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  • Civil Liberties

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    American people civil liberties. These liberties have given citizens rights to speak, believe, and act freely. The Constitution grants citizens the courage to express their mind about something they believe is immoral or unjust. The question is, how far are citizens willing to extend the meanings of these liberties? Some people believe that American citizens take advantage of their civil liberties, harming those around them. On the contrary, many other people feel that civil liberties are necessary

  • Civil Liberty vs. Security

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    Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States, once said “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” In America’s society today, some are willing to sacrifice their civil liberties in order to gain protection and security over some potential threat. Especially after the events of September 11th and several attempted bombings in U.S. cities. This sacrifice of individual freedoms such as the freedom of

  • Similarities Between Civil Rights And Civil Liberties

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    2017 1 Civil Rights vs Civil Liberties Living in America provides you with many freedoms. Two freedom sequences that you are granted are Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. America’s rights are significant because they give you protection from unequal treatment (Civil Rights) and basic freedoms like freedom of speech and vote (Civil Liberties). These two civil sequences have similarities and differences between them that makes them unique and beneficial to the public. 2 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

  • Why Are Civil Liberties Important

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    Civil Liberties are limitations that are put on the government so that they cannot do specific things that could possibly interfere with people’s freedom. Some Civil Liberties are the First Amendment, Second Amendment and the Fourth Amendment. The First Amendment was the right to have freedom of speech, press, religion and petition. These are personal things that people should have a choice in having within the United states. It wouldn’t be fair to make a national religion for the country. These

  • American Civil Liberties: Do Americans Have Enough Protections for Civil Liberties, or Not?

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    American Civil Liberties: Do Americans have enough protections for Civil Liberties, or not? In a world where terrorism, war, and economic instability are ever looming threats it’s not a wonder why the limits on the freedom of the individual can come into question. This is especially true when the country where these limits are brought into question is one of the world’s leading powers in: democracy, economics, social welfare, military force, and foreign politics in general. This country, of course

  • Differences And Similarities Between Civil Liberties And Civil Rights

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    rights that are protected by the Constitution, but we also have the right to be free. Civil liberties and civil rights sound very similar but effect us in different ways. Civil rights are the right we have to be free and more specifically free from discrimination based on our race, gender or disability while civil liberties are the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution and the Bill of Rights (Civil Liberties). Both mean something different but both are equally important to the function of

  • Civil Liberties And Safety By Benjamin Franklin

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    Civil Liberties and safety Benjamin Franklin once said “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” It should be every rational citizen’s question if we should exchange our civil liberties for safety. How far do we have to go to keep our civil liberties from being violated? We are consistently surveyed by the government in every step. The government is going through our phone calls, text messages, private emails and social

  • The Growing Threat to Civil Liberties

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    The Growing Threat To Civil Liberties The United States has long been respected for the principled thoroughness with which it has upheld the right to freedom of speech embodied in the first amendment to the constitution. We owe part of our own freedom of speech to the Americans who have upheld freedom of speech on the Internet against pressure from other countries who are angry that their citizens can call up forms of speech banned at home. The US consistently refuses to sign international agreements

  • Civil Liberties And Civil Rights

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    Civil liberties and civil rights are some of the most controversial issues within today’s society and government. The debates upon these liberties and rights are paramount. Topics such as the infringement of government upon these rights, through laws and such, and even the infringement of society upon them, through the sentiments of equality that the people hold, seem to take center stage whenever they are discussed. This controversy stems from the Constitution’s Bill of Rights and its ambiguity

  • The American Civil Liberties Union

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    The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Where do you go if someone is threatening your personal rights? Do you go to the police, or maybe to the government? What if the police and government are the parties threatening your rights? All you have to do is just call the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). Sounds like a commercial doesn't it. The ACLU blankets the United States with its legal protection. It is involved in so many aspects of the fight for civil liberties that it is difficult to

  • Bush's War On Terror and the Erosion of Civil Liberties

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    War On Terror and the Erosion of Civil Liberties Nearly all the amendments in the Bill of Rights have been reduced since the beginning of the war. The fourth through eighth amendments have been especially hit hard by this “war.” Search & seizure, due process, a speedy and public trial with a jury, and cruel & unusual punishment have all been disregarded as part of the current administration’s policy. The “War On Terror” has effectively eroded the civil liberties that Americans fought centuries

