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  • Finding Out the Changes of Mass in Potato Chips Due to Osmosis

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    Finding Out the Changes of Mass in Potato Chips Due to Osmosis Aim: We have been asked to investigate the effect that osmosis has on potato chips. Prediction: I predict that the potato cylinder in the lowest sugar solution (water) will gain the most mass through osmosis, whereas the 80% sugar concentration will lose the most mass through osmosis. I predict this because I think that the potato chips will try to gain and lose water between the two sides of its cell wall in order to

  • The Effect On Chips In Salt Solutions

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    The Effect On Chips In Salt Solutions Group Information ================= 1. Length Of Pieces = 4cm 2. No Of Pieces Per Test Tube = 1 3. Solutions Used = All (Distilled Water, 0.1 - 0.4M and 0.6M (solutions between 0.1 - 0.4 increased by 0.1 each time) 4. Amount Of Solution = 10ml Personal Information ==================== P6 a I) In our experiment to study Osmosis I think that the 0.6 M solution will give the chip a rubbery effect because in the 0.6 M solution the

  • Amd Vs. Intel

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    cheapest micro-processing chip (chip) on the market. The downside to this chip is that it did not follow the same format as Intel chips. It needed a different motherboard, a socket-7 motherboard. This hurt AMD’s chances at the beginning, but in early 1998 they unveiled their mighty K6-2 processor. The K6-2 Processor was “bigger, better, and cheaper.'; The processor ran on a 100mhz bus, while Intel’s chips still ran on a 66mhz bus, this made AMD’s chip faster. It also was nearly

  • Intel Knows Best? A Major Marketing Mistake

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    Pentium chip was defective Intel admitted to the fact that it had sold millions of defective chips, and had known about the defective chips for over four months. Intel said its reasoning for not going public was that most people would never encounter any problems with the chip. Intel said that a spreadsheet user doing random calculations would only have a problem every 27,000 years, therefore they saw no reason to replace all of the defective chips. However if a user possessed a defective chip and could

  • Investigate the Effect of Varying Solution Concentration on Osmosis in a Potato Chip

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    Investigate the Effect of Varying Solution Concentration on Osmosis in a Potato Chip Prediction A definition of osmosis is: 'the movement of water molecules from an area of high water concentration to a low water concentration across a semi-permeable membrane' (Oxforddictionary 2000). In a high concentration of water the amount of solute (e.g. sugar) is low. These solutions are usually known as a dilute or weak solution. But in a low concentration of water the amount of solute (e.g. sugar) is

  • Internalism vs Externalism

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    either through the justification of a true belief or for the substantive externalist, through a “natural or law like connection between the truth of what is believed and the person’s belief” (P.135). Suppose a man named George was implanted with a chip at birth, which causes him to utter the time in a rare Russian dialect. His girlfriend Irina, who happens to speak the same Russian dialect, realizes that every time she taps his shoulder, he tells her the time and he is always right. She knows that

  • Bingo Chips Strategy

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    Bingo Chips Strategy The Bingo brand of chips was launched by ITC on 14th March 2007 with an aim to capture at least 25 percent market share of the Rs 2000 crore branded snack market within five yrs. This was an extremely ambitious target according to observers as the market was dominated by the Frito Lay group (owned by Pepsi Co) with a slew of brands like Lays, Kurkure and Uncle Chipps holding 50 per cent of the market share. The other was the Haldiram group with 25 percent of the market

  • Hearing Impairment Experiment

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    illustrative paper. I will conclude this paper with a reflection of this experience. When I first learned about this experimentation, I looked into intervention programs for people with hearing disabilities in Montréal. The first one I researched was CHIP [Communicaid for Hearing Impaired Persons]. It is a non-profit organization that has a mission towards helping people with hearing impairment. They promote programs similar to HEAR [Hearing Education for Aural Rehabilitation] to help teach people with

  • Biography of Erik Estrada

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    airport and south of Universal Studios. His house is way at the top of this hill and it's easy to spot. He did an interview on the Mexican Channel from some show called CONTROL and it shows you where Erik lives and the inside of his house. He has two "CHiPs" motorcycles (sans the engines) sitting in the middle of the house and old magazines with his picture on the cover (TV Guide, People) plastered all over the walls. He has really unusual wall paper (stripes & polka dots) and a bunch of trinkets sitting

  • Note

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    described in Supplemental Material: Klarite chips of the batch 2009 and of the batch 2012 were separately dipped in EtOH in new (unused) weighing glasses and the Raman spectra measured without cover (i.e. undefined thickness and evaporation of EtOH during the experiment). No Teflon cell, no tubings, no re-using of solvent or chips. Development of the BPE Raman bands was noted only in the case of the batch 2009. Please note, that without having the Klarite chips of the batch 2012, it would be very difficult

