College Football Essays

  • Football: A Career Of A College Football Coach

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    I am a college football coach. The reason I chose this is because the money is very good. I want to go win a National Championship. I want to work my team to be the best. I want to coach the best players in the country. I want to have a good coaching career record. The first American football game ever played was between Princeton University and Rutgers University. This game was played on November 6, 1869. This game took place in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The Rutgers won the game six to four. This

  • College Football

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    Football is the most popular game in the United States and in Canada. People engage in any sport with different reasons either for pleasure, entertainment, for scholarship, for the love of the game or as a platform for professional playing. For college students, most of them play college football to nurture their talent and attain a prominent opportunity of playing professionally. College football is football that is played by a team of student athletes fielded by colleges, universities and military

  • College Football Rivalries

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    Rivalries: A Celebration of the Past in Hopes of Being Remembered in the Future The best college football rivalries intrigue us to a point that we are on the edge of our seats for the entire game, but many people do not know exactly what makes these games so unique. Many rivalries are based off of supremacy in a certain state or in a region. Factors such as trash talking, championship contention, or recruiting implications can play into these games that appear on the schedule every year. There are

  • The Benefits Of College Football

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    College football is beneficial for both the players and city. College football is more than a sport for entertainment; it’s a sport that has been the unifier for colleges, players, and most Americans. It brings people together; strangers standing side-by-side, jumping, getting excited, high-fiving one another, cheering on a group of fifty men playing a game. The cities that host the game are receiving more recognition. Intelligence Squared hosted a debate on whether the sport should be banned. One

  • Recruiting Changes in College Football

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    Recruiting Changes in College Football With the recent controversy and scandal surrounding the University of Colorado and the college football world, this off season has been one of the busiest ever. College Football has experienced an eye-opening revelation and these experiences call for major changes in the traditional recruiting practices. Last month, stories surfaced about the University of Colorado using sex, alcohol, and parties to lure blue chip recruits to their program. While these types

  • Corruption In College Football

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    Football, from the early ages of American culture, has been a bonding past time for most families. Dick Harmon feels that “football creates heroes”, and that it also fosters character and valuable friendships. Football raises young boys to learn discipline, leadership, selflessness, and so many more valuable characteristics; it is the one thing many boys keep consistent in their lives. Throughout all of the changes, and obstacles life throws at them, football has always stayed consistent in their

  • College Football Team Analysis

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    How many of you enjoy college football, specifically the college football playoffs? Well if you do, you are not alone, last year, in the college football playoff debut, the semifinal games averaged 28 million viewers per game, and the final had 33.4 million viewers. Not only that, the playoff final also earned the highest ESPN ratings, for a sporting event ever. So it's safe to say that the college football playoff with four teams was successful and knocked socks off many US citizens. For starters

  • Compare And Contrast College Football Vs Professional Football

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    College Football vs. Professional Football Football has been defined as one of the most competitive sports in the world. There are many different levels of playing, such as flag, high school, college, and professional. Where most of the rules stay the same no matter what stage of playing you are at, some things do change. When coaching in flag football for little kids you won’t be making money, the players aren’t recruited, and you don’t have a set number of players for your team. When playing n

  • College Football Essay

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    “The Cost of Doing Business, Oh I Mean School” College football has become big business. With the CEO’s of the universities, oops I mean “Presidents and Deans” bringing in the big money. It’s a genius idea really. They bring in millions of dollars each year and do not have to pay their employees, so it’s a hundred percent profit. Yes, they say they pay their players by giving them the value of a free education. How free is it? Not just on Saturdays but every day of the week the players but their

  • College Football Fans

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    enjoyment for ages. Employees will call in sick off work and pay sometimes hundreds of dollars to see a simple baseball, football, or basketball game. But what causes this behavior? What would make someone paint their body and go shirtless to a College Football game in 20 degree weather? Why are sports video games so popular? And how much money do these

