What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Cowgirl Chocolates

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1. Critical Strengths and weaknesses of the Cowgirl chocolates that determines the success of the small business? Some of the critical strengths that help determine the success of the company would be having a distinctive product due to the fact that her product would not be considered a regular chocolate bar, because it is infused with cayenne and other peppers. This makes the product very different from competitors. Another strength would be Marilyn’s experience working at a chocolate shop at the age of 16 this gave her the love she has for chocolate by working with others and seeing why others loved chocolate. As a result this encouraged her to become more creative when opening her own business years later. Other strengths the company’s chocolates has won 11 awards either in the annual Fiery Food challenges sponsored by Chile pepper magazine or the Scovie awards competitions sponsored by Fiery Foods the caramel sauce also won 1st place in the latest competition. Weaknesses would be advertisement for the company, $3000 was spent on a single advertisement the company should figure out more ways to market the brand and who the specific target market is. The company’s second weakness would be funding for the company, because the company is not doing as well as Marilyn thought she has to take money from her arts fund to keep the business running. Other weaknesses would be distribution the company does not have a steady form of distribution which causes the whole Cowgirl chocolate process to be confusing and pricey at the same time. It is hard for others to understand the product and its way of being distributed. 2. Using the total product view, describe the “hot & spicy chocolate truffle” offered by Cowgirl Chocolates. Based on th... ... middle of paper ... ...nd 12.95 and the $19.50. One would want to know the reason for high pricing on the other truffles. It could easily be argued that the amount of work that goes into the production of chocolate, the quality of the chocolate and the kind of rapping and packaging the product comes in. With this being addressed why would Marilyn need to place the truffles in a tin that is very expensive causing the actual value of the already pricy truffles to become sky high. Marilyn would then think about the way she packages her product and how she can compete with others in this Gourmet chocolate business. Marilyn could decrease the size of the tins and packaging she use to have before, but keeping the same logos and colors making the chocolates and packaging more affordable for her company to produce and creating reasonable prices for her valued customers and new customers as well.

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