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  • Chili Peppers

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    most helpful to it. At least, this is the case for the active component of chili peppers. An irritant for many animals, including humans, the component capsaicin causes the peppers to taste “hot” (Mason, 2004). This aspect of the chili pepper causes the neurons to be excited and increases the sensitivity, which causes itchiness and burning sensations (Mason, 2004). These sensations are the defense mechanisms by chili peppers to protect it from being eaten by other species. So how could something that

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers

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    Red Hot Chili Peppers A passion for foods from the American Southwest is sweeping through the country. The main component and most popular item of this fad is the chili pepper, an item of tremendous variability and a staple of many people in Central America. In this country, chili peppers were once only found in specialized ethnic stores, but now it is just as likely to be found at the neighborhood Kroger. For most people, however, their knowledge stops here. Through this paper I hope to educate

  • We Are What We Eat: The Diffusion Of Hispanic Cuisine

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    Introduction The phrase, “We are what we eat” holds some essential validity and truth to it. Food is a constituent feature of our environmental ties to where we subside. It is a part of our daily lives. It can act as a form of communication with other individuals. Food can be an indicator of the nutrition idiosyncratic cultural groups are practicing. Notably, which ingredients hold higher placement of emphasis in consumption from a day to day basis. The way food is assembled or arranged has specific

  • Individually Unified

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    not exist. “Clearly, Columbus had reason to worry that his voyage would be viewed as a failure. He had not found the gold mines he sought or the Asian cities described by Marco Polo. He thought he had discovered many spices, though only the chili peppers were new.” (Worlds of History, p.19) When Columbus realized that he had not found the riches he was expected to bring home to the Spanish king and queen, he knew that it was very important to make sure that he portrayed his journey in a pleasing

  • Mexican Food And Mexican Food

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    corn. Flesh is hard and harsh than chewing the pastry sheet on Ati Gioia made from corn by the chips provide a framework to make Tortilla Chips eaten with Goa Ka Mole Guacamole (avocado mixed with onion, finely chopped. sliced tomatoes, coriander, chili powder, salt and lemon pieces) or fried whole sheet round. Santos named as the ta da Tostada.

  • Aztecs

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    was finished. They called it Tenochtitlan. In the the capital city aqueducts (piping) were constructed, bridges were built, and chinapas were made. Chinapas were little islands formed by pilled up mud. On these chinapas Aztecs grew corn, beans, chili peppers, squash, tomatoes, and tobacco. Tenochtitlan (the capital city) was covered in giant religious statues in order to pay their respects to the gods. In the Aztec religion numerous gods controlled an Aztec’s daily life. Some of these gods include:

  • Californication By The Red Hot Chili Peppers

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    lyrics and the visuals seem to overshadow that intent and do the exact opposite. Accompanied by a melancholy arrangement of instruments that sounds either dreamy and relaxing or pessimistic and moody depending how you interpret it, the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ video portrays the controlling lure that Hollywood has over the people of California. It preys on people’s desire to acquire fame and fortune, by promising celebrity status and untold riches. What does it cost? Just your humanity. In the chorus

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers: Music Analysis

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    for the song “Dani California” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers migrates through various eras of rock and roll, all of which have influenced the musical sound of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It begins with rockabilly and follows rock history through to 90’s grunge with the members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers dressed as iconic bands from each rock and roll era. Although some of the artists they dress as are difficult to recognize, the Red Hot Chili Peppers successfully portray the message that many rock

  • Green Chile Jimmy Santiago Baca Analysis

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    Santiago Baca’s poem “Green Chile” describes a personal experience growing up with a staple food of the Southwest tradition. In the 3 stanzas and 45 eloquent lines, Baca uses symbolism through red and green chile peppers. The red chile peppers symbolize strength and progression and are also the peppers the author prefers. On the other hand, the green chilies represent youth, which are Baca’s grandmother's favorite. Both the red and green chilies are differentiated by the flavor and taste to tell a story

  • Drugs In The Music Industry

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    for cocaine or heroin possession. The number of top bands that have been linked to heroin through a member's overdose, arrest, admitted use or recovery is staggering: Smashing pumpkins, Everclear, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Dr. Dre, Blind Melon, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Breeders, Alice in Chains, Sex Pistols, Sublime, Iggy Pop, the list goes on and on. Together, these bands have sold more than 60 million albums(Newsweek pgs 50 & 53). Since kids emulate popular musicians, what is there to keep them from emulating

