Concern Essays

  • Concerns on Artificial Intelligence

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    Concerns on Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence is still an infant compared to other technologies. It brings about great promises for our future and some even predict that its importance will rival that of the printing press. (Boden) By human nature, many tried to play God: People of all generation and all over the world dreamt of creating a being that is capable of carrying out human actions. A few decades ago, many regarded cloning as ludicrous and simply ignored it. However

  • Concerns in the Catholic Church

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    Concerns in the Catholic Church Sexual abuse is a growing concern in society today. So many people are hurt by the actions of other people when they abuse them, especially in a sexual manner. The Catholic Church is also now being targeted for sexual offenders. Priests have been charged with sexually abusing young boys that are involved with the church. The church has been looking the other way on this issue for many years. The children as well as their family are being hurt and its time something

  • The Concerns of Internet Censorship

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    The Concerns of Internet Censorship As a professional Internet publisher and avid user of the Internet, I have become concerned with laws like the Communications Decency Act of 1996 (CDA) that censor free speech on the Internet. By approving the CDA, Congress has established a precedent which condones censorship regulations for the Internet similar to those that exist for traditional broadcast media. Treating the Internet like broadcast media is a grave mistake because the Internet is unlike any

  • Personal Narrative- Concern for Grandpa

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    Personal Narrative- Concern for Grandpa No one wanted to answer the phone. An ominous tone accompanied the hollow ring. One-two-three-four. Finally, my mother summoned up the courage to answer the phone before the answering machine picked it up. I have never seen my mother look so pale or frail. Her lips moved but the sound that was supposed to be coming out was nonexistent. My older brother, Caden, and I were stunned into silence. Our eyes spoke volumes of the fear we were experiencing.

  • The Concern of Deforestation in Today's Society

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    Deforestation is a major concern in today’s society. The destruction of the world’s forest areas are leaving millions of acres uninhabitable. The varied species of animals and insects that use to live and thrive from these forests are rapidly becoming extinct. The destruction of the forest is also having a detrimental effect on the people through displacement thus forcing them to seek new living accommodations. Many of these people are loosing their heritage and cultures leaving them with a sense

  • The Concern of Children's Safety on the Internet

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    The Concern of Children's Safety on the Internet During the last decade, the number of households using the Internet has increased dramatically. The United States Department of Defense started to use a network similar to today's Internet in the 1960s. Professors in universities all across the country later followed this idea and established their own system. The World Wide Web, the common, everyday section of the Internet, started approximately a decade ago. "Surfing the Web" has become easier

  • Student's Death Raises Concerns about Weapons

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    Student's Death Raises Concerns about Weapons Brett Schweinberg, a 19-year-old Emerson student and Brookline resident, never imagined that a night intended for so much celebration in Boston could end so tragically. Schweinberg was one of an estimated 80,000 revelers who flooded the streets of Kenmore Square and the Fenway Park neighborhood in the early hours of Oct. 21, following the Boston Red Sox’s ALCS victory over the New York Yankees. “It was really a happy, fun, cheering crowd,”

  • Social Concerns in the Romantic Period

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    In the Romantic period, many authors make references to different social concerns. This enabled the authors to hint towards different concerns in their writing, but not come directly out and state their concerns. Three great examples of authors like this include: William Blake, Robert Burns, and Anna Laetitia Barbauld. Each of these authors had unique concerns that they were able to get across in their own way. Blake wrote two poems with entitled “Chimney Sweeper.” One version was found in his ‘Songs

  • A Passenger's Concern: How Safe Are Airport Security Measures?

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    A Passenger's Concern: How Safe Are Airport Security Measures? Air travel is a fast and convenient way to reach a destination. Even if many passengers may complain of missed flights, delays during the holidays, and the number of carry-ons they are allowed to bring onto the plane, air travel is an important part of quick transportation. One essential part of the airport system is security. Today, security is a major priority that airports must administer strictly. Due to the recent terrorist

  • Religious Concerns during Colonial Period

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    “Throughout the colonial period, economic concerns had more to do with the settling of British North America than did religious concerns.” According to this statement, both economic and religious reasons contributed to the founding of the thirteen colonies by the British in North America. The many people who settled in New England came there in search of religious freedom. Their hope was to escape the religious persecution they were facing in England, worship freely, and have the opportunity to choose

