Larry Flynt: Confronting Sex and Politics in America

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Larry Flynt: Confronting Sex and Politics in America

What has changed in the media and political culture? Why is exploitation of sex and politics on front burner of the American agenda? The private matters of the President were once just that — private matters. Now they are published and are accessible to the American public by way of the Starr Report ( the mainstream media. The impeachment of the President symbolizes the pinnacle of the integration of sex and politics by the media.

Flynt’s cravings for power and his obsession with sex have inspired his actions. The impeachment trials created an atmosphere in which a porn king, Larry Flynt, was able to capture the attention of the American public. This sex obsessed publisher of the notorious Hustler magazine created quite a stir by exposing the hypocritical actions of Clinton's republican opponents during the impeachment trial. His dramatic antics and vulgar tactics enabled him to gain notoriety with the American Public. Flynt turned the tables in American politics. The Republicans no longer had the offensive advantage, since Flynt allegations force them had to take a defensive status. Larry Flynt embodies important attitudes of the current status of sex and politics in American society.

Flynt's Objective and Antics

But how does this pornographer end up "setting the agenda" (Kurtz, 19 December 1998) in American politics? Flynt has been peppered in the main stream media for an extended time now. From his shocking behavior in the court systems to his announcement of the hypocrisy of Congress, he has infiltrated the televisions and newspapers of the American public. Flynt objective with this behavior is to get into media and uproot the ...

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