  • Importance Of Civil Liberties

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    government should limit the civil liberties or not. The question is how many people know exactly the right meaning of civil liberties? Many American Citizens have a lot of critics about the liberties and yet some of them don’t even know what civil liberties are. They are just trying to destroy the freedom. On the other side, a lot of people feel that civil liberties are necessary tools to fight for their constitutional rights. These people that fight for the civil liberties are the people that full

  • The War on Terrorism is an Attack on American Civil Liberties

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    The War on Terrorism is an Attack on American Civil Liberties After the attacks on 9/11 our country has been forced to confront the issue of terrorism.  The war on terrorism has ignited a war on our civil liberties.  Our civil liberties have been affected by the passing of the Patriot Act, the violation of privacy, and an increase in racial profiling. Civil liberties have been affected immensely by the Patriot Act.  A brief definition of the Patriot Act is; uniting and strengthening America

  • Government Intrusion and Civil Liberties

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    Most people have either read or heard of the book 1984 in some point in their high school career. Some may see it as just fictional literature that we learn in English class, but it could become seeing as to how our government is handling national security. In 1984, the author, George Orwell talks about a society in which one group of people runs society and everyone is under surveillance. This was something that people in the 1980s would not think possible, so how could Orwell have thought of this

  • Civil Liberties Dbq

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    which people would not. Rights and liberties have been attacked on every side as nations try to maneuver through the opposition. There's a difference between civil rights and civil liberties. Rights are things given to someone because of race, gender, or disability. Liberties are things having to do with the bIll of rights for ex 2nd amendment, freedom of speech, freedom of religion. In the past civil liberties have depended upon civil rights. While civil liberty issues of the American past have been

  • Balancing Public Safety with Civil Liberties: A Police Perspective

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    2. Police Balancing out the Need for Public Safety Ensuring Civil Liberties Answer: Civil liberties can be expensive for police as some of their actions can result into a lawsuit. Any officer found breaking another person rights can be expected to pay a large fine and their job could be on the line. As an officer is there to be a good respect to his city in protecting everyone and only acting upon a substantial crime if there is probable cause. Personal Comments: In order for police to balance

  • Civil Disobedience: The Statue Of Liberty

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    The Statue of Liberty stands at the heart of the American society as a ideogram and reminder of justice and freedom. Why does the statue hold so much value, and competence when the resistance to unjust laws, have led to civil disobedience? Despite this, it is concerning that the government continues to fret itself with nugatory issues instead of addressing significant affairs that most citizens are affected by today. Although civil disobedience may, at first glance, be frowned upon, but under unquestionable

  • Essay On Civil Rights And Civil Liberties

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    Thapa 1 Pranil Thapa Prof. Sherry Sharifians GOVT 2305-73062 February 11,2018 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties in America Civil rights are expansive sets of rights put in place with the aim of protecting citizens from unfair treatment from an elected government. In other words, they are rights that guarantee an equal treatment of all the citizens regardless of their political affiliation (Crenshaw, Kimberlé Williams, et al, p.15). They advocate for fair treatment for all in areas such as education

  • Civil Rights Vs. Civil Liberties

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    Bhatta-2 Yalson Bhatta Sherry Sharifian Govt 2305-73012 04-02-2018 Civil Rights versus Civil Liberties Civil Rights referred to a certain chosen right that are possessed by an individual to prevent them from uneven treatment, that are the individual persons’ rights, discrimination in various section such as employment, education, housing and others (FindLaw, 1). 1 Where civil rights are completely unlike to civil liberties. Civil liberties are those sets of rights that are secured and imposed from the

  • Evolution of Civil Liberties: A Historical Perspective

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    Throughout millennia, issues of civil liberties have been on the forefront of human rights movements. Civil liberties change from each culture to culture, but in America there have been noticeable phase shifts. First, the issue was between natives and conquistadors, then black and whites, then women and men, and now one of the main battles is between gay and straight people. Dr. Martin Luther King was an instrumental public figure during the black civil rights movement. He argued that there are four