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  • Screening of Chlamydia trachomatis Infection in women Is it necessary?

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    SUMMARY: Chlamydia trachomatis is one the most prevalent bacteria that found in patients with Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), which almost represent asymptomatic in society. Two hundred sixty urine samples of women in two groups (symptomatic and asymptomatic) were collected from patients attending STI clinic at Mehrad hospital in Tehran and tested by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for the presence of C. trachomatis DNA. A total of 39 women in both group were infected (14.99%), which 27/130

  • Essay On Chlamydia

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    while in the act of sexual means such as oral, anal, kissing and genital contact. One of the most commonly reported STD in the United States is Chlamydia. The number of this infection is gradually increasing worldwide and costing billions of dollars to health care systems. Today, there is not set type of screening practice or a vaccine available for this infection to decrease globally. Presently, the only treatment available to help ease with the problem, temporarily, is in the form of an antibiotic,

  • Chlamydia

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    Chlamydia Sexually transmitted diseases infect millions of people a year. Some of the commonly known sexually transmitted diseases are herpes, syphillis, HIV, AIDS, genital warts, and gonorrhea. Some of these diseases are fatal, others can be cured with antibiotics. All of these are dangerous, but the most common sexually transmitted disease is a disease that isn't as well known. This disease is called chlamydia. Chlamydia is a disease that is infecting young adults all over the country

  • Chlamydia Research Essay

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    paper is to discuss the gap of current chlamydia research, the clinical relevance of the research, and a possible and appropriate research design for investigating the proposed of this research. Therefore, the goal is better understanding and move forward to clarify the relationship between adolescent and young adult’s knowledge, awareness and testing practices as well as the reason why chlamydia continues to rise and it is the most common reportable infection in the United States (US). Braun and

  • Similarities Between Hep C And Chlamydia

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    Chlamydia and Hepatitis C (Hep C) have many similarities as well as differences. We researched all the causes of them, and there are a couple of main ways in which they can be transmitted. We also found that the signs and symptoms of Hep C and Chlamydia take time to show up or never show up at all. We found that the treatments and cures are very different, but the preventions of each disease were similar. These are two of the most common STDs, and you may contract them whether you are a boy or a

  • Mucopurulent Cervicitis

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    the infection can be caused by a number of different organisms”1, but then the “cause can be unknown or unclear”.1 I think that this is a contradicting statement. The article when on to say that “chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomonas, or herpes can cause Mucopurulent Cervicitis, but most cases no cause can be identified”.1 Being a sexually transmitted disease, it is only logical to think that Mucopurulent Cervicitis is spread through sexual contact. With “some cases the origin of the infection is not

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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    Sexually Transmitted Diseases Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs, a.k.a venereal diseases, infectious diseases passed from one person to another during sexual contact. STDs are the most common infections known. More than 12 million people in the United States, including 3 million teenagers, are infected with STDs every year. The United States has the highest STD rate in the world about one in ten Americans will contract an STD during his or her lifetime. People who do not know they are infected risk

  • Urethritis Essay

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    To start off, Non-gonococcal Urethritis (NGU) refers to an infection from the tube that runs from your bladder through the penis in men or the labia in women which passes the urethra. Normally, it is caused by gonorrhea but mostly chlamydia that is a sexually transmitted disease. There are multiple different ways how Non-gonococcal Urethritis is caused. An infection with chlamydia is half the case of NGU. Chlamydia is a bacterium type of germ that may be contacted threw sexual intercourse with an

  • Homeless Youth in Canada

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    youth population, is an easily curable STI called Chlamydia (Health Canada, 2006). This is a disease that could be spread through sexual contact with an infected partner either orally or anally. Between 1999-2003, there is a consistent increasing prevalence in street females than in males that is on the low (Health Canada, 2006). Gonorrhoea is another sexually transmitted disease that is common to street youth. The prevalence of gonorrhoea like Chlamydia is high in the street youth population as well

  • Safe Sex: The Practice Of Safe Sex

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    means that over 50% of sexually active teenagers are not using condoms. A recent study has shown that while its likely that a condom is used for the first time during sex, this behavior becomes inconsistent thereafter. Americans ages 15-24 contract chlamydia and gonorrhea at four times the rate of the general population, and those in their early 20s have the highest reported cases of syphilis and HIV. A survey done by the CDC has shown that not only are college student not using protection but are likely

