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  • Gambling: Changing Lives

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    Gambling... Who does not like to gamble? People play lotteries, bet on sport games or try their luck on slot machines with a thought to win some amount of money. In fact, this excitement for gambling can be seen even from early ages; for example, ancient Egyptians used to play dice in 2000 BC or the first casinos opened their doors to customers during the Greeco-Roman period ( Whittaker and Cushman 1 ). Nowadays casino industry

  • Changing lives: One Addict at a Time

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    Changing lives; one addict at a time I had more knowledge on the devastating effects of drug addiction at the age of 8 years old, than the majority of educated adults possess. My Mother, as well as every male on the paternal side of my family, has suffered from drug addiction the duration of my life. Due to my mother and father suffering from the mental and physical effects of drug addiction, I was forced to grow up without parents. Fortunately for me, I had grandparents that helped guide me in

  • Dramatic Monologue of Katie Henderson- Original Writing

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    Dramatic Monologue of Katie Henderson- Original Writing Katie Henderson is sixteen and has just finished her final year at school. Katie lives in a three-bedroom country cottage with her mother, father and older sister Lucie. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Katie is a pretty girl with long brunette hair and a petite figure. She has had a very good upbringing and an excellent education; Katie attended a private school since the age of ten and left

  • Changing Lives From The Other Side

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    Changing Lives from the Other Side “To teach is to touch lives forever” is a popular phrase that teachers like to be reminded of. I know this because they almost all have it framed on their desk, up on their walls on posters, or have a t-shirt with the theme on it. Another is “To teach a child is to change the world.” I haven’t been a teacher, but I work with children and with children’s health at The Little Gym, and I volunteer at the homeless center’s children’s activity room. I can’t say that

  • Changing Lives One Step at a Time

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    sprained my ankle and had to go myself. I got the chance to learn and observe how much fun they have there and how much they help a person grow mentally and physically. I also want to be the person that can change the patient’s and the family’s lives and can determine if they can go on doing normal things in life. The reasons listed above are all reasons why my goal in life is to become a Pediatric Physical Therapist. The field of Physical Therapy bloomed after World War I (1914-1918) when wounded

  • Shiloh : Changing Lives In Different Directions

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    witness some of the characters’ changes in identity and values. Norma Jean and Leroy struggle through their relationship because of miscommunication, trying to live through their past, and realizing that they have changed and grown apart. Mason does an effective job of giving the reader a view of what is taking place in both characters’ lives. She makes the characters seem average, easily allowing the reader to identify with the changes the characters are going through with their relationship. In the

  • Nectar in a Sieve Literary Essay

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    human spirit through the obstacles Rukmani must accomplish in order to live an ideal life with her family, the painstakingly difficult tasks she must surmount by adapting to her external surroundings, and the internal conflicts Rukmani is forced to overcome by the end of the novel. Nectar in a Sieve closely encompasses the theme, the power of the human spirit, because of the obstacles that Rukmani must overcome in order for her to live a satisfying life with her family. Rukmani truly cares about her family

  • Technology Is Growing Fast and Changing Our Lives

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    access to their phones so that they can spend more time with friends. Technology is often changing our lives to make things easier and better for them.Then at the same time is keeping their families and friends away from them. ”More humans are changing their way of thinking and they use more technology human will be realize technology is destroying human way of doing things alone.” Other thing that changing human is transportation now instead of walking they have to drive to close places. Technology

  • My Goals as a Teacher: Changing Student's Lives

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    “To teach is to touch lives forever.” Erin Gruwell is an inspirational teacher that set an example of how a teacher should teach. She put her students first. So often teachers get so caught up in the standards and TEKS that the reason they became teachers in the first place is forgotten. The reason people go into teaching is because they have a passion for children and the reason teachers succeed is because they never forget that passion. In an individual life according to Maslow’s hierarchy of

  • Journey Of Changing Lives Of Children In Little Princes By Conor Grennan

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    of a lifetime. Visiting popular destinations and seeing the world sounds amazing, but what about volunteering in a third world country at an orphanage in Nepal. The novel Little Princes by Conor Grennan takes the reader through his journey of changing lives of children. Little did Conor know how much the children were going to change him. Conor was a young man in his thirties not married and had no children. He was a college graduate, working and enjoying life. Conor had no obligations and