to have some fun, I actually recognized many of the main themes that we’ve discussed in class such as the commercialization of rock, the counterculture and aesthetics of the event, and the musical connections between

  • Differences And Similarities Between Live And Recorded Music

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    can be used to express oneself and bring enjoyment to life. Music can be live or recorded. Live and recorded music have many differences and similarities that can be noticed and loved depending on the listener. Live music can be expensive, but the experience is full of entertainment and emotion. Recorded music can be cheap, but vocals and sounds are edited in a studio. Despite these and many more differences, both types of music have similarities. Recorded and live music both bring enjoyment to listeners

  • Personal Narrative: Welshly Arms And Parachute

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    It was a cold November night in Virginia. The football game had just ended at Liberty University, and it was time for the concert. I had listened to NEEDTOBREATHE all my life but only really on the Christian radio stations. However, they were definitely one of my favorite Christian bands. The only other performing artist who I knew at the concert was Mat Kearney, but the other two bands, Welshly Arms and Parachute, I had never even heard of before. Even though I had listened to the other two bands

  • Old School Hip Hop Essay

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    I attended a concert on April 2016 and several other old school concerts at the Queen Mary, front row VIP area which included; Debbie deb, Cover girls, Vanilla ice and so on. Going to an old school/hip-hop concert the songs and experiences as a whole are different with every time. New school hip-hop is narrative and with this you can receive the same lyrical experience every time, as for the concert the experience is the same as the next. I am not saying that an old school concert isn’t different

  • Comparison Between Piano Concert By Barbara Wieman And Sacramento Cham

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    Piano Concert by Barbara Wieman and Sacramento Chamber Orchestra On Feb 20,1997, I attended a piano concert that was performed by Barbara Wieman. The performance was held at the American River College Music Department choir room. The choir room holds about 100 people and every seat was taken and students were seated on the floor. The audience was dressed casual as everyone was students trying to do their concert papers. Barbara Weiman was also dressed casual but nice. The piano concert started

  • Justin Beiber Concert Observation

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    attended a Justin Beiber concert, when she, Shelby, attended the Florida Georgia line concert she was 17. I attended the concert with my Grandma, nana, my cousins, Addy and Madison, and my two little sisters, Shelby and Brea while she attended it with a close friend of hers. We went all the way to the Alltel Arena now known as the Verizon Arena in Little Rock Arkansas, this is the same place that her concert took place. There is a lot of differences between our concerts before, during, and after

  • My First Concert

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    The young boy motioned with his arms where to park, as the vehicle came to a stop. My friends and I got out of the car and looked up to see a line of people waiting to get inside. I asked them "So what now? ", since this was my first concert, I did not know what to expect. They said, "Hear that?" I listened and heard music playing in the background. We started walking towards the end of the line that had formed. As we grew closer to the gate, the music got louder, and my heart beat faster. While

  • Concert Critique

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    For my experience of a “traditional” concert, I had the privilege of being able to attend a concert from one of my personal favorite artists, Post Malone. This concert was held at Binghamton University in the events center, and sold out almost a month in advance of the show, so being able to attend a performance of this magnitude was surely an experience I will cherish. Advertised both by the artist himself and on multiple programs online, these programs were very minimal in information provided

  • Spring Choral Concert Reflection

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    I went to see the Spring Choral Concert at St. Xavier High School on May 10th which also featured a performance from the percussion ensemble. Going into the concert I had no idea what to expect because I had never to been to a musical performance at St. X. One assumption I had going into it was that it was going to be well organized and feature many talented students. I could certainly tell that the performers had put a lot of effort and time into making the performance a success. In general I enjoyed

  • R & B Concert Essay

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    Attending for the first time at an R&B concert was a great experience and I loved the music styles and stage presence. I went to witness the free improv ensemble in concert organized by the department of music at the music center concert hall, at Columbia College Chicago Music campus on Monday November 27, 2017. The name of the group that was performance was called Royal. The instruments that took part of it were drum set, one electric guitar, two singers, one rapper, electric piano, and acacia piano

  • Phish: It’s More Than a Concert

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    Phish: It’s More Than a Concert Phish has inherited the legacy of the Grateful Dead. A responsibility that includes: playing a different set every night, constant jamming and experimenting. Phish is trailed across the country by adoring fans that think their heroes can do no wrong. What makes them so special is that their music winds together. It is full of freedom and happiness. Their lyrics are totally original; they have this weird way of looking at the world and when they express this

  • Personal Narrative: My Lat Concert

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    My Lat concert report took place this past Friday May 5th 2017 at 7:30 PM. This concert marked the end of my Music Appreciation course assignments, and it was a pretty nice experience. The event took place at Chaffey College inside the Theatre building.there is not really much to say about the building specially when compare to my previous concert Venue “Bridges Hall of Music” in the Claremont Colleges. None the less, The auditorium itself was decent, seats were comfortable and the sound flowed