Similarities Between Johnson And Bill Clinton Impeachments

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Through all the years of American history only two presidents have been impeached. The two who were impeached were Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson. Bill Clinton was elected president in November 3, 1992 after serving as Governor of Arkansas. Andrew Johnson was elected president in April 15, 1865 after Lincoln’s assassination. The two impeachments were different in many ways, however Bill Clintons was very unpopular to the public.
Andrew Johnson took office shortly after the Civil War. He was the 17th president of the United States. Throughout Johnson’s presidency his power and influence steadily declined. Two things that really made people upset were Johnson’s veto on the Freedmen’s Bureau Bill and his veto on the Civil Rights Bill. Both bills …show more content…

Before Clinton was elected President he had an encounter with Paula Jones in a hotel room. After Clinton took office Paula Jones then sued Clinton for sexual harassment. A short time later Monica Lewinsky began her intern at the White House. Clinton and Lewinsky began a sexual relationship. Judge Kenneth Starr was the investigator of Whitewater. President Clinton denied any sexual relations with Lewinsky. On October 8, 1998, the House would vote to have an impeachment and won. Clinton was charged with perjury and obstruction to justice. Bill Clinton would end up not getting kicked out of office by senate.
The impeachments of Clinton and Johnson were in some ways similar but also very different. Both cases had to do with their presidency terms. Johnson would be tried for violating an Act while Clinton was tried for sexual relations. Another similarity was that both of their trials were held in senate. In order for them to be removed a 2/3 vote was required and neither one achieved it.
I personally think that both Clinton and Johnson should have been fully impeached. They did things that a President should never do. I believe that both Clinton and Johnson should have been removed from office. Presidents should never have sexual relations with co-workers or violate

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