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  • Charter Schools

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    Charter Schools Since President Clinton signed into law, H. R. 2616, the “Charter School Expansion Act of 1998” charter schools have been providing an alternative for parents of public school students (Lin, Q., 2001, p.2). To date, charter schools enroll over 500,000 students (Fusarelli, 2002, p. 1). Charter schools have been favorable because it is believed that they can provide for a way to enhance student achievement by serving students who have been under-served by the public schools (Fusarelli

  • Charter Schools

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    reform in the United States. The charter school model was an idea for educational reconstruction. These charter schools insured the continuing improvement of schooling (Budde, 1989). In 1991, Minnesota was the first state to pass legislation to create a charter school. In 1992, Minnesota opened the doors of the first charter school in the United States (“Resources,” 2012). Since then, Charter schools have gained wide spread acceptance across the United States. Charter schools are independent schools

  • Charter Schools: What Is A Charter School?

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    before today I never even actually heard of a charter school before in my life. In all honesty I have no idea what makes up a charter school or if it is even is any different than just a plain old regular public school. To me I think they are basically the same I would think that they aren’t that many charter schools in the United States to begin with since this is the first time I’ve actually never heard of them. What I assume and image about what a charter school to know about with they are is that

  • Charter Schools

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    Charter schools are an alternative to public schools. Whether this alternative is a better solution to the public schools is the argument. Public schools can be just as creative as charter schools. Public schools are funded by our tax dollars, which ultimately the United States Government decides where those funds go. Education should be the last thing to be cut in the budget, but unfortunately, we the people do not have a choice other than the public offices whom we hope will do what they have said

  • The Importance Of Charter Schools

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    Charter schools are state-supported public schools which operate under a charter contract issued by state-approved institutions such as universities and school boards, and are overseen by both for- and nonprofit educational management organizations. Charter schools have received attention as a strategy to raise the performance of public schooling in the United States. The expectation of charter schools is to inspire educational innovation and increase educational choices for customers -- parents

  • Charter School Performance

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    the National Center for Education Statistics, the number of students enrolled in charter schools have increased from 0.3 million in the 1999-2000 school year to 1.8 million in the 2010-2011 school year. Charter schools are schools that receive public funding from the government,but is controlled by an organization under a legislative contract or a charter with a state. Under the control of the organization, charter schools do not have to follow certain state laws but have to meet the charter’s accountability

  • Charter Schools in Arkansas

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    Charter Schools in Arkansas Charter Schools Introduction charter schools have become a common site in many states today. Currently, there are over 24 states with charter schools established and many other states have passed legislation for the creation of charter schools. Arkansas passed legislation in 1996 that would allow for the creation of charter schools in the state. Governor Mike Huckabee made it a priority in his educational agenda in 1997 to allow a pilot program of 15 schools to

  • Charter Schools Essay

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    Are charter schools really better than public schools? Are they the answer to solving the educational void in this generation and future generations to come? The answer is no to both questions. The main point of charter schools are to create more educational benefits for those who have either struggled or didn't think public schooling was sufficient enough for them. The problem with that is in fact; they aren't performing better than public schools, loosely regulated, and the theory that charters

  • A Criticism of Charter Schools

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    1992, the first charter school opened in Minnesota, giving parents the option to send their kids to a free public school of their choice (“Charter Schools”). Although about 2 million American students now attend around 5,600 charter schools, I do not think this as beneficial to American students as charter school proponents claim. Despite all of the “perks” charters schools boast of and attract parents with, these schools do not necessarily perform better than average schools. Charter schools give

  • Are Charter Schools The Answer?

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    Are Charter Schools The Answer? Public schools across the nation are being labeled as low performing schools at a very fast rate. Low performing schools (LPS) are schools that do not meet the required standards that state officials set each year for all schools. These standards may include a certain graduation rate, certain goals for standardize testing, and a limited number of behavior referrals. The majority of public schools do not meet these standards. They often struggle with high dropout rates