Examples Of Ethical Issues In College Football

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'Moral Issues in college football as a commercialized sport
When sports become overly commercialized it is not seen as immoral, however, athlete’s, coaches, and sport administrators may let the non moral values of money, success, or fame influence their ethical decisions. In these moments we see a school or organizations true nature of character. According to Practical Ethics in Sport Management, “Principle-centered leaders in sports say the purpose of sport at these levels is to develop character traits such as dedication, sacrifice, responsibility, and group spirit” (Ethics, 216). But we all know this is not always the case. In this paper will discuss four different ethical issues centered around college football as a commercialized sport. …show more content…

Second, will talk about the ethical issue of how winning becomes more important than shaping a sport morally. Third, how pressuring college athletes are morally wrong, and lastly, discussing the moral issues on how much money power house college football coaches make.
When all know that money is a major driving force behind why we get up and go to work everyday to make a living. But should it be our main focus? More importantly, should making money be the main objective in a college sports? If the purpose of the college is to prepare young men and women to be better people when they leave school, shouldn’t there be balance in the lessons that each student learns morally and knowledge they acquire? According to Practical Ethics in Sport Management, “Making money is not immoral; commercialization is not immoral. When sports become overly commercialized, however, athletes, coaches, and sport administrators may let non-moral values of money, success or fame influence ethical decisions” (Ethics, 216). If we as school know this to be true, then why are we setting the model as universities that profit is our primary focus. This chapter in Practical Ethics in Sport management goes on to say, “The economic realties of their sports programs …show more content…

According to the video, “The Business of College Football, Nick Saban makes a little over five million dollars a year to coach the Alabama Football Team. This is more money yearly than the universities chancellor. Yet Alabama’s profits have tripled ever since the coach has been leading the universities football team, many feel that his role as head football coach is not as important to developing these student athletes as other university positions. Sabans argument, “You almost have to look at what return has there been on that invest.” Furthermore, Alabama Football has been chosen many years to have national televised games due to their football success. This leads me to ask, do you think athletes should be able to receive national notice and exposure all for playing a game? Many would ague that this focus should be given to citizens who live as examples to moral value and principles. People such as solders, doctors, and political leaders. These are all options of course, but still these are moral issues that should should be addressed today and for the future. Should television rights and ticket sales be the main the main objective for how we use our student athletes, or should more focus be centered on how we are preparing these athletes for the next step of their lives both physical and mental. Should

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