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  • Childhood Abuse Essay

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    The effect of childhood abuse has become extremely severe and is the most widespread form of abuse. The involvement of childhood abuse is considered a stressful event and it consist of several negative effects on three dominant forms of abuse: emotional, physical, sexual abuse. The abuse event and abuse effects provided short term and long term consequences of abuse, which include: psycho-pathological and physiological vulnerabilities. Childhood emotional abuse happens when the parent or caregiver

  • Childhood Sexual Abuse

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    Childhood sexual abuse, as defined by the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA, 1996), includes using persuasion, enticement, and other inducements to coerce a child to engage in sexually explicit conduct or simulation of sexual acts. Survivors of sexual abuse frequently have a legacy of both psychological and physical problem throughout life. There has been considerable literature published in the past 20 years focusing on the long-term consequences of childhood sexual abuse. Survivors

  • Childhood Emotional Abuse

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    Although all therapists are aware of the childhood emotional abuse issue, it is possible that only few therapists understand the scope of the issue. Emotional maltreatment is harder to detect than other forms of abuse because it is more subtle. When Child Protective Services (CPS) conduct family assessments, it is the hardest form of abuse to prove because parents are very open about the topic and emotional abuse does not leave any physical evidence behind. However, it certainly influences a child's

  • The Consequences of Childhood Sexual Abuse

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    Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) constitutes a very small amount of cases, but nonetheless it is extremely detrimental for children. Studies evaluated the consequences of childhood sexual abuse and revealed that such traumatic experiences can harm the child physically, psychologically, and emotionally. The disturbing experiences can also negatively impact the child during their adolescence and adulthood. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes child maltreatment as physical and emotional abuse, negligence

  • Childhood Sexual Abuse

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    Introduction In recent years, due to the church sex abuse scandal, childhood sexual abuse has become one of the most highly publicized crimes in the United States. Unfortunately, despite this newfound interest in the scandalous topic of abuse, incest and more common sexual abuse cases involving family continue to be overlooked by society and the media. Understandably, intra-familial sexual abuse is a delicate and complex subject to acknowledge and dissect. Yet, by ignoring the subject entirely, we

  • Childhood Sexual Abuse

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    Introduction Studying how sexual abuse in childhood effects a person socioemotionally develops through their young adult years is especially important. This is so because young adulthood is already difficult because it is a hard transition period in which they are no longer a child and need to function in the adult world. It is known that childhood sexual abuse has a huge impact on most of the child victims to the point where when they are adults they have developed differently in at least the

  • The Negative Effects Of Childhood Abuse

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    secret that child abuse causes long-lasting effects, but can any of the effects turn out to be positive? According to research, the chance of there being positive impacts of childhood abuse is extremely small. The list of possible negative impacts of childhood abuse is a long one, and they can last a lifetime if not properly treated. Though it is very possible to recover from the negative impacts of childhood abuse, the chance of them turning positive is slim to none. Childhood abuse not only affects

  • The Consequences of Early Childhood Abuse

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    In the article “The long-term impact of childhood abuse on internalizing disorders among older adults” Child abuse is a major life stressor that has important consequences for several indices of mental health in adults (Sachs-Ericsson, Verona, Joiner, & Preacher, 2006). The connection between the childhood abuse and adulthood consequences gives insight of just how severe effects it as on you later in life. In the survey a measurement of childhood abuse experiences including emotional, physical and

  • The Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse

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    Child sexual abuse has been reported up to 80,000 times a year, but the number of unreported instances is far greater, because the children are afraid to tell anyone what has happened (American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry). Childhood sexual abuse is a traumatic experience affecting the lives of not only the victim, but those close to the victim as well. Many think there is only one person truly traumatized, but in fact, everyone involved is affected. The victim has to deal with their

  • Counseling Childhood Physical Abuse

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    know and recognize the signs and effect of abuse before assessment and eventual treatment can occur.  One of the greatest plights a child may face during their childhood is abuse.  Even afterward the effects of abuse can last a lifetime, but it has no control of how a child will act when they become an adult, though many blame past abuse on current actions. Knowing the signs is the easiest ways to recognize abuse, especially physical abuse.  Because abuse often thrives in privacy it is crucial to