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  • Chemistry- Collision Theory

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    .Experiment for Chemistry Coursework For this investigation I am looking at how the concentration of acid can change the reaction and how I can explain this using collision theory. My Prediction: I predict that the greater amount of concentration the faster the reaction will take place. Therefore, particles in the two compounds will collide faster. Due to my prediction if it is correct, I expect to see the cross on the paper disappear faster. As I already know that increasing one quantity will

  • Asteroid Collision With The Earth

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    Asteroid Collision With The Earth Experiment ---------- To investigate the effects of an asteroid impact on Earth through a small-scale simulation. I shall be measuring the depth of the crater caused by a steel ball bearing being dropped from different heights into sand. I shall be dropping a steel ball into sand to simulate an asteroid collision, because the asteroid would be roughly spherical and have a high density, like the steel ball. The sand will react similarly to how

  • Collision Theory Experiment

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    Collision Theory Experiment 1. Temperature increasers the number of collisions. When the temperature is increased the particles all move quicker. If they're moving quicker, they are going to have more collisions. [IMAGE] 2. Concentration (or pressure) increases the number of collision. If the solution is made more concentrated it means there are more particles of reactants knocking about between the water molecules, which make collisions between the important particles more likely.

  • Collision Of A Ball

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    like to present and explain some vocabulary concept and words. A collision, transfers momentum or kinetic energy from one object to another object. There are two types of collisions, elastic collision and inelastic collision. An elastic collision is a collision that occurs when two objects bounce apart when they collide; the total kinetic energy in the system is the same before and after the collision. For example, elastic collision occurs when equally massive balls move in the same direction; in

  • Physics Of Collisions Essay

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    within cars to aid in the avoidance of collisions altogether. Examples of these technologies include blind spot detection, backup cameras, 360-degree cameras, and autonomous driving. Many of these newer safety features are there to avoid collisions. However, whenever a collision does occur, there is not much there to protect passengers in the rear of the car. Looking into this, there is evidence that shows that rear passengers do obtain injuries in collisions and pose the threat of contributing to

  • Resulting Structures of Galactic Collisions

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    Resulting Structures of Galactic Collisions In the visible universe, there is one type of event that is often responsible for a good deal of the varied phenomena we observe across the cosmos. A type of event whose effects are both destructive and creative. This event is the interaction of two or more galaxies. The results of a galactic interaction are so varied that each event is unique. Therefore, only a select few examples will be described in the following pages. An examination of the term

  • Collision Avoidance: ADS-B or TCAS

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    Collision Avoidance: ADS-B or TCAS INTRODUCTION Background Collision avoidance is something that has been a problem in aviation for a long time. Most of the flights conducted today rely on the see and avoid concept and ground radar. Both of which have their flaws. The FAA predicts that mid-air collisions will increase by 300% over the next 20 years due to the increase in flights being flown by all areas of the aviation community (Kraus xiv). Civil aircraft have had onboard protection from

  • The Goal Of Collision

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    Collision is an organization that pairs up neglected and forgotten high school students with mentors. The goal of Collision is to care for the souls of people by creating genuine friendships that lead to discussions about life and Jesus. For some students, this may be one of the only people that has ever shown they

  • Truck Collisions

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    After Collision With Ryder Box Truck According to PennLive, one person was airlifted to a hospital after a collision on Gettysburg Road near Schuylkill Avenue in Lower Allen Township. The collision between a Jeep and a Ryder box truck occurred on July 15 around 6:00 p.m. Details of the accident are not known; however, the man had been ejected from the Jeep and he was bleeding heavily when emergency personnel airlifted him from the accident scene. Collisions With Commercial Trucks Collisions with

  • Collision Analysis: An Analysis Of Bicycle-Vehicle Collisions

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    2.2. Bicycle-Vehicle Collisions 2.2.1. Collision analysis Statistics taking from Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and Netherlands show the majority of all bicycle accidents involve a motor-powered vehicle such as a car, bus, truck, tram, etc... [9]. In Germany in 2011, 10% of fatally injured road users were cyclists [13]. Bicycle-vehicle accident accounted for 60% of all bicycle accidents, while bicycle-pedestrian and bicycle only accidents make up 5~6% and 12~16% respectively [9]. Data presented in

