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  • Violence in Cincinnati

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    Violence in Cincinnati In the article, “‘Violence’ in Cincinnati,” Thomas A. Dutton brings up a conversation about the urban area of Over-The-Rhine. He speaks out about how this downtown area has extremely too much violence and there needs to be something done about it. He speaks to the age group of twenty-five and up and to all citizens of Cincinnati. This article was published in 2001 in “Nation” magazine. At this time in Cincinnati, there were many disputes about race. A white officer

  • Cincinnati vs Mapplethorpe

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    Cincinnati vs Mapplethorpe READER DISCRETION ADVISORY This pop culture memoir contains sex, lies, greed, perversion, murder, deceit, infidelity, drugs, sex, immorality, scatology, ambition, equivocation, character assassination, slander, blasphemy, aspersion, betrayal, distortion, racism, ungodliness, sodomy – and that’s just the critics of Mapplethorpe. '>-The first page of Jack Fritshcer’s book, Mapplethorpe: Assault with a deadly camera. So I am asking myself, what is it about this guy Mapplethorpe

  • The Well Known Rivalry of Cincinnati

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    is proud of where they are from naturally, whether it’s in regards to their sports team, schools, or maybe a famous product that originated from there. There is a very well known divide in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, where there seems to be a highway or street creating an invisible line. Cincinnati is well known for its education, food, and the diverse lifestyles one may be able experience in the rather large suburban area. If someone asks a Cincinnatian where they’re from, they will proudly respond

  • Trollope Cincinnati Summary

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    Cincinnati was one of the first well-known cities in United States. As most cities, Cincinnati pass from a place where settlers gather to a real city. Through books as “Society, manners and politics in the United States: being a series of letters on North America” by Michel Chevalier and “Domestic manners of the Americans” by Frances Trollope we could dive in and fathom Cincinnati. Therefore, it is conspicuous that Chevalier and Trollope write those books for those who is interested in Cincinnati

  • The American Dream: The American Dream

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    America the more jobs those were in demand and the more factories that had to be built for jobs. Im... ... middle of paper ... ... many aggressive sports fans in Cincinnati. There are also places where you can just sit and relax. The fountain square is a great place to be yearlong. Fountain square is located in central downtown, Cincinnati. The fountain square has things like movie night where people come down to the square and watch movies on the big screen. The fountain square also has an ice rink

  • Ted Turner

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    Born in Cincinnati Ohio, Ted Turner is one of the richest people in America today. He got there by having an idea of what he wanted to accomplish and going after it. He is the owner of two professional sports teams the Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Hawks; he also as his hands in the Atlanta Thrashers. He is also the owner of the Turner Network television, a Cable New Network ( Ted Turner has come a long way from his early upbringings in Cincinnati, Ohio to his multi-billion dollar corporation

  • A Brief Biography Of Margaret Garner

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    escape to freedom. In the winter of 1856, she and her husband Robert, their four children, and Robert’s parents carried out their bold plan. The family fled the plantation and got away by crossing on foot the frozen Ohio River from Covington, Ky., to Cincinnati, Ohio. They sought out their family friend, a black freeman named Elijah Kite, for protection. He turned to noted Quaker abolitionist, Levi Coffin, for help. Many referred to Coffin as the president ...

  • Juvenile Homicide Offenders

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    Throughout our world children are looked at as angles. What about the children that are said to be evil? Are they truly evil or is there something that triggers these acts and allows for the belligerence to be seen. Juvenile homicide offenders can be described as anyone under the age of 18 who is responsible for the murder of another human being. Many cases can show different aspects about the child’s brain and the way they may commit such a crime. Carl Newton Mahan, Robert Thompson and John Venable

  • The Jerry Springer Show

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    actually is a very intelligent person. He has a degree in political science from Tulane University and a law degree from Northwestern University. At age 33, Springer was elected Mayor of Cincinnati. Later, Springer pursued his career in television. He was a political reporter and commentator in Cincinnati. He then became Cincinnati’s number one news anchor. Springers employers took him to lunch and gave him a new assignment of hosting a talk show. The first Jerry Springer show was aired

  • Black Sox Trial

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    During the 1919 baseball season, the Chicago White Sox had proven themselves to the world that they were the best team in the baseball league and, having clinched the American League pennant, were installed as the bookmarker’s favorites to defeat the Cincinnati Reds in the Series. At the time, gambling on baseball games was widespread and there were numerous stories about rigged ball games during the regular season but they were generally ignored by the team managers and owners. Gandil, the first baseman

