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Wen Feng Wu
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton is the 42nd president of the United States. He is also the third youngest president in history. Clinton brought United State to one of the highest point in economic history. Clinton would be considered a “Charismatic Leader.” There are many aspect that demonstrates that he possesses charismatic leadership. Many people would agree with this and if you search up online charismatic leader , you would find him as one of the first few. As a charismatic leader he has the ability to inspire his followers to their full potential. History itself has proven that he was a great charismatic leader. When Clinton took over from George H.W Bush he immediately took action and threw in the North American Free Trade law and some welfare acts. Even after his presidency he created the Clinton Foundation to help serve the community.
Clinton himself produce high amount of energy and confidence. According to the textbook, Self confidence is an important characteristic to be a Charismatic Leader. Clinton believe that whatever he did was for the righteousness of the general public. Clintons self confidence allow his followers to believe in his work. From the start of the presidency, he was passionate about accomplishing what he promised. Clinton has excellent communication skills. He was able to persuade his ways for various laws and for people to support him. His words was able to increase the morals of his followers.
According to an article by Kumar Parakala from the World’s Leadership Community, Clinton is a charismatic leader because of his inspirational leadership ability. Kumar met with Clinton during the Clinton Global Initiative. During that day current president Barack Obama also promised Clinton to res...

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...t even know what he did for us. Well, the point is that there are many good results from Clinton. Although there are some bad results, it was not actually his fault but were partially. The positive result greatly cover the negative so we can conclude that he is a good charismatic leader.
In conculsion, Clinton is a good charismatic leader. There are many others before him of course but in today’s time he is rated highly. According to specialized charismatic psychologist, he would be rated 4.93. He would be consider as one of the top 10 presidents in history for Charismatic leadership. Of course leadership cannot always be successful as a result clinton has a .8 rate for increasing in charismatic in general. Compare to Roosevelt rated #1 charismatic leader, clinton did really good already. His followers today would want him to return as president if possible.
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