Reflection Paper On Abiding In Christ

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”Abiding in Christ” is a beautiful book that concentrates on breaking down the words spoken from John in chapter fifteen. Throughout chapter fifteen there are three main points to be considered. The vines and the branches, Jesus’s love, and the hate that he knew was coming. “Abiding in Christ” gives us Christians what they need, showing us how to abide in Christ (John 15:1-8) and abide in Christ’s love (John 15:9-25). This book does both jobs and wraps it up with a clear conclusion. Firstly, abiding in Christ is something that is extremely important in the lives of all Christians. Before we can abide in Christ we must understand what that means. The word “abide” basically means to remain. We look to Christ for everything, and long for him more through his scripture. Christ and his chosen ones are inseparable. One of the things that this book made me realize is that abiding in Christ points to authentic salvation. People with authentic faith will not defect they will remain (abide). The wont deny Christ, or abandon the truths that he has laid before us. This book has pushed me more to think about authentic faith and make sure others don’t have a reason to question my faith. Jesus says "If you abide…show more content…
Jesus defines our relationship in terms of a vine. Rosscup shows through John 15 that Jesus is the true vine, believers are the branches, and the Father is the almighty vine-keeper. Rosscup shows the reader that Jesus is the true, unlike the how Israel was defined in the Old Testament as a vine. Christ who is the true vine would do all Israel failed to accomplish. Rosscup shows, because Jesus is the true vine he is our provider of life, strength, and fruit. Dependence is see easily through the branch and the vine. Rosscup shows us how the vine is the one that supplies the nutrients to the branches, and without the great vine, the branches have neither life nor
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