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  • President Bill Clinton Impeachment

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    Interview: Views on Clinton’s Impeachment The impeachment of Bill Clinton is one of the “weirdest episodes'; in our political history. He is the only elected President of the United States ever to be resulted in the passage of impeachment (Johnson was not elected, Nixon resigned to prevent impeachment). The reason for his impeachment is that he lied under the oath during the testimony in the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit, and to grand jury during Monica Lewinsky investigation. He

  • You Can’t Swallow the Truth: The Ethics of the Clinton Impeachment

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    Almost ten years in the past, Bill Clinton’s story in the White House is all but written in stone. No matter the accomplishments the administration accomplished in its time, Clinton’s extramarital affair and subsequent impeachment will pervade, if not dominate, the president’s legacy. The major facts stand mostly undisputed: the president engaged in sexual activity with Monica Lewinsky and maneuvered to keep the affair secret, culminating in explicit lies to a grand jury. Republican opponents of

  • The Impeachment of Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton

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    Impeachment is the ultiomate punishment for a president. It is a long and complicated rout to removing a public official from office. The Constitutional process Article II, section 4 specifies the procedures to be used to remove a public official from office(CNN/All Politics). The constitution states that and president found guilty for bribery, treason, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. There has been a long debate on what should be considered a high crime. Different people in the House share

  • The Comeback Kid: The Impeachment Of President Bill Clinton

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    Bill Clinton contributed a lot to America during his presidency, but he was only memorable for his impeachment. Clinton was elected in 1993 as the 42nd President of the United States. Prior to this, he attended Georgetown University, Oxford, and finally Yale Law School. Yale is also where he met his wife, Hillary Rodham. Clinton got his start in politics when he ran for congress in Arkansas in 1974. Although he did not win that election, he became attorney general in 1976. While he was attorney general

  • Relationship between the American People and Congress

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    Relationship between the American People and Congress Works Cited Missing In the past century, people continued to express an increasingly discontent view of Congress especially true when one looks back before the Clinton Impeachment debacle As the size of the nation and the number of congressman have grown, the congress has come under attack by both public influences and congressman themselves. Yet looking at one congressman's relationship with his or her constituents, it would be hard to believe

  • Similarities Between Johnson And Bill Clinton Impeachments

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    all the years of American history only two presidents have been impeached. The two who were impeached were Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson. Bill Clinton was elected president in November 3, 1992 after serving as Governor of Arkansas. Andrew Johnson was elected president in April 15, 1865 after Lincoln’s assassination. The two impeachments were different in many ways, however Bill Clintons was very unpopular to the public. Andrew Johnson took office shortly after the Civil War. He was the 17th president

  • Larry Flynt: Confronting Sex and Politics in America

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    they are published and are accessible to the American public by way of the Starr Report ( the mainstream media. The impeachment of the President symbolizes the pinnacle of the integration of sex and politics by the media. Flynt’s cravings for power and his obsession with sex have inspired his actions. The impeachment trials created an atmosphere in which a porn king, Larry Flynt, was able to capture the attention of the American public. This sex obsessed publisher

  • Track 1 Analytical Essay #2: Andrew Johnson

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    radicals to override the presidential veto[,]… [and they also] refused to acc... ... middle of paper ... ...and should care to stay in power to benefit the people (H.A. Tompkins). Johnson did not do these, so he is worthy of receiving contempt and impeachment. H.A. Tompkins is incorrect about Johnson because he was a bad president, no matter the time, or congressman in charge. Johnson let his personal vendetta against aristocrats and view of African Americans cloud his judgment. Also he did not work

  • Bipartisanship

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    debate of whether bipartisanship has completely left this country incapacitated due to the lack of cooperation between Senators and House members with conflicting opinions has grown especially due to the Clinton Impeachment Debates. Many individuals feel that the only reason William Jefferson Clinton was impeached in the House was due to the fact that the majority of the House is republicans. This research proposal will attempt to define if the concept of bipartisanship does exist. If it does exist

  • Impeachment

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    United States has the idea of impeachment reared its head. Only twice has a president been impeached, and only one president has been driven out of office due to possible high crimes and misdemeanors. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton both were impeached by the House of Representatives, and faced trial in the Senate. Both presidents were acquitted of their supposed transgressions, and were allowed to remain in office. Richard Nixon, despite never experiencing impeachment, vacated his office due to