  • "Green Chile" Explication

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    The chile pepper is a vegetable that has been a part of Americas history. Chile peppers haave been a part of the human's diet for as long as 7500BC. Chiles are used in many Mexican and South American cuisines as whole peppers and also grinded into spaces. In Jimmy Santiago Baca's poem "Green Chile," he refers to green chiles to represent his memories of home. Jimmy Santiago Baca is a mix of Chicano and Apache origins. At the age of two, both of Baca's parents abandoned him ( After he was

  • Southwestern American Cuisine

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    Growing up, spicy foods weren’t one of my favorite flavor profiles in dishes. I tend to avoid such cuisines that use bold spices and ingredients such as curries and moles, and “jerk” anything. As my palate became more advance I am now able to tolerate a little heat and kick with my food. Speaking of which, the cuisine of the southwest region of the United States has really become one of my favorite cuisines. The flavors are bold, the use of indigenous ingredients and the cultural blends make its

  • What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Cowgirl Chocolates

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    other peppers. This makes the product very different from competitors. Another strength would be Marilyn’s experience working at a chocolate shop at the age of 16 this gave her the love she has for chocolate by working with others and seeing why others loved chocolate. As a result this encouraged her to become more creative when opening her own business years later. Other strengths the company’s chocolates has won 11 awards either in the annual Fiery Food challenges sponsored by Chile pepper magazine

  • Exploring the Role of Women in Mexico in Like Water For Chocolate

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    Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel explains women’s roles in northern Mexico during the turn of the nineteenth century. The novel takes place in northern Mexico on a family ranch where many family traditions are carried out. Also, the novel describes some of the typical foods that were prepared and fiestas that were celebrated in the Mexican culture around this time. However, the novel mainly focuses on the roles of females in Mexican society at that time. The novel goes beyond explaining

  • The Downfall Of Music Today

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    preceded a pour attempt at a new innovative sound. In the seventies disco followed the likes of rock legends such as Jimi Hendrix, The Doors and Pink Floyd. The eighties began with such innovative bands as Dire Straits, Van Halen and the Red Hot Chili Peppers and ended with groups like New Kids on the Block and Milli Vanilli that overlapped into the early nineties. The nineties began with an original brand of rock, alternative. This style of music produced bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice and

  • Interview Essays - A Local Rock Star

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    listened to music,” he said, “my first album ever was Nirvana’s Nevermind; it was a cassette tape. I also listened to a lot of Michael Jackson—don’t laugh, I mean like Thriller and stuff.” What inspired you to play an instrument? “The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ CD Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic was the first time I realized I wanted to play an instrument.” What instruments do you play? “I’ve played guitar for the last four years, saxophone for the last two—though only in the school band,” he said. “The

  • Eating Chili Peppers And Conforming To Stand Out Analysis

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    successfully impress a diverse audience. The essays Eating Chili Peppers and Conforming to Stand Out: A Look at American Beauty are two different styles of essays that unveil a similar search for self-gratification. While the essays cover different topics and the authors use different writing styles and approaches to engage the reader, they both unveil a similar underlying message of a search for self-gratification. The essay Eating Chili Peppers, written by Jeremy MacClancy, is a description essay.

  • Media Effects

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    may change or even corrupt people's thoughts on certain public matters. This paper will dissect four articles on the Woodstock riots and show the relationships and differences between them. On a Sunday night, near the closing song of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, there were a few bonfires were reported. The firefighters, feeling they were under control, let these bonfires burn. Then Limp Bizkit came on, another hard-core band. In their song Breakstuff, the audience climbed a television camera tower and

  • Chile Peppers Essay

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    Well hello. I'm going to tell you about a hobby, which have stolen my whole beating heart. Chile peppers! Few years ago I just thought I'd try to get something to grow with seeds, which I took from a random market chili pepper. I managed to get few about 10 centimeter stems and couple of leaves for each. Sadly, neither of them survived. I think I accidentally drowned them. I went to browse the internet forums and that was it. I ordered seeds up to ten different varieties and some equipment to germinate

  • The Gut-Wrenching Science Behind the World’s Hottest Peppers

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    Gut-Wrenching Science Behind the World’s Hottest Peppers Summary: Nagaland of India contains one of the world’s hottest chilies – the Naga King Chili (Bhut Jolokia). The author of the article, Mary Roach, arrived to Nagaland to experience the Hornbill Festival, in particular, to watch the Naga King Chili-Eating Competition. She aimed to find out and understand the pleasure and pain the Capsicum genus brings to the people who consume it. The Naga King Chili Pepper varies in heat, but can score extremely