  • Higher Security at College Football Games

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    College football is a major part of many peoples' lives, especially here in the South. Whether we or someone we know is an alumni, we plan to go there in the future we think the uniforms are cute, or whatever reason, we always have one favorite team we cheer for. sometimes fans of a team will wear a shirt with the team's logo and that is as far as their loyalty goes. Others may attend a few games a season, but there are also those die hard fans that never miss a game or always tailgating, screaming

  • The Targeting Rule in College Football

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    The targeting rule in college football could be the “most significant rule” change ever made in the game (Matter). According to Greg Johnson of the NCAA, the rule was passed by the Football Rules Committee of the NCAA in February of 2013 to be implemented with the 2013 fall football season and is consistent with the committees’ continued attempt to address player safety. The new rule now places a tougher penalty on the defensive player for dangerous contact with the offensive player, notably direct

  • Examples Of Ethical Issues In College Football

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    'Moral Issues in college football as a commercialized sport When sports become overly commercialized it is not seen as immoral, however, athlete’s, coaches, and sport administrators may let the non moral values of money, success, or fame influence their ethical decisions. In these moments we see a school or organizations true nature of character. According to Practical Ethics in Sport Management, “Principle-centered leaders in sports say the purpose of sport at these levels is to develop character

  • College Football Persuasive Essay Free

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    College football is the most exciting, and most watched sport in American society today. Most Americans in the nation have a favorite college football team that they root for. In some households, the house is divided because both parents have their own separate team that they root for. An example of this would be in the state of Alabama where there are two big teams like the Auburn Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide. Both of these teams are in Alabama and are much hated rivals. This could cause

  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of College Football?

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    In recent discussions of college football sensation Leonard Fournette, a topic of heated debate has been rather football players should be required to attend college before entering the N.F.L. The current rule in place requires that players be at least three years out of highschool(Knowlton). This generally means that high school players must attend college for a few years before going to the N.F.L. One side of the argument is that this rule should not be in place because it prevents able athletes

  • The changing landscape of college football

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    the last few years, the NCAA has gone from questionable to despicable. The best interest of the student-athlete is not a priority. With that said, going to a pay-for-play system will mean certain death for college sports as we know it. Remember, this is not a matter of simply paying football players. Because of title IX regulations, schools would be required to match the funds that they give to male sports to female sports as well. Ultimately, both male and female sports will have to be cut because

  • College Admissions Essay: My Passion For Football

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    to my athleticism and the only thing keeping me sane was my passion for poetry. I did this all in the hopes of making it into college. As an athlete I followed two sports I had a deep passion for, football and rugby. The only two sports where my intensity and rough mindset would fit perfectly. During the past summer I went to a camp on Oahu called, G.P.A. 2016 Football Showcase. It was a first time at the position I chose, cornerback. The showcase was three days long, as the weekend went on I

  • Debating Payment for College Football Players

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    College football has been a sport in American society for decades. Yet the players playing the sport are not receiving their fair cut of the prize. It has been debated whether or not college football players should get paid for playing. The supporters say that the players are not being compensated fairly and the non-supporters say that the education the players receive is payment enough. They also say that the universities the players attend are providing them with the basic necessities so they

  • College Admissions Essay: A Football Life

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    A Football Life Football has been a big part of my life ever since I was a little kid. I almost always tried to play football when I could with my brothers if they weren’t busy messing around. During recess in grade school my class would try to start a football game and I would be the first in to be picked on a team. My first time being on a “football team” was in little league my third grade year and I’ve never missed a year yet now that I am a senior in highschool and I’m hoping to continue it

  • The College Football Playoffs Should and Need To Be Expanded

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    Do you think picking your 4 favorite types candy is hard? Wouldn’t it be easier if you where able to chose your favorite 8 types of candy? Well right now it is like that with college football playoff system. During the BCS era they had one game between the 2nd and 3rd ranked teams and the winner would play the number 1 ranked team for the national championship. All the brad new FBS does is add one more game therefore only adding one more team, so instead of just adding one more team to the mix, this