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    Wen Feng Wu Bill Clinton Bill Clinton is the 42nd president of the United States. He is also the third youngest president in history. Clinton brought United State to one of the highest point in economic history. Clinton would be considered a “Charismatic Leader.” There are many aspect that demonstrates that he possesses charismatic leadership. Many people would agree with this and if you search up online charismatic leader , you would find him as one of the first few. As a charismatic leader he has

  • President Bill Clinton

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    Bill Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe III on August 19, 1946, in the small town of Hope, Arkansas. He was named after his father, William Jefferson Blythe II, who had been killed in a car accident just three months before his son's birth. Needing a way to support herself and her new child, Bill Clinton's mother, Virginia Cassidy Blythe, moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, to study nursing. Bill Clinton stayed with his mother's parents in Hope. There his grandparents, Eldrigde and Edith Cassidy

  • Bill Clinton

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    Mercilien Bill Clinton known as William Jefferson Blythe III was born on August 19, 1946 in Hope, Arkansas. His mother's name was Virginia Cassidy and his father was William Jefferson Blythe. Bill Clinton never got to meet his biological father due to the fact that he died in an accident three months before he was born. Bill Clinton was taught to read at a very early age by his grandma, Edith Cassidy who practically raised him. In 1950 Bill Clinton’s mom married Roger Clinton who was a car dealer

  • FDR vs Clinton

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    FDR vs Clinton The domestic policies and administrations of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and William Jefferson Clinton are in some ways similar, but in other ways very different. The two men were very domestic-oriented presidents, focusing largely on America, and not the outside world. Both Democrats, they supported Federal Government programs to aid the American People. These programs were not necessary, but the presidents felt that they would aid Americans. Roosevelt created many jobs for the

  • The Clinton-lewinsky Scandal

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    Lately, the top story in the news day after day, months after months have been about William Jefferson Clinton, also known as Bill. Who could blame them, there is nothing better than a story out of the ordinary, especially one with presidential status. For the past months he has been the most talked about figure, being the essential topic for news, talk shows, late night comedy and even going as far as the big screen. Talk about 'Primary Colors' and 'Wag the Dog.' What has gotten to me the most however

  • Clinton V. Lazio

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    Clinton V. Lazio Many of the upcoming November elections this year create much friction and competition between the candidates. The New York State Senate race between Hillary Clinton and Rick Lazio has proved to very close and heated. eEach candidate has strong views on issues and puts up a good debate about each one. Hillary Clinton is the Democrat and Rick Lazio is the Republican in this election. This is a very close race and the winner will determine many of New York’s views on future issues

  • The Final Days of the Clinton Administration

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    demonstrated this fact. Using the ultimate unchecked executive power of clemency Clinton issued over 140 pardons and thirty six sentence commutations. He protected over a million acres of land through the creation of six new national monuments. He also nominated nine new federal judges. Clinton also issued a number of executive orders during this time. Unlike most previous presidents who laid low during their last days in office, Clinton was in a flurry of activity trying to exert some last bit of influence

  • Hillary Clinton

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    Hillary Clinton once said, "we must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society. She has stressed the importance of this quote by continuously trying to better the world. Clinton has taken part of many reforms, positions, and continues to promote equality for all. Throughout her life, she has helped with education, health care, and foreign affairs. Hillary Clinton was an influential woman in the twentieth and still is influential in this century. She has had

  • Sophocles' Antigone and Bill Clinton

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    Antigone and Bill Clinton Antigone, in Greek legend, was the daughter of Oedipus. When her brothers Eteocles and Polynices killed one another, Creon, king of Thebes, forbade the rebel Polynices’ burial. Antigone disobeyed him, performed the rites, and was condemned to death for what she had done. Now the question arises, "Did Antigone take proper action?". Was it just to go against her Uncle Creon’s wishes and go ahead and bury the brother that was to be left out for the vultures? Would it be better

  • Hillary Clinton Bias

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    Hillary Clinton at her worst and concludes that she is a liar and a deceiver, but is this actually the case? A closer look might render a better insight. After observing the video, the conflict between Clinton and the media reveals both of their faults while leading to a possible solution. The video that has been going around social media shows how Clinton has changed her mind on a variety of issues. This video systematically presents these issues by first showing a clip or two of Clinton affirming

