Christian Life Essays

  • My Christian Life

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    My Christian Life has been “pleasurable pain” (I will explain what that refers to in detail later). I was born on June 9, 1984. I was blessed to be in a family of Christian. Therefore, I was destined to become a true follower of Christ. I was baptized on August 12 of that year at St. Rose De Lima. Most people say that from the moment I was blessed, I became a disciple of Jesus, a light bearer, but I believe I was a disciple for my Lord and Savior the moment I was born. I was conceived into a Christian

  • Life Essay: What Makes A Christian Life Christian

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    What makes a Christian life Christian? To me a Christian life is where you believe that God is your lord and savior and that you have faith that what happens in your life is by the grace of God. Also in a Christian life, many events can happen that test you as a Christian. God has made a plan for every single person’s life and many people try to change Gods plan with their own plan for their life. A Christian life is Christian when you have faith that God has a plan for you and that in the end

  • Personal Narrative- My Life as a Student, Athlete and Christian

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    Narrative- My Life as a Student, Athlete and Christian “I knew this was bliss, knew it at the time.” These words of Eudora Welty, although expressing her feeling from devouring book after book, can also be applied to my life. While not relating to my literacy, Welty’s lexis nonetheless conveys my own feelings after learning the significance of hard work. I’ve put excess effort in performing the roles of a student, an athlete, and a Christian. Success and growth in each component of my life has taught

  • The Effect of Discipleship on the Life of a Christian Today

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    The Effect of Discipleship on the Life of a Christian Today There are five ways in which discipleship might affect the lives of Christians today: Vocation, Service, Faith, Prayer and Worship. I intend on answering this question by examining these five examples. Vocation is the main way. This means a sense of being called to perform a task for God. Many Christians have a vocation to help those who are ill in a practical way. Christian medical workers may feel called to dedicate their lives

  • Christian Beliefs On Afterlife And Life After Death

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    Afterlife is referred to as life after death. Many people in the world have to believe that there is life after death. Some people believe that when you die, that’s it you body decays and you cease to exist while people who believe in life after death although your body may die and decay but your soul can live on. In others words you move on to a different kind of existence. It is the basic idea of life after death. Different religious have different concepts about life after death. They thought

  • how a Christian couple would apply these beliefs in their married life

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    A Christian couple would most likely apply their beliefs with an everlasting marriage, one that stays strong and provides a welcoming foundation for a family. The family is not merely an invention of society, but an institution founded by God himself. The family is God’s agency for populating the earth with people who would love God and be loved by Him. It is to be formed exclusively through a loving lifelong marriage covenant between a man and a woman. “So God created man in his own image, in the

  • Explain What Role Does The Church Play In Christian Life

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    Tom: What role does the church play in a Christian’s life? Me: There are three main functions the church plays in the Christian’s life. They are fellowship, service, and witness. I like to think of it as a three legged stool, if you eliminate one, they others will eventually collapse. You need all three to function properly. Let me explain. When the Holy Spirit was introduced to the church, Jesus said he would give us power to become witnesses (Acts 1:8). The sharing of our faith and the reception

  • A Christian Life: The Stories Of A Christian Life

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    The Stories of a Christian Life “He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15). As Christians we are given the duty of preaching God’s Word to all and to extend the knowledge of salvation to the expansions of the Earth. We are taught to be pure examples and to avoid and rebuke all forms of evil. Knowing this to be our calling, how to stories fit into this picture? I believe that stories play an important role in our role as Christians in the following

  • Christian And Christian Life: Become A Christian

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    Becoming a Christian Christianity is pretty simple its all about one life, the life of Jesus the Son of God. The christian life is a life that consists of following Jesus, all you have to do is believe in Jesus Christ and give your life to him. Becoming a christian offers eternal life after earth, it gives you greater ethics, support through out life, and a life after death. Becoming a christian relies on constant progression, its not enough to be a christian in name you have to live

  • The Life of a Christian

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    In life we want to be the best, have the best of everything, and be surrounded by only the best people that can help us to achieve our desired goals. But as a Christian it takes more than just wanting the best, you have to put forward the effort, and follow the path that God has set forth. But unfortunately when you are a Christian, some things will get in your way, your faith can become tested, and your decision making can become clouded. But you probably ask your self why? You have love for your

