Charter Schools Essay

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Are charter schools really better than public schools? Are they the answer to solving the educational void in this generation and future generations to come? The answer is no to both questions. The main point of charter schools are to create more educational benefits for those who have either struggled or didn't think public schooling was sufficient enough for them. The problem with that is in fact; they aren't performing better than public schools, loosely regulated, and the theory that charters create competition isn't completely true. Charter schools are not the way to go about fixing the school systems. They create more harm than success. Many contest that charter schools outperform public schools in test scores, graduations, and success rates. However, the numbers prove on the contrary. In 2003, the Bush Administration did research of 70% of charter schools throughout the United States. 83% of those schools performed no better or even worse than public schools did. The ratio of 2:1 outnumbers charter schools underperforming than over performing ( Many investors of charter schools are for-profit companies. In the state of Ohio, more than half the charter's money goes to profiteers. A miniscule 8% of schools received a positive review and rating, compared to 63% of public schools statewide. Focus then should turn to the teachers, these teachers, on average, have fewer years of experience than that of public school's teachers. In 2009, the odds of a charter school teacher leaving his or her profession was 132% greater than that of a public school teacher ( these teachers were not let go for conduct detrimental to their student's education and success but voluntarily walk away from their career. The... ... middle of paper ... ...hools perform better than public schools? No, no and no. the numbers retrieved in research do not lie. 83% of charter schools are doing no better and even worse than public schools. Charter school teachers are 132% more likely to resign willingly from their positions as a teacher than teachers from public schools. Multiple cases of charter school owners misusing large amounts of money, not just any money, but your earn hard-earned cash. The fact that competition is not helping anything but widening a gap between reality and general copouts. There is no morality in limiting sources to a select few students. The solution lies in the expansion of widespread resources to all students. Put the money and effort in to the general cause of public schooling. If it is not broke, why try to fix it? Charter schools are not the solution to the problem, but the fuel to the fire.
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