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  • The Church

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    The Church Church buildings have a special significance that distinguishes them from public hall or commercial meeting places. They are set apart, specially dedicated to God for specific purpose of worship, religious education, fellowship, and service. Priority in the use of church buildings should be given to those spiritual ministries of the church itself and to the community it serves through its witness and program. Individuals and groups who traditionally use church buildings include

  • The Church Industry

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    the church a social club where handsome young men come to window shop for pretty young ladies? Is the church a beautiful architectural masterpiece like the 50,000 sitter church auditorium – “Faith Tabernacle” reputed to be the single largest church building on Earth, according to Guinness Book of Records (2007)? Should we liken the church to a football club, where only valuable players (big boys in Nigeria context) sit in front roles and drop big money for church project? No, is the church is a

  • The Canterbury Cathedral: The Church Of A Church

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    He was sent from Rome as a missionary to introduce the bible in England where his mission was complete when he baptized the local Saxon king, Ethelbert into Christianity. By 602AD St. Augustine was then given a seat as the first Archbishop of a Church at Canterbury which had been a place of worship during Roman occupation of Brittan rehallowed by the missionary saint. This was a momentous event in the timeline of the Canterbury Cathedral as the Archbishop was the most senior religious figure in

  • church

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    IN THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH The Roman Catholic Church prohibits women from getting abortions. They teach that abortions are morally wrong because the life of an unborn child is taken. According to Jeremiah Book 1, versus four to five, "The word of the Lord came to me thus: Before

  • The Role Of The Church In The Medieval Church

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    and pestilence bedeviled the era of the Middle Ages, the Medieval Church, with its dual-nature of inflicting disquietude and endowing absolvement and education, aided many men and women within the Society of Orders of Western Europe, offering these mortal lambs relief from their sinful, materialistic humanity while additionally reminding them of the anguish that could branch from their sins in the afterlife. Therefore, the Church, with its many bureaus and offices, oversaw the conduct of each affiliate

  • Church Planting

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    Introduction Over the years, church planters passionately stepped into church planting across the globe at great costs in obedience to God’s call. Some used the mother-church method and cell or house church method in cross-cultural settings. Some planters believe that it is the quality of their planting methods, effective publicity, attractive programmes, missional teams and resources that will make their church plant successful. Whereas these are helpful, the central factor is the God of mission

  • The Church Of Satanism

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    The Church of Satan is founded on the philosophy of LaVeyan Satanism. History: Anton LaVey founded the Church in the Black House in San Francisco 1966. The Black House served as the headquarters. In 1969, LaVey published the Satanic Bible, establishing the fundamentals of LaVeyan Satanism. This work is the dominant piece of Satanic literature. The Church was widely covered in the media in the 1970s and 1980s. Documentaries, television and radio news, and magazines. The Church has their own magazine

  • Church

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    The church has influenced various issues in our society. The issues which have been influenced are abortion, divorce, homosexuality, and poverty. But before we look at how these issues were influenced lets first look at some of the aspects of the church. The churches mass is made up of two parts- the liturgy of the word and the liturgy of the Eucharist for the duration of which the Holy Communion is rejoiced. Mass is the center of worship that Catholics participate in. Catholics are supposed to attend

  • The History of The Church

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    The History of The Church The Church had held sway over medieval society for centuries, but it began to lose its grip in the fourteenth century. It was not only that it could not explain nor prevent the calamities that swept through the century, it was enduring its own calamities. The Church was at its strongest in the thirteenth century, but within a few years of entering the fourteenth it entered a series of crises that would all but destroy it (and certainly destroyed its hold over the minds

  • Women in the Church

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    death of Jesus, to the modern era, the Christianity has gone through many changes in doctrine, practices, splits, and beliefs. As the church grew from charismatic communities to a global church organization, certain groups lost power while others gained a comparative advantage. No more has the shift in power affected a group more than the role of women in the church. The role of the woman in Christian Churches transformed from their role as leaders in small charismatic communities to supportive roles