Commercialization Essays

  • The Commercialization of Basketball

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    The Commercialization of Basketball The game of basketball is changing, but not willingly or by it own doing. Corporate America has been poking around in the petri dish containing American sports for years now, steering its path of evolution wherever desired. The effects can easily be seen on and around the basketball court in the form of corporate logos engrained on the floor, product advertisements everywhere from the rafters to the programs to the scorers table, and company labels stitched

  • Materialism and Commercialization of Christmas

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    Materialism and Commercialization of Christmas Today it seems as though Christmas has fallen victim to materialism and commercialization. Rather than it being a time of loving and giving, it has become a stressful season of greed. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, it is important for us to recognize the true reason of the season, and celebrate in a fashion that exemplifies that reason. Many people in American society assume that the main purpose of Christmas is the supposed coming of

  • Hesse Biber- Am I Thin Enough Yet? The Cult of Thinness and the Commercialization of Identity

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    The Cult of Thinness Many modern women subject themselves to an intense day-to-day involvement in the pursuit of thinness demands. These demands resemble those behaviors commonly associated with cult hood. Three main “tools” are used in order to achieve this goal or ideal. The Cult of Thinness invests in thinness through primary rituals. The rituals are followed through by the obsession of a particular “ideal” body. There are also extremities or positions of higher authority with extreme involvement

  • Privacy on the Internet

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    place for free information exchange and sharing, has the potential has becoming the biggest threat to its users. The commercialization of the Internet is one of the major reasons why the chances of a compromise of our privacy have increased. Customer profiling, address trading or simple lack of care with sensitive customer information are just some of the threats that this commercialization has bought to our ‘free’ Internet. Another reason being that with the increase of threats there is a regular change

  • Nonprofit Commercialization

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    Enterprise and Government, Burton Weisbrod underscores that increase in fiscal demands had led the nonprofit organizations into more creative commercial activity, blurring their positions to become more and more commercialized (Otto & Dicke, p. 328). Commercialization in itself is complex and broad term, however, the underlying notion of it is not new. Nonetheless, the acclimatization to the concept in recent years are far more dynamic than the past years. With these new undertone, there is a sense of uncertainty

  • Commercialization In Hockey

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    Most aspects of life today in North America are influenced by commercialization. In hockey, this is apparent when watching any NHL game. From the advertisements on the boards and all around arenas, to the commercials between plays and the never ending team specific merchandise that is sold, it is quite obvious that hockey is a business. If that was not already clear, the hefty salaries that high calibre players receive should solidify it. Today hockey teams are structured strikingly similar to corporations

  • The Commercialization of Education

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    Commercialization is the process of involving an activity in commerce. Commercialization is the process that is involved in making a product commercially successful. The process involves the production, dissemination, sales, marketing and support necessary to commercialize the product or activity. Commercialization apples to various sectors and these include the education, agriculture and the sport industries. Commercialization of education is a new trend that has resulted in reforms in the education

  • The Commercialization Of Christmas

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    between the two. Christmas has evolved from selflessness to selfishness. One cause of this is the desire of stores to make more money. This results in being distracted, feeling stressed, and acting inconsiderately. The first effect of the commercialization of Christmas is being distracted. Instead of focusing on spending time with family, too often, people become absorbed worrying about the gifts they are giving or receiving. When walking into a store, the newest gifts are the main attraction

  • Comparing Ron Howard's How the Grinch Stole Christmas to Dr. Seuss' Grinch

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    exaggerated the original story, and I will back this up by showing many examples of how Dr. Seuss’s classic turned into a marketing, franchise frenzy. Dr. Seuss's original fable is a simple story told with a great moral that criticizes the commercialization of Christmas. The original story features an “Ebenezer Scrooge” type creature that lives up the mountains outside "Whoville." The Grinch indulges himself in the annual ritual of spoiling everyone's festivities with a series of nasty pranks. This

