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Dr. Gregory Boyd is a professor of theology at Bethel College. He attended such universities as the University of Minnesota, Yale Divinity School, and Princeton Theological Seminary. As well as being a professor he is a preaching pastor at Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, and has authored three books and several articles. This particular book is a dialogue between he and his father, Edward Boyd. Edward lives in Florida and worked for 35 years in sales management. He has six kids, 15 grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren.

Gregory attempted for years to try and convert his father to Christianity without any success. About the time he felt like giving up on his father, he felt the Holy Spirit leading him to go one more mile. That last mile ended up in his father accepting Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior, and thus resulted in the publishing of their correspondence.

It all started with the first letter from Gregory when his father was 70 years old. Gregory simply asked his father if he would take part in talking through some of the issues he had with Christianity. Edward agreed and so the journey began. Much to the surprise of Gregory, his father, very agnostic, had many very deep hard to answer questions. These questions ranged from questions about so-called "Christians," to questions about God, questions about Jesus, questions about the Christian life, and the why he should believe in all of this nonsense. As soon as Gregory would reply and answer his father's questions, he would receive another letter full of good questions.

This went on for three years and the progression of the book showed very clearly God working on Edward, until the end of the book when he invited Christ into his heart and accepting Him as Lord and Savior at the young age of 73.


I found the questions from Edward to very tough, and I was extremely satisfied with Gregory's answers to them. He seemed to be very humble in the fact that he admittedly did not have all the answers, but very confident in his beliefs and understanding of the evidence favoring Christianity.

For the most part I really appreciated Gregory's answers and found them to be very insightful, as well as theologically correct. I liked his defense of God when Edward blamed Him for all the evil in the world.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains dr. gregory boyd is a professor of theology at bethel college and preaching pastor at woodland hills church in st. paul, minnesota.
  • Narrates how gregory tried to convert his father to christianity without any success, but when he felt like giving up, the holy spirit led him to go one more mile. that last mile resulted in the publishing of their correspondence.
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