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases within Colleges

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    Sexual transmitted diseases can be troublesome for everybody in life. A sexual transmitted disease (STD) or sexual transmitted infection (STI) is a disease or infection that is transmitted through any kind of sexual behavior. Some can be spread through the transfer of blood (Boudewyns, & Paquin, 3). It is especially problematic for students in college. Social and health problems tend to occur when young adults, in their undergraduate years in college, have unprotected sexual intercourse (Murray

  • How to Protect Yourself and have Safe Sex

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    How to Protect Yourself and have Safe Sex The purpose of this paper is to give people information on the advantages, disadvantages and different forms of safe sex. This paper is done for the purpose of preventing STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), not for the purpose of birth control. This gives you different ways to still enjoy sex as you normally would, but with some different and somewhat unusual changes. Some may find this appealing and some may find it hideous. The options are up

  • The Importance Of Sex Education In Public Schools

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    Two young people age 13-19 contracts H.I.V every two hours. Sex education is the process of learning about and forming attitudes and beliefs about sex, sexual identity, relationships, and intimacy. Sex education is also about developing young people’s skills so that they make informed choices about their behavior and feel confident and competent about acting on these choices. So is there any doubt that sex education should be taught in public schools. Sex education should be taught in public schools

  • STI Case Study

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    actually being able to test people to see if they have an STI. STI’s can be tested for in a couple of ways; physical exam and blood sample. With a physical exam, a health care provider may look at one’s genitals and/or one’s anus for any signs of an infection, such as a rash, discharge, sores, or warts. For a blood sample test a doctor may take a blood sample. Another test can be conducted by taking a urine sample. The patient may be asked to urinate into a cup and have that tested. Discharge, tissue

  • Bacterial Vaginosis

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    Noll, & Chikindas, 2010). Bacterial vaginosis is the main trigger of vaginal discharge or malodor in women (Hainer & Gibson, 2011). Studies specify that most women diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis are unaware of the infection; however, the fishy odor smell that accompanies this infection is usually a hallmark for its diagnosis (Hainer & Gibson, 2011). The fishy odor associated with bacterial vaginosis is the product of amines from anaerobic (Hainer & Gibson, 2011). The odor associated with bacterial

  • Macrosystem Essay

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    Everyone is doing it. Since the beginning of time sex has been a part of life. In the biblical reference, Adam and Eve were the first people to commit this “scandalous crime”. People, animals, and plants are hardwired to seek sex. Plants were the scientific start of sexual reproduction leading into what sex is now, billions of years later. In the past, society was very conservative when it came to sex. During the middle ages, sex was perceived as a sinful act if it was not within marriage. Adultery

  • Stds, Std, And Prevention Of Stds Among Young Adults

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    stigma, and prevention of STDs among young adults. Common STDs contracted by young adults a... ... middle of paper ... ...x are 80% less likely to become HIV infected” (Workowski et al., 2006). There are several different types of treatments for chlamydia and gonorrhea such as taking antibiotics, receiving there annual physical with their doctor, and using protection when they are having intercourse. STDs have hugely increased in the United States. That should be taken seriously just like how people

  • Casual Dating Essay

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    important for both men and women to know who they are dating if they do not want to be part of those people who suffer from a disease. The health problems that sex on a casual dating could cause are sexually transmitted diseases such as Genital Herpes, Chlamydia, and HIV. As a result, these diseases include unpleasant symptoms as joint aches and pain, body rash, fever, and others more serious like infertility in women and cancer in both genders and even death. Although most of the time these diseases end

  • College Campuses and Sexually Transmitted Infections

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    College campuses have seen a rise, in the epidemic of Sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases have quickly become a household name amongst Americans. The dangers and health issues related to acquiring a STD has been the reason why more attention has been brought to the STD epidemic. The reason for this attention is to hopefully, slow down the rate of STD’S amongst students. There is a very astonishing fact stated by the Agape Pregnancy Resource Center, “Nearly 80% percent of

  • Teens and Sex - Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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    Sexually Transmitted Diseases What are Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's)? How much do you know about STD's? Do you know how to protect yourself from STD's? The answer to these questions is that most people don't know, and if they do, it's very little. Sex has become a big issue in the 90's. Wherever a person looks, sex is advertised. What do you see when you turn on the television, daytime or night? Sex. What do you see when you go to the movies? Sex. In magazines? Sex. Even advertisements