Childhood Abuse Essay

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The effect of childhood abuse has become extremely severe and is the most widespread form of abuse. The involvement of childhood abuse is considered a stressful event and it consist of several negative effects on three dominant forms of abuse: emotional, physical, sexual abuse. The abuse event and abuse effects provided short term and long term consequences of abuse, which include: psycho-pathological and physiological vulnerabilities. Childhood emotional abuse happens when the parent or caregiver neglects, terrorizes, rejects, or ignore the child, or verbally assaults the child. The emotional abuse experiences will most likely become a stressful event to children. The Journal Article of Clinical Psychology states, “Individuals who experience childhood abuse are three to four times more likely to develop major depression in their lifetime” (Shapero, 2014, p. 210). Children who are exposed to childhood emotional abuse experience aggression, which can be both short term and long term effect. Aggression typically causes the child to feel angry at people and it makes them unable to confront them, by setting up a blocked wall. Instead of letting the feelings out, the aggression is suppressed internally. This aggressive behavior can also be understood as a buildup of negative energy and emotions. Another effect caused by emotional abuse is self-confidence (Jelic, 2013, p. 30). Children, who experience emotional abuse, have difficulties forming self-confidence in relation to other children who haven’t experienced abuse. The feeling of not feeling wanted in children, leads to problems in them developing self-confidence. Emotional abuse in children causes attachment disorders. When children’s basic needs are not properly met and are ne... ... middle of paper ... ...” (Shapero, 2014, p. 219). As a result of the experience of emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse in childhood, it has various effects for the mental health, and physical health of children. Inter-personal and social functioning during the childhood and adulthood accompanies these three types of abuses. Childhood victims of these forms of abuse have more regularly psycho-pathological difficulties, physiological difficulties, anxiety, more somatic complaints, depression, low communication skills, problems in emotional adjustment, high levels rates of aggression, violent behavior, and abused children will have a higher chance at demonstrating lower academic achievements than non -abused children. All of these effects of childhood abuse can be counted as short term and long term effects depending on how severe the abuse was, and the childhood age period.
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