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton

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    are given. One face that has been around for many years, but is not always talked about in the media is Hilary Clinton. Hillary is one face in our country that is both well-known politically and also publicly. Normally when writing a paper, particularly one that is a biography, the first inclination is to write about someone who is directly involved with current events. Hillary Clinton, while not a prominent part of our current governmental events, has been very active in past events and remains

  • Bill Clinton Accomplishments

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    William Jefferson Clinton, affectionately called Bill Clinton served as the 42nd president of the United States of America from 1993 through to 2001. Clinton has had a long history of serving the American people. He has notably served as Arkansas’ Attorney General from 1977 to 1979 and later assumed the role as its Governor from 1983 to 1992. During Clinton’s tenure as president, he made significant strides and accomplishments; he can be praised with the diplomatic handling of domestic and foreign

  • Hillary Clinton: Strategies and Goals

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    Hillary Clinton: Strategies and Goals Hillary Clinton is an important character in the impeachment process and the sex scandal in general. As Bill Clinton’s wife, she is the most personally involved with the President, as well as the most personally involved in the subject matter involved with the impeachment. Since Bill Clinton’s wrong-doings stem from sexual misconduct, as his wife, Hillary Clinton has an extremely great involvement. Due to her great involvement in this personal matter, the

  • The Presidency of Bill Clinton

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    The Clinton Presidency William Jefferson Clinton?s eight-year term as president of the United States of America was one of the most corrupt, and possibly the most damaging ever. There is evidence connecting him to hundreds of deaths, injuries, and explosions. He, along with his administration, made a number of ?Faustian bargains and policy blunders? (Timperlake) that allowed a malicious, rancorous government to gain more power in Washington. He acted dangerously and impulsively, and befriended

  • Domestic Bill Clinton Failures

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    However, President Clinton was impeached and not convicted because many people did not believe it was true and it was only a target of Republican zealots. In the year 2050, I think that historians will rank President Clinton a mediocre president because he had many failures during his presidency and the impeachment scandal under his belt as well. Clinton was pretty successful in his domestic policy, but he did have some failures that caused

  • Analysis Of The Crooked House Of Clintons

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    The cartoon is called “The Crooked House of Clintons” and the artist Ben Garrison is trying to inform the viewers of how corrupt Hillary really is with this cartoon. When you first look at the cartoon you see the FBI knocking on her door and to the right, you’ll see her daughter Chelsea depositing money into Hillary’s campaign in a cartoon version. The whole point of this cartoon is to show what Ben Garrison’s point of view of the presidential candidates. To the left you’ll see money in a washing

  • The Pros And Cons Of Hillary Clinton

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    com/blogs/post-partisan/wp/2016/07/27/when-will-the-bernie-or-bust-people-stop-being-ridiculous/?utm_term=.04ad2836dc3athe Bernie-or-Busters have taken in the arena of public opinion has only added to a broader sense of frustration and malaise. Furthermore, the fact that Hillary Clinton represents the evil against which Bernie fought helps create a sense of hopelessness and apathy. There will always be the loyalists who will never abandon their candidate, whether it be the Berners or the one guy who still carries a torch for Jeb

  • President Bill Clinton Impeachment

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    Interview: Views on Clinton’s Impeachment The impeachment of Bill Clinton is one of the “weirdest episodes'; in our political history. He is the only elected President of the United States ever to be resulted in the passage of impeachment (Johnson was not elected, Nixon resigned to prevent impeachment). The reason for his impeachment is that he lied under the oath during the testimony in the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit, and to grand jury during Monica Lewinsky investigation. He

  • The Legacy of President Bill Clinton

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    The Legacy of President Bill Clinton People will always remember Bill Clinton, for what reason, however, might be different. Some might remember him as a wonderful president who helped our country pull through the millennium unscathed. He protected our environment, promoted education, strengthened our economy, dropped the crime rate, dropped our nation’s poverty levels and had some victories with international policies. At the same time we have health care that is falling apart, some problems

  • The Pros And Cons Of Hillary Clinton

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    A Hillary Clinton presidency will lead to nothing more than the continuation of the disastrous policies implemented by Barack Obama in the last 8 years. It will be no different than electing Obama for a third and possibly fourth term. She will continue the assault on the constitution that Obama has led throughout his presidency. Whether it’s the constant assaults on the first, second and fourth amendments, his sympathizing with anti-American regimes such as Iran and Cuba, his economic policies that