Severe Childhood Abuse in "A Child Called It"

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Unfortunately, there are children everywhere who endure a form of abuse. Some experience emotional abuse while others experience physical abuse. Other children, like Dave Pelzer, are faced with both. Dave had to grow up in a family of two alcoholic parents. He was severely beaten and tortured by his mother and was neglected by his father. Dave had to spend his childhood in fear of his life. Although sad, his story gives others hope that they too can experience an abusive childhood and live to tell about it.

A Child Called It is a book about one of the most severe child abuse cases in California. The book is written in first person, by the author, David `Dave' Pelzer. The main characters in this story include Dave, his father, his mother, and his brothers. Other characters mentioned are Dave's neighbors and teachers at school. In the book Dave tells us about his horrible childhood filled with neglect and abuse. As the book progresses, so does the intensity and amount of abuse he receives from his mother. Dave was fortunate enough to remain hopeful and was taken from the custody of his appalling mother. The tone of the book varies, at time it is calm, while at other times there is so much rage. Dave's mother talks in slag throughout the book and is the only one to so this, mainly this is a result of her being drunk. A Child Called It addresses the issues of alcoholism, neglect, and abuse all from cover to cover.

Dave Pelzer grew up in one of the most inhumane conditions imaginable. Dave's father, a firefighter, avoided their house as much as possible, leaving Dave to deal with the wrath of his mother's punishments. Most of the time Dave received these punishments for doing nothing more than being alive. His mother abused hi...

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... mixture of ammonia and bleach trying to fight for his life. It is terrible to think that children can all be dealt such different cards. Dave did nothing to deserve the treatment that he received from his alcoholic mother or the neglect he received from his father. Most children get to sleep in cozy beds, but Dave had to sleep on the garage floor, or under the living room coffee table with nothing more than newspaper to cover him with. The book, A Child Called It, helps abused children everywhere to understand that they are not alone. It also helps them to understand that they have done nothing to deserve the dreadful treatment they have received. This book may be sad, but it gives hope to those who would otherwise have none. So, when you are thinking about what terrible parents you have remember you could be in Dave's shoes facing the things that he had to face.

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