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  • Security Plan: Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

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    making them a security risk from outside the district but also open to abuse from within the network framework. MOOCs generally free and open to the public at large, (Herold, 2013) this raises many concerns about data breaching and untested resources on the district network. Some of the network concerns that need to be address are overburdening the network and content filtering. MOOCs, especially at the K-12 level, an evolving concept, this security plan evaluates the district acceptable use policy

  • Bead Bar

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    This paper will focus on the internal make-up of the Bead Bar. The Bead Bar is a company that enables its customers to create their own jewelry use tools such as wire, beads, and string. Currently, there are three divisions of the company composed of one studio, two franchises, and three Bead Bars on Board. The role of the Bead Bar studio is to oversea the Bead Bar six studios that are located in (2) New York City, Long Island, Boston, Washington, D.C., and the flagship in New Canaan, Connecticut

  • Identifying a Marketing Strategy for Sony Ericsson

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    interview questionnaire has objective evaluations reflecting how to utilize brand as a dominant role in the markets, how to enhance consumers’ knowledge about environmentally friendly, and how to gain more market share. Mission Statement Initiates Concerns Recalling the mission statement of SONY, Inc., “SONY’s mission is to become a leading global provider of networked consumer electronics, entertainment and services” (SONY, 2009, pg.15). This thoughtful corporate image has a number of reasons to

  • Monsanto Ethics Case Study

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    Monsanto started out as a company that created an artificial sweetener for a well-known company called Coca-Cola. Throughout the last century with the use of new types of innovation the corporation has set out to change the world and has set a specific goal to change the way food is grown. Through the agriculture industry Monsanto has created new technology that enables farmers to grow food faster and with less land area. Although the results seem to be positive, there are also critics of this new

  • Analysis Of The Stand Your Ground Law

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    socially acceptable notions whereas the law could easily be interpreted to be unjust and promoting bias in the justice system and community. Specifically, the concerns are found in the perception of fear and the potential for racial connotations to be considered in these perceptions (O’Mara, 2014). In order to express the rebuttal for these concerns, it is necessary to first

  • Too Many People? by Vanessa Baird

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    Baird and Furedi concur that a concern for population growth has been around since mathematician Thomas Malthus, in 1798, warned that overpopulation could lead to “the collapse of society” (Furedi). Furedi claims that too much human life is being used as an excuse, by population control supporters, for the world’s current and future problems. Baird tries to discover if “the current panic over population growth is reasonable.” For Ehrlich and Ehrlich the concern over population growth is very real

  • Public Places Urban Spaces Case Study

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    different approaches can be combined together; others go the opposite way around. This is quietly shown in our cities’ current situation, where amalgam of these attitudes shapes the urban form leading back to Langs quote “Four attitudes towards the concerns of urban design coexist uncomfortably today” (Lang 106). Therefore, the future effectiveness of the field depends on its ability to digest this fundamental knowledge and to use it to evaluate theories and practices (Moudon). With the intention of

  • Psychology: The Study of the Mind and Behavior

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    environment and is sustained by experiences and consequences. Generally, the method is used to change behavior through establishing a specific goal, evaluating behavior, reinforcing desired behavior, and punishing undesired behavior. The ethical concern that may arise from the use of this method is that an individual is likely to be discouraged from attempting to do a certain task when he/she knows that he/she will be unable to complete it and get a reward. A real life example of operant conditioning

  • cars

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    take more time out of their day to be on time for work or school. They can start to use this extra time on hanging out with friends and family and coming closer together. In conclusion, I believe my invention will be the best thing to answer the concerns of our fellow peers. They were concerned with traffic and congestion and the Mega Car answers with its amazing ability to do anything. Transportation is evoling just like we are and sooner or later these automobiles will be real and we won't have

  • The Effects of Fracking on the Environment

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    para. 9). These profound discovers bring health affects to a higher concern from my viewpoint, particularly the concerns as it applies to the water table contamination below the earth’s surface. These conclusions, as it applies to the environmental impacts from fracking, adds weight to the argument that hydraulic fracturing does not align with safety and environmental enactments. Finally, by what method fracking operational concerns are settled ? Committed employee compliance is one method through