  • Professional Sports - It’s Time to End the Corruption of Baseball

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    market teams can afford. If a player comes up through the league in a small market team and becomes a success, he demands more money, which the team can’t afford, so he moves to a big market team that will satisfy his demands. For example, look at Cincinnati Reds’ former players Bret Boone, Dimitri Young, Pokey Reese, Denny Neagle, Mike Cameron, and Jeff Shaw, all players of all-star caliber now playing for teams paying a bigger salary. This causes the problem of uncompetitive small market teams, who

  • Sports Specialization

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    the game. They make sacrifices and put their health in jeopardy in order to become the ultimate participant in their sport. One of the many young athletes who is only participating in and focusing on one sport is fifteen-year-old OJ Mayo from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is the young talented athlete who is predicted to be the next LeBron James in the National Basketball Association (NBA). This young athlete provides evidence of striving for perfection in this single sport when reviewing his daily schedule

  • Gang Violence

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    everywhere. Police want to know where all the parents are. Why aren't they doing anything about this? Many people in Parma want to know the answer to the same questions. Cincinnati also has active gangs. "Graffiti is a creeping problem in every neighborhood and in and on public buildings" said Mayor Roxanne Qualls of Cincinnati said. Graffiti is so bad that Star Bank has donated $25,000 to have students to help clean up all the graffiti.2 The city made a group called the "E-Racers". These people

  • what we ought to eat

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    very good argument on how eating meet is what we should no be eating and that rather more healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables are better for us in several ways and for many reasons. Christine is an ethics professor at the University of Cincinnati and during here presentation she made arguments that were somewhat controversial about what people ought to eat and what they shouldn’t ought to eat; and why. Even though some of here argument were controversial she seemed to put her perspective

  • Homeless

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    are homeless and make it your every day life.” implies Charlie. Charlie is a man that goes around thinking of things to do from day to day. On Vine Street in Coryville, a thin, short, black man stands between two buildings fighting off another Cincinnati winter. He is unshaven with a scraggly beard. His skin is rugged looking and tough. His outfit consists of a tannish-brown jacket, which clashes with his turquoise pants that are short in length. Charlie wears a pair of black, puppy dog chewed up

  • Charles H. Keating

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    the American Exchange Commission for failure to reveal particular loan transactions with their employer. Keating, a national championship swimmer, attended the University of Cincinnati on an athletic scholarship and continued in law school. Along with help from his brother, Charles Keating founded the prominent Cincinnati law firm of Keating, Muething and Klekamp. In 1972 Keating abandoned the profession of law, turning to work for the publicity-shy multimillionaire Carl Linder. Lindner served as

  • 1919 World Series

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    the best team of the 20th century. The Sox boasted a lineup that included three eventual Hall of Famers; Collins, Schalk and Faber. In addition three others, Jackson, Cicotte and pitcher Lefty Williams—who were forging Hall of Fame careers. The Cincinnati Reds, on the other hand, had its share of stars, including third baseman Heinie Groh, but had only one eventual Hall of Famer, Edd Roush. Still, the Reds dominated the National League, winning a then-franchise-record 96 games against only 44 losses

  • Earworm

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    happens in the brain that causes this annoyance to go on for days? And why does it remain in the head even when it's driving us so crazy that we want to scream in pain? According to research done by Professor James Kellaris at the University of Cincinnati, (1) getting songs stuck in our heads happens to most if not all of us. His theory shows that certain songs create a sort of "cognitive itch" - the mental equivalent of an itchy back. So, the only way to 'scratch' a cognitive itch is to rehearse

  • Stephen A. Douglas

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    Realizing that his mother wouldn’t be unable to support him through his courses, he was determined to go to the west, and on June 24, 1833, he set out for Cleveland, Ohio, where he was dangerously ill with fever for four months. He then visited Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis, and Jacksonville, Illinois, but failed to receive any employment. Feeling Discouraged, he walked to Winchester. Here he found employment as clerk to an auctioneer at an administrator's sale, and was paid six dollars. He studied

  • Charles M. Manson

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    his smallest whim. Charles Manson was very paranoid and was under the influnce that there was to be an upcoming race war. He called this race war “Helter Skelter”. Page 1 Charles M. Manson was born in Cincinnati on November 11, 1934. His mother Kathleen Maddox, a teenage prostitute, his father was a man remembered as “Colonel Scott.” In order to give her bastard son a name she married William Manson. He quickly abandoned the both of them. In 1939 Kathleen