The American Dream: The American Dream

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The “American dream” is what they called it. The American dream is all of the reasons summed up into one. The American dream was freedom , many immigrants came here for freedom, the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion the freedom of press so on so on. The American dream was also to start a new life start off fresh. The American dream was a new richer and better life to the immigrants that migrated to the United States of America.
Many people migrated to the United States from 1750-1880. A big wave of immigrants came here during the 1820s-1890s.these immigrants came from Ireland and Germany immigrants came here from Ireland because of famine (or lack of food) or poverty 9lack of money).immigrants came from Germany because political upheaval. A political upheaval is like a political revolution in which the government is replaced.
Many other countries migrated to the United States like Canada, Sweden, and France. As well as the Europeans about 300,000 Chinese and 90,000 Japanese immigrants. Japanese immigrants came because they needed money while the country was in economic depression. Chinese immigrants came because of the turn oil of the opium war. Another popular reason immigrants came was because of the California gold rush.
There were also African American immigrants. African American immigrants migrated here unwillingly by slave traders. They were sent here to the United States on ships to do labor for free. The earliest slaves were traced back in Jamestown, Virginia.
The industrial revolution had an impact on immigrants and immigrants had an huge impact on the growth of the industry. The more immigrants that came to America the more jobs those were in demand and the more factories that had to be built for jobs.

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There are also places where you can just sit and relax. The fountain square is a great place to be yearlong. Fountain square is located in central downtown, Cincinnati. The fountain square has things like movie night where people come down to the square and watch movies on the big screen. The fountain square also has an ice rink in the winter were it costs five dollars and you can skate on a big rink in the fountain square. The fountain square has many great events for the whole family.
The weather here in Cincinnati is also great. Some interesting facts on Cincinnati facts are 1)the warmest month is July. 2) The highest recorded temperature in Cincinnati ohio is 108 degrees in the year 1934 3) the coolest month in Cincinnati is January the lowest temperature in Cincinnati was -16 degrees and may is the wettest month.

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