  • Advantages Of Commercialization In Sports

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    Commercialization is the process of introducing a product to either a mass or niche market. Owners, often, encourage such commercialization because it helps to expose their team or sport to larger audiences, which will help generate revenue. Commercial sport is something not all people are comfortable with or like. I think that it has its place within professional sports alone. But we are seeing it more and more at the college level with Div. 1 NCAA Men’s Basketball and Football. At an elite amateur

  • Effects Of Commercialization Of Education

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    availability of proper facilities and infrastructure. This aspect might cause a reason for the commercialization in the education. Higher education, such as university becomes a trade for several parties that have control in both education and its institutions. They took the very high profit with the reason of providing a good quality education, which should be very expensive. If this commercialization phenomenon continued, it will trigger a variety of negative impacts that could hamper the university’s

  • The Commercialization of Sex

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    George Orwell, author of “1984,” portrays a dystopian nation concentrated on despair to warn his readers of Communist governments. Michael Radford, director and screen writer, film adaptation of the fiction story successfully captures the cinematography Orwell portrayed to the reader throughout the three sections of his novel. The industry influence commercialized minuscule topics like sexual affairs to increase the number of viewers and lessens the true horrors illustrated by Orwell. Many Hollywood

  • College Sports Commercialization

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    as prevent the commercialization of all college athletes by way of regulation. Beginning in the 1920s, public interest towards college sports sky rocketed with the growing opportunities of higher education for everyone, regardless of social status. This effect caused the Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Education to take a closer look into this fast growing industry in the “Carnegie Report” in 1929. The report made a plea to the NCAA to reduce the level of commercialization and improve academic

  • Commercialization Of College Sports Essay

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    in college athletics and so has the organization—National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), that was established to protect football players from the flying edge formation (Johnson, 2003). One of such change that has taken place is the commercialization of college sport. Intercollegiate athletics has been commercialized in a variety of ways including sponsorships, donations and endowments, to mention a few. About sixty to eighty percent of generated revenue in big-time college sport programs

  • Effects Of Commercialization Of Hip Hop

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    The issue of commercialization in hip-hop has long been one of the main sources of controversy in the genre. What began as a movement for teenagers to have fun and party through its four components (b-boying, graffiti, djing, and emceeing) ended up becoming a lucrative field, namely the rap industry, with many business opportunities. As time has gone on most people involved in the field have looked to capitalize on these opportunities and, in turn, have neglected to uphold the integrity of the music

  • Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood

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    highlights children as this powerful demographic, with billions of dollars in buying power, but the lack of understanding of marketers’ aggressive strategies. Children are easily influenced and taken advantage of, which is why commercialization of children needs to stop. Commercialization to children leads to problems that parents do not even know are happening such as social, future, and rewired childhood problems. Government regulations need to put a stop to corporations that live, breathe and sell the

  • Western Civilization Commercialization

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    By the 11th century, a new period of rapid change struck the Western civilizations since the fall of Rome, but none were as extensive in comparison to the early 1000's when Europe experienced extreme changes of commercialized revolution. Introducing new practices such as systematic crop rotation, the use of livestock, windmills, and iron tools, lead to agricultural advancements. Once agriculture efficiencies reached a peak, the farmers raised crop yields and the expansion of markets began to flourish

  • Essay On Commercialization Of Hip Hop

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    Through an analysis of the history of hip-hop and mainstream rappers, this paper aims to critically discuss the commercialization of rap music and the implications its current popularity has on black American

  • Persuasive Essay: The Commercialization Of Beauty

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    so they could look like one of those When perfect models they see in the media. I am Prerna Sharma and this is the story of teenagers all over the world. They self starve themselves, just so they could fit in with the needs of society. The commercialization of beauty in this time period has tremendously influenced teenagers to do harmful things to their bodies – such as they fast or starve themselves in order to live up to the standards of beauty in this society. The fashion industry's addiction

  • Commercialization Of Social Media In The Media

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    criminal behavior in audience members. Theories about the relationship between violent media and violent persons has been studied and experimented on for decades, yet, the answer still eludes us. These theories prompt the question: How has the commercialization of the criminal justice system, through the news and television, affected violent crime in America? In order to investigate this inquiry, I have chosen three sources with varying viewpoints that will help analyze the situation at hand. In Ray