Mucopurulent Cervicitis Essay

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The Sexually Transmitted Disease I chose is Mucopurulent Cervicitis. It is also known as MPC. According to University of South Carolina Student Health Services website, “Mucopurulent Cervicitis is often cause by inflection and the infection can be caused by a number of different organisms”1, but then the “cause can be unknown or unclear”.1 I think that this is a contradicting statement. The article when on to say that “chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomonas, or herpes can cause Mucopurulent Cervicitis, but most cases no cause can be identified”.1 Being a sexually transmitted disease, it is only logical to think that Mucopurulent Cervicitis is spread through sexual contact. With “some cases the origin of the infection is not clear and most women with Mucopurulent Cervicitis do not have gonorrhea or chlamydia”.1 Mucopurulent Cervicitis is an extremely dangerous STD because “it is spread from the cervix up into the uterus and out into the fallopian tubes causing PID, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease”.1 The website also stated that, “Mucopurulent Cervicitis may lead to chronic pelvic pain or may ...

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