  • Impeachment Essay

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    An impeachment is written in the Constitution and is a formal document charging a public official, specifically the President, Vice President and all civil Officers, with misconduct while in office. It is a formal process where an official is accused of unlawful activity, including Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors (Linder, 1999). It includes removal of officials from office. Throughout history, there have been two impeachment cases in the United States, involving President

  • Impeachment Of Andrew

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    One man’s bullet would force him into the presidency, and but for one man’s vote he would have been forced out. Like the impeachment of President Clinton, the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson in 1868 also ended in an acquittal.And like President Clinton, Johnson was a Democratic president who faced a Republican-controlled Congress. And while many were hostile to him for his political agenda, it would be an event separate from his policies that would nearly bring him down.Before it would

  • Clinton I Misled People Speech Analysis

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    “I Misled People” Apologia Speech Analysis In August 17, 1998 Clinton, after seven months of silence, Clinton finally admitted that he had an inappropriate relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. In a four-minute apologia speech, Clinton formally apologized for his personal misconduct, and at the same time, asked for support from the people to stop the lawsuit and accusations that came from the scandal. Clinton carefully and skillfully made use of logos and pathos throughout

  • LINDA TRIPP: "I’m you. . . I’m just like you." Really Linda? I don’t think so!

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    LINDA TRIPP: "I’m you. . . I’m just like you." Really Linda? I don’t think so! Linda Tripp, due to her key role in the Impeachment Scandal has become one of the most controversial figures in current politics. Is she a villain or is she a hero? Looking at Tripp’s actions before, during, and after the Impeachment Scandal the question arises; were these actions legitimate or were they improper? An important factor in answering this question is the audience’s reaction to Tripp’s behavior along with

  • James Carville: Guard Dog of the White House

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    been one of President Clinton’s most adamant supporters throughout the impeachment crisis. Carville is a veteran campaign strategist who headed Clinton’s campaign in 1992 and has advised him since the campaign. His harsh and sometimes wild criticisms of Clinton’s opponents have made Carville the rhetorical attack dog of the Democratic Party. The purpose of Carville’s attacks was to rally support for Clinton. Fighting for Clinton was both helpful to Carville’s career and financially beneficial for him

  • Bill Clinton: Rhetorical Settings, Strategies, and Paradoxical Popularity

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    Bill Clinton: Rhetorical Settings, Strategies, and Paradoxical Popularity Everyone knows what he did with Monica Lewinsky. They watched him shake his finger and lie to their face on national television. They heard his promise to be forthcoming with the truth, and head about how he patiently hair-split his way through four hours of grand jury testimony. Why is he still here? The answer lies in a combination of Clinton’s rhetorical strategy and extrinsic circumstances. Bill Clinton’s rhetoric

  • The Final Days of the Clinton Administration

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    demonstrated this fact. Using the ultimate unchecked executive power of clemency Clinton issued over 140 pardons and thirty six sentence commutations. He protected over a million acres of land through the creation of six new national monuments. He also nominated nine new federal judges. Clinton also issued a number of executive orders during this time. Unlike most previous presidents who laid low during their last days in office, Clinton was in a flurry of activity trying to exert some last bit of influence

  • Who is Dick Morris?

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    aspects of his messages reflect contemporary discussion of American politics. The flaws of his character reveal some of the flaws in our representative system. The recent Impeachment Trial of President Clinton has also brought attention to flaws in our representative system. Dick Morris's political commentary on the Impeachment and the work of his career offers insight with which to examine a growing discontent among the American public towards our nation's politics. In order to understand Morris's

  • Domestic Bill Clinton Failures

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    However, President Clinton was impeached and not convicted because many people did not believe it was true and it was only a target of Republican zealots. In the year 2050, I think that historians will rank President Clinton a mediocre president because he had many failures during his presidency and the impeachment scandal under his belt as well. Clinton was pretty successful in his domestic policy, but he did have some failures that caused

  • The Teapot Dome Scandal

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    In this scandal, Bill Clinton, during his presidency, cheated on his wife with a young White House intern. After this was leaked to the public, Bill Clinton claimed innocence, and even went as far to broadcast his pledge on national television. Thanks to Linda Tripp, a friend of Lewinski, however, it was proved that Clinton had indeed committed sexual acts with Lewinski, and this revelation led to an impeachment trial for Clinton under the charges of perjury. While Clinton was never convicted and