Impact of Computers on Education

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Impact of Computers on Education

Computers have had a large impact in education. There are many things that are done differently in schools now and that goes for all age groups. Computers can really help a teacher in many positive ways. If it were not for computers, there would be many helpful things that would not be in school, for example if it were not for computers we would not have calculators, we also would not have electronic overheads. Schools would not have been really updated what so ever if it were not for computers. Computers help children in many different ways. They can increase motivation and self esteem, they can help with technical skills, they can help complete more complex tasks, and they can help with many other great things. Computers are what make students of 2002’s education different from the education of students of 1955. We learn all that they learned but more thanks to computers. We are allowed to dig deeper into the source and find more information on what we are learning because of the internet. Computers are changing lives of students more and more everyday, and this will keep happening until the end of time.

Computers have changed the roles of teachers and also the roles of students. When students use computers to communicate with others, they are in an active roll rather then the receiver of information of the teacher, or a textbook. The student is always making a choice of how to make or obtain information. Computer use allows students to be actively thinking about information, making choices, and carry out skills, than what is usually said in teacher-led lessons. The teachers roll also changes. The teacher is no longer the center of attention. They may just play the roll of the launch pad, meaning they provide project goals, and give guidelines and resources. Because of the teachers new role it really makes the students have to think more, and become a little more independent. Computers are a great impact for the roles of teachers and students.

Computers not only change the way the classroom is taught in education. Computers also can increase motivation and self esteem. The most common and nearly worldwide reported effect on students was motivation. The kids that don't necessarily star can become the stars.
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