  • Christian Beliefs About Sanctity of Life in Relation to Abortion

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    Christian Beliefs About Sanctity of Life in Relation to Abortion Christians believe in the sanctity of human life. They believe it is sacred and should not be treated badly or discarded thoughtlessly. Christians believe that God created the world and everything in it including man. They also believe that God created the world good. In the book of Genesis it states that man was created in 'God's image' this means that man was made in the reflection of God so man has some of the same characteristics

  • What Christians Believe about the Sanctity of Human Life

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    What Christians Believe about the Sanctity of Human Life AO1: Explain what Christians believe about the ‘sanctity of human life’ and especially their responsibility for those at the beginning and those at the end of life. Use bible passages and Christian church teaching to support your answer. Christians believe God created everything, as God created life it is therefore sacred. God has created us all in his own image, Genesis 1:26-27 ‘so god created man in his own image’. Killing anyone

  • Chaucer's Canterbury Tales - The Character of the Parson

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    journey to Canterbury.  Each pilgrim has a tale that they tell on this journey.  Chaucer expresses themes and messages through the characterization of each pilgrim.  Through the Parson, one of the pilgrims, Chaucer is able to portray the life of a true Christian through the general prologue, prologue to the Parson's tale, and the Parson's tale itself. In the general prologue, Chaucer introduces the reader to the Parson.  He is a "holy-minded man of good renown" (475).  The reader soon gets

  • Personal Narrative- Following God's Will

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    Personal Narrative- Following God's Will As James 2:26 tells us, faith without works is dead - part of living the Christian life is obeying God. God has given us many commands in His Word. Not only are there specific commands for all Christians, but God also promises to give Christians His Holy Spirit to guide us not only through various difficult experiences in our lives, but additionally in following God’s will. God has commanded that everyone love Him first and foremost, above all things

  • Legalism And Christianity

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    I. Introduction Christians have a tendency to judge each other and non-Christians over minor details in life that will mean nothing in the end, or hold each other accountable to a man made, unreasonable and almost impossible standard, or try to live by (and make others live by) the laws of the Old Testament which are no longer relevant. This has been going on since close to the beginning of time and is one of the less popular and more annoying traits of humanity…or Christianity. If we want to

  • Ethics, Duty and Sexuality in Book IV of Virgil’s Aeneid

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    after her lover leaves. Beyond the beautifully tragic love story of these two people, we find in the Aeneid a reflection on the roles of ethics, duty and sexuality in the lives of all human beings. The usefulness of Virgil’s characters to the Christian life can be seen when we consider the philosophy of St. Augustine of Hippo, whose work in large part attempted to diagnose and correct the errors of Roman thought. If Augustine’s views on free will are taken to be true, then the binding prophecies

  • Lycidas: Poetry and Death

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    often looked back to more ancient times as a means of enriching his works. At other times, however, he relies on his strong Christian beliefs for creating spiritually compelling themes and deeply religious imagery. Despite the seemingly conflicting nature of these two polarized sources of inspiration, Milton somehow found a way of bridging the gap between a pagan and a Christian world, often weaving them together into one overpowering story. The pastoral elegy Lycidas, written after the death of a fellow

  • The World Loves Christmas, but it Hates Jesus Christ

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    have to go outside the Bible for anything. God's Word tells us how we're to worship, how we're to give money for the support of the Lord's work, how to evangelize the lost, how to observe the Lord's Supper, and everything else pertaining to the Christian life. But not once in the Bible does God tell us to celebrate Christmas! We're told to remember the Lord's death, but nowhere are we told to celebrate His birth. God's people are supposed to be Bible people. We're supposed to live by the teaching

  • Letters From A Skeptic

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    Edward agreed and so the journey began. Much to the surprise of Gregory, his father, very agnostic, had many very deep hard to answer questions. These questions ranged from questions about so-called "Christians," to questions about God, questions about Jesus, questions about the Christian life, and the why he should believe in all of this nonsense. As soon as Gregory would reply and answer his father's questions, he would receive another letter full of good questions. This went on for three

  • How God turned My Life Around

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    How God turned My Life Around “Jesus loves me; this I know.” These lyrics sound through the halls of churches almost every Sunday morning. “Jesus Loves Me,” the familiar tune which reassures children that Jesus does love them no matter what color they are. Why? “The Bible tells me so.” I have sung this song myself. I grew up on it’s lyrics. Despite the reassurance that my Savior loved me, I compartmentalized such love into the “Christian life” alone. “The Christian life,” for so long, was something