  • culture collision

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    by the Europeans since the natives lacked the adequate technology to fight off the Europeans. The culture collision between Europe’s culture and the Ibo culture causes Nwoye’s sense of identity to be challenged and causes him to distance himself from his family and his tribe because of the introduction of Christianity and western ideals. Nwoye is the person most effected by the culture collision in Things Fall Apart, prior to the white men’s insertion Nwoye is basically what would have been considered

  • Factors Affecting the Decomposition of Marble Buildings by Acid Rain

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    of time. Reactions take place because of collisions, the particles (can be atoms, ions or molecules) collide, and a reaction occurs between particles. If there are more collisions, the reaction will be much quicker. But it also depends on whether the collision has enough energy, to be successful. If there is not enough energy, then the collision will be unsuccessful, but if there is, it will be successful, and a reaction will occur. Unsuccessful collisions take place when the activation energy is

  • Rate of Reaction Between Hydrogen Peroxide and the Potato

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    more spread out, this results in fewer collisions, so therefore there will be a result of fewer successful collisions. Which will then make the reaction taking place speed go slow, so there would be a graph with a rather slow reaction taking place. If I was to do the experiment with a high concentration the particles are crowed close together and therefore it would collide with each other more often, which will give me a result of successful collisions. So for my experiment I predict that the

  • An experiment to investigate whether concentration of acid has an

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    The variables I plan to control 1. Surface area: The surface area of each marble chip should be kept relatively the same because due to collision theory if more surface area is available the number of particles of solid reactant available for collision will increase. Therefore more collisions can occur, and it is likely there will be more collisions with sufficient energy to successfully lead to a reaction. I might not be able to keep the surface area of my marble chips exactly the same

  • Investigation in to the factors that affects the rate of fermentation of Glucose

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    of an ezyme is denatured it no longer functions as a catalyst. COLLISION THEORY 'Rate of reaction simply depends on how hard and often the reacting particles collide with each other.' The basic idea is that particles have to collide with each other in order to react. MORE COLLISIONS INCREASE THE RATE OF REACTION. 1) Temperature increases the number of collisions. 2) Concentration (or pressure) in creases the number of collisions. 3) Sizes of solid particles (or surface area) incr... ... middle

  • Conservation of Momentum Investigation

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    5 Calculations 8 Discussion 10 Conclusion 11 Bibliography 12 Investigative Question Does the momentum of an isolated system remain constant even after a collision and does the addition of mass on an object affect the momentum of an object? Hypothesis The momentum of the isolated system will remain constant after the collision because the law of conservation states that the total linear momentum of an isolated system remains constant. Apparatus Pulley Fishing line Trolley runway Dynamics

  • Investigation to show the effect of different concentrations of Dilute Sulphuric Acid on Zinc

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    successful collisions. If you increase the concentration, then that means that there are more particles in the same volume to react. Therefore, there will be more successful collisions per second. If there are more successful reactions, therefore the rate is also increased. When there is a high concentration, the reactants have more successful collisions per second; therefore the rate of reaction is quicker. When there is a low concentration, The reactants have less successful collisions per second

  • Rates of Reaction Investigation

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    speed up the collision between the particles. The more collisions per second the faster the reaction will be. To speed up chemical reactions; INCREASE THE TEMPRETURE Reactant particles hit each other harder because they have more energy in them. Also the temperature increase makes the particles grow more so the frequency of collisions increases. [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Fewer particles energised so fewer collisions More particles energised so there are more collisions. [IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE]

  • Does Concentrated Acid or Diluted Acid React Faster?

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    a concentrated acid there are more particles in it this means that there is a more chance of successful collisions occurring. If the acid was diluted, there are not many acid particles, which means that there is not much chance of an acid particle hitting a magnesium atom. At the start, there are plenty of Magnesium atoms and acid particles but they get used up during successful collisions. After, a time there a fewer Magnesium atoms and the acid is less concentrated so the reaction slows down

  • Rate of Reaction Between Marble Chips and Hydrochloric Acid

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    reaction that will take place is: Hydrochloric acid + Calcium Carbonate àCalcium Chloride + Water + Carbon dioxide 2HCl (aq) + CaCo3 (s) à CaCL2 (aq) + H2O + CO2 (g) Collision theory - Collisions between reactant particles are needed for the reaction to take place in order to form a product. Some collisions are successful and give a product while others don't because particles don't have enough energy. Activation energy - The amount of energy needed for the reaction to be started