  • The End of Intel: the Beginning of the Computer

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    for the number of chip transistors doubling every eighteen months has been true (Leyden). However, this equation by its very nature cannot continue on infinitely. Although the size of the transistor has drastically decreased in the past fifty years, it cannot get too much smaller, therefore a computer cannot get much faster. The limits of transistor are becoming more and more apparent within the processor speed of Intel and AMD silicon chips (Moore's Law). One reason that chip speeds now are slower

  • Semiconductors: The Silicon Chip

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    Semiconductors: The Silicon Chip Silicon is the raw material most often used in integrated circuit (IC) fabrication. It is the second most abundant substance on the earth. It is extracted from rocks and common beach sand and put through an exhaustive purification process. In this form, silicon is the purist industrial substance that man produces, with impurities comprising less than one part in a billion. That is the equivalent of one tennis ball in a string of golf balls stretching from the earth

  • An Investigation Into the Effect of Sucrose Concentration On Osmosis In Potato Chips

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    in Potato Chips My aim is to investigate the amount of osmotic activity between a potato chip and different concentrations of sucrose. The following affect the rate of osmosis: Temperature The warmer most things are the more quickly particles move, therefore increased temperature will increase the rate of osmosis. So, if a potato chip is in a highly concentrated solution the water molecules will quickly leave the chip because of the increase in temperature or if the chip is in a high

  • Human-implanted Chips

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    Human-implanted Chips While the idea of human tracking has its share of benefits, there certainly are numerous pitfalls that also exist. While the ability to identify someone with an ID tag may have practical uses, the security and privacy issues could seem potentially alarming to some. Not only that, a closer look may show that the technology doesn’t necessarily offer very many advantages when considering the costs of nation-wide adoption of the technology. This paper will try to investigate

  • Investigation of the reaction between hydrochloric acid and marble chips

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    Investigation of the reaction between hydrochloric acid and marble chips A chemical reaction is when two or more substance called reactants are chemically bonded to form a new product, as a result of the process, for a reaction to take place, the particles must have enough kinetic energy to collide and form new bonds , this is called a successful collision. The minimum amount of energy needed for a successful collision is activation energy, which is “The energy that an atomic system must acquire

  • How the change of Hydrochloric Acid concentration affects the rate of reaction with Marble Chips

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    How the change of Hydrochloric Acid concentration affects the rate of reaction with Marble Chips Aim To find if changing the concentration of an acid will increase or decrease the rate of the reaction when marble is dissolved in hydrochloric acid. With the equation CaCO3 + 2HCl CaCl2 +H2O + CO2. The rate of the reaction affects how quickly the CO2 is produced. Background Knowledge ==================== The rate of reaction depends on how often and how hard the reacting particles collide with each

  • Rate of Reaction Between Marble Chips and Hydrochloric Acid

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    Rate of Reaction Between Marble Chips and Hydrochloric Acid The aim of this experiment is to find out how different variables affect the rate at which the reaction between Marble chips (CaCO ) and Hydrochloric acid (HCl) takes place. There are many variables that affect the rate of this reaction such as the following: 1. Temperature 2. Concentration (Pressure for gases) 3. Catalyst 4. Surface area In my investigation I will be testing how changing the concentration of the Hydrochloric

  • Determining the Water Potential of a Potato Chip

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    Determining the Water Potential of a Potato Chip Aim: To determine the water potential of a potato chip Background knowledge What is water potential? Water potential is the measure of the tendency of water to move from one place to another. Like the movement of water from potato chip to surrounding solution or vice versa. Water always moves from an area of high water potential to a region of lower water potential. The addition of solutes decreases water potential making it more

  • Personal Narrative: Lays Chip Flavor

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    important discovery. We made a wonderful chip flavor. It all started when Jaycee and I had nothing to do. We wanted a good and easy way to make some cash, so we looked on the internet. It said that there is a Lays Chip Flavor Contest coming up. It was called, Do Us A Flavor. It stated that if you have a good idea to make a delicious chip flavor and you win, you could win one million dollars! We thought, that is a lot of money. We thought and thought of an idea for a chip flavor, and we finally came up with

  • Ethical Assessment of Implantable Brain Chips

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    Ethical Assessment of Implantable Brain Chips My purpose is to initiate a discussion of the ethics of implanting computer chips in the brain and to raise some initial ethical and social questions. Computer scientists predict that within the next twenty years neural interfaces will be designed that will not only increase the dynamic range of senses, but will also enhance memory and enable "cyberthink" — invisible communication with others. This technology will facilitate consistent and constant