Existence of Two Worlds in One Doll House :Katherine Mansfield’s The Doll’s House

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In Katherine Mansfield’s “The Doll’s House” the physical existence of the doll house is a representation of conflict within the two different worlds of adults and children. There are three main physical attributes belonging to the doll house used to exemplify the existing conflict within the two worlds. First the description of the doll house has opposites tones when described by the voice of an adult narrator, in contrast to the child narrator, portraying the existing conflict in both worlds. Furthermore the lamp inside the doll house is a symbol comparing the genuine and artificial societies in which cause the two worlds to conflict (Beveridge 5). Lastly a key aspect of the doll house that is used to represent the conflict between the two worlds is the ability it has to swing open. The openness of the doll house connects the views of children, the closed position illustrating the world of adults. Through these three features of the doll house, we are able to analyze the conflicting differences within the world of a child versus an adult.
Through the contrasting narration of the ...

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