  • Proclamation To Address Student Concerns About The Medium News Letter

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    Proclamation To Address Student Concerns About The Medium News Letter: Preamble: Presented on this day, November the nineteenth, in the year two thousand and three, as members of the Rutgers University community who are concerned and dissatisfied with the subject material that has been printed in the magazine The Medium, a student funded organization, we collectively agree that the following measures need to be met and addressed with as much cooperation as possible to facilitate in the propagation

  • Electronic Monitoring Vs. Health Concerns

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    Electronic Monitoring vs. Health Concerns Is privacy and electronic monitoring in the work place an issue that is becoming a problem? More and more employees are being monitored today then ever before and the companies that do it aren't letting off. While electronic monitoring in the work place may be the cause of increased stress levels and tension, the benefits far exceed the harm that it may cause. Employees don't realize how often electronic monitoring happens in their work place. An estimated

  • Sports, Athletes, and Weight Loss: Health Concerns

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    Weight Loss by Athletes and Health Concerns Waking up, sophomore Mike Fumagalli would peel off the garbage bags and layers of clothing he had worn to bed the night before hoping to "sweat away" some extra weight. Throughout the day, he would ask teachers to use their trashcans and would spit constantly. Sometimes, he would even cut his hair or sit in a sauna, all to lose a couple more pounds. Many people may wonder why someone would go to such extreme measures just to lose a few pounds

  • Anti-Semitism and Lack of Concern Among Non-jews During the Holocaust

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    Thesis Statement: Antisemitism is to blame for the lack of concern among non-Jews during the up rise of the Holocaust. It is hard to grasp the number of lives lost during the Holocaust. How someone could have so much hatred towards one group of people. Or how so many people could set back and watch something like this take place without protest. To begin to understand how a tragedy like the Holocaust could have took place without intervention we need to understand antisemitism. Merriam-Webster OnLine

  • Reflecting on the Dead

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    regarding life and death at the end of the story. No real concern was shown in either story for family members of the dead. In fact the only concern shown by Laura and Elizabeth was only concern for themselves. In “The Garden Party,” Laura did not once show any consideration for Mr. Scott’s family. Even in the presence of the widow and her sister, Laura never mentioned anything about feeling sorry for them about their loss. The most concern shown for Mr. Scott’s family was before a party that her

  • Adult Assumptions On Teenagers

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    Adults Assumptions On Tennagers Everyone knows that throughout life, assumptions and stereotypes are made. Whether they concern age, gender, race, class and so on, it does not matter. Stereotypes are always made in some form or another, some can be referring to positive aspects, while others can be bad. Whether good or bad, stereotypes should not be made, if a person has not met someone, they shouldn’t presume to know them or their ‘type’. No two people are identical and so they should not be treated

  • Drugs

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    Drugs An issue of personal, local, and national concern that I would like to focus in this essay is drugs. There are many reasons why I find drugs to be an issue of great importance to me. First, drugs is a personal issue to me. For most of my life, I have been living in places where drugs have surrounded me. For the past ten years, I have been living in the Duncan Projects in Jersey City, where the temptation of selling, buying, or even using drugs seems to be growing every day. Every day

  • Was Parliament Justified In Killing the King?

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    himself with the minor complaints of Parliament. This eventually led to the conclusion that King Charles I was the type of man who could not be trusted with the legal promises he made to his people. The worries of Parliament were not seen as a major concern of his and he repudiated to consider any negotiations with whatever Parliament had to say. The king’s intractable ways caused Parliament to break away from his power before England became a place of political disaster. Although the obstinate king

  • Debts of Good Will and Interpersonal Justice

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    beneficiary of significant assistance or favor given by another. Usually, the beneficiary is in acute need of the assistance given or favor granted. This provides an opportunity for the giving of help to serve as a vehicle for the expression of sympathy or concern. The debt could then be appreciated as one of good will because, by catering to another person's pressing need, the benefactor is able to express positive dispositions towards the beneficiary. It is not merely the receipt of the assistance or favor

  • Effects of Inflation

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    word inflation. "Unemployment" ran a distant second. Public concern about inflation generally heats up in step with inflation itself. Though economists do not always agree about when inflation starts to interfere with market signals, the public tends to express serious alarm once the inflation rate rises above 5 or 6 percent. Public opinion polls show minimal concern about rising prices during the early 1960s, as inflation was low. Concern rose with inflation in the late 1960s and early 1970s. When