Collapse by Jared Diamond

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In this work, Jared Diamond explained how civilizations or societies amongst the world developed faster than others during the same period of time. His main focus was the Europeans; they were the dominant society and were known for their advanced technology. The book starts off with the author, Jared who gives us a brief discussion about pre-history and life 13,000 years after the last Ice Age. As a biologist he studied the evolution of birds on the tropical island of New Guinean where he met a local politician named Yali. Yali quizzed him and asked him a question that was very difficult to answer. This question was the main focus of Jared’s book, “Why were white people more successful and transported more cargo than us locals?” Keep in mind that the locals in New Guinean were black. (Diamond, Guns, p. 1-15) Cargo could range from steel axes, matches, medicine, and metal tools, to clothing, umbrellas, and soft drinks. Most people would’ve responded with a racist answer but Jared believed that it had nothing to do with the color of one’s skin. After years of research, He strongly believed that the earth’s natural environment determined the way civilizations and their technologies developed. (Diamond, Guns, p. 71-108) In addition, weather and geography also took its course. Societies that lived in areas with a cooler climate weren’t able to produce food. They’re population was smaller than average and it was difficult for them to hunt and transport animals. He argued that the size of a population determines it food production and the development of their technology. Diamond also explained how the domestication of plants and animals was the most important development in human history. He came to the conclusion that agriculture had... ... middle of paper ... of the Earth’s photosynthetic capacity, and the impact per person on the environment is increasing. (Diamond, Collapse, p. 300-406) In conclusion, Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fate of Human Societies was one outstanding book. In this work, Jared Diamond answered a question that explained how civilizations amongst the world developed faster than one another during the same time period. In contrast to the preceding book Collapse: How Societies choose to Fail or Survive he came to a conclusion on how societies or what caused societies to collapse. These books are similar in a way because the earth’s natural environment is the main focus or the answer to the scientist theory. We as human beings must preserve our land and should learn more about our history. If everyone viewed the world at a different perspective, as a society